August 2018

Nuclear Weapons 351 - Missing Iridium-192 Is Being Sought In Malaysia



       A Radioactive Dispersal Device (RDD) is consists of a conventional explosive that is surrounded by a shell of radioactive material. If such a device is detonated in a dense urban area, the explosion itself will have little effect but the radioactive materials will be dispersed over a wide area and threaten the health of millions of people.

Russian Researchers Develop Program To Aid Design Of Beta Batteries

       Beta batteries (also known as betavoltaic cells) use energy from a radioactive source that emits electrons (also known as beta particles). The radioactive hydrogen isotope tritium is often used as the beta source. Most nuclear power sources use radioactivity to generate heat which is then used to generate electricity.

Radioactive Waste 348 - Westinghouse Columbia Fuel Fabrication Plant Is Leaking


Westinghouse Columbia Nuclear Fuel Fabrication Facility

       Westinghouse Electric Company LLC was created in 1998 from the nuclear power division of the original Westinghouse Electric Corporation. It provides nuclear products and services to utilities around the globe. These services and products include nuclear fuel, service and maintenance, instrumentation, control and design of nuclear power plants.

Mr.Ray Wallace

Dear Mr. Obama; In 2008 & 2012, I voted for you as my President. In some of your speeches, you mentioned "geothermal energy." I heard you say those words 4 times. I am deeply disappointed in the fact that you didn't spend a penny on what you talked about before you became my President. Under ever square foot of this planet, even if it has 35,000 feet of
water on top of it is "heat."
I went to high school in Fairbanks, Alaska; 1948 /'51 !!AD!!, LOL. School closed when the temp got down to 50 below zero (F).
About 50 miles from Fairbanks is Chena Hot Springs. They have had a geothermal facility producing electricity & heat from a resource that Mother Nature has held for all us for a
??Zillion?? yrs, namely, HEAT.
This country is under attack from Russia. Our power sources computer systems and protection systems are presently known to the Russians. If we had from 450 to 750 geothermal power systems operating in this country, the inter-lock would be diverse enough to keep "A Russia" from interfering with our industry, commerce & communications systems.
I'm 85, but some of my friends have said, "I'm the oldest 4 yr. old they know."
Your friend,
Ray Wallace
P.S. I raced "Formula 1,2,& 3 motorcycles. I have an "FIM" license. I was with Yamaha 1965/'66, and with the crew that brought Kawasaki m/c's to the U.S.
We have a saying when we leave our friends, which is, "Keep the shiny side UP."
Mr. President, "Keep the shiny side UP." RW

Radioactive Waste 347 - Fukushima Cleanup May Be Exploiting And Endangering Workers

Fukushima Plant.jpg

Fukushima Plant Under Construction

      The Yakuza is a Japanese crime syndicate that is powerful in the Japan real estate and construction businesses. They supply workers through layers of recruiting firms to Japanese nuclear power plants. There is an old saying that when a man reaches the end of his luck, he winds up working at a nuclear power plant.