April 2018

Resist Today

You have to wonder if people who experienced times of turbulence in their nations like the U.S. is currently experiencing ever suspected that fascism might take over, that a dictatorship could arise. I'm not saying that's happening right now, but we are seeing unprecedented accounts of blatant rule violations, barriers to democracy and foreign intrustion into politics like I've never seen in my lifetime. It's definitely something that should be on everyone's radar. 

War on Trade

Tariffs, tariffs for everyone! As the U.S. and China hurl new tariffs at each other like they're engaged in a Nerf war, it's going to get very intersting to us in terms of prices and what this will mean for our economic future in general. Trump has listed over a thousand proposed tariffs on China and in return China is issuing 106 new tariffs on US exports ranging from soy to chemicals to cars.