March 2018

Trump: It Wasn't Me

Shaggy's song "It Wasn't Me" always got on my nerves as a teen. I loved the singer but the song made such a fool out of both the speaker and his girlfriend that it really irritated me. She saw you, man! It was you! Well, now that Shaggy is finally admitting that it was, in fact, him all along (which makes it much more fun and hilarious), we have a new Trump parody to enjoy as well.

March for Our Lives

This Saturday, March 24, will be the day of the March for Our Lives event across the country. The mission is simple: the people demand that their lives become a priority over guns and that school shootings be stopped. It is outrageous when a politician can enact legislation against storing pets in plane storage one day after a terrible act yet still remain inactive on this issue after deaths every week.

Elizabeth Porter Doesn't Care About Children

You gotta love a struggling politician grasping at straws... or strawman arguments... except when you absolutely can't because they're being heartless beasts. Especially when said heartless beasts are given A ratings by the NRA. Putting money and your career before the lives of Americans, no matter what their age might be, is a sure sign that you don't need to be in office anymore.

Trump Didn't Sign on the Line

According to Stormy Daniels, she has no intention to hush, nor does she have the legal obligation to do so. 

The porn actress claims that Trump never signed the agreement the two had made to keep quiet about her affair with him. Honestly, we're all wondering why it only took $130,000 to keep her quiet in the first place; if you were going to get money from Donald Trump, you'd think you'd want it in the millions range.