September 2017

Take a Knee, Friends

There is no such thing as a non-offensive protest that actually gets the job done. Are you tired of people complaining about protestors, saying things like, "If they just did what Dr. King did things would be fine!" Well, Dr. King took the knee. Dr. King led marches and events that disrupted people's daily lives. That is how protests work. Rosa Parks wasn't protesting transportation when she refused to move from her seat and Colin Kaepernick isn't protesting the U.S. flag, either: both were protesting systematic racism that contradicts the freedoms that flag is supposed to represent.

Trump Eliminates DACA

Yesterday I saw a meme where Osama Bin Laden was brought back to life and standing next to Trump. It had a caption that indicated Trump was doing something else to undo all of Obama's work and it would've made me laugh if it didn't make me cry. Donald Trump is the real American Horror Story that Ryan Murphy and company are even acknowledging (okay, so they're pointing out overreaction on both sides of the aisle).