August 2017

When Turnout Numbers Matter More Than Human Lives

At least 30 people have died in the devastating wake of Hurricane Harvey, but if you hear Donald Trump speak about it, you would think it's some kind of amazing accomplishment. Not only had Trump tweeted excited Tweets about the flooding being "unprecedented" and "HISTORIC," but when he came to Texas to address flood victims he actually spent time talking about how great the "turnout" was. 

Another Day, Another Rally

Donald Trump seems to think he's still campaigning. He gave this bombastic, ridiculously long speech in Arizona last night and basically attempted to divide the nationa harder than ever. I'm wondering if it's this man's intention to create another civil war in the United States because that's the way it feels as if this road is going. Perhaps he witnessed just how unified everyone seemed on Monday during the eclipse and thought, "Nope, gotta keep 'em separated." 

There is No "Two Sides" When It Comes to Nazis

Like 45, plenty of people are saying that "both sides" were violent at a Charlottesville Unite the Right rally this week and we all know that saying something like that is complete baloney. Can you imagine saying that both sides were in the wrong during the Halocaust? That's the kind of reasoning that Donald Trump would have you use, which really doesn't involve much reasoning and a lot of parroting.

Getting Young People Involved in Politics

As often as people complain about Millennials, the fact remains that we need them more than ever to run the country. It's not even a matter of principles, although they do tend to be more upward, tolerant thinkers. Nope, it's all about whose laws affect whom, and when people who are in their 60s continue to shape our laws, it's simply unfair that people half their age are the ones who have to live with them. The people who have to live with the laws should be the ones who develop them in the first place.