July 2017

Trump is a Disgrace at Boy Scouts Jamboree

Inviting the president to speak at the Boy Scouts Jamboree is a tradition, so seeing Trump speak at the event this year wasn't a surprise in and of itself. No, the real surprise occurred when he made outrageous statements about bullying, his "big win," got the Scouts to boo President Obama and Hilary Clinton, and a bunch of other despicable things--and people were surprised that it all happened.

Really? We are this far into this presidency and any terrible behavior that Trump incites and displays is still surprising to you?

Buzz Aldrin Wins the Internet This Week

Even though we all continue to die inside as Trumpco ravages this country and raids everyone of their rights and general humanity, each day we still manage to struggle through it all and sometimes we can even laugh. This week, engineer and former astronaut Buzz Aldrin gave us some mirth in the form of some incredulous faces during a speech that Donald Trump gave while standing next to Trump himself.