May 2017

Let's Talk Impeachment

Anyone who claimed that Hilary Clinton was a security threat because of her emails last year who refuses to demand Trump's impeachment now for the same (worse, really) reasons must now admit that they never felt that Clinton was a security risk and that they simply hated her. Much of that is certainly rooted in sexism, but even if it's not, Donald Trump is the grosses example of not only a security threat but treason in modern America. How can Republicans fuel a lengthy investigation and waste of tax dollars over sex in the oval office but ignore this terrible danger?

Comey Fired by Trump

No, Donald Trump never hired James Comey as the director of the FBI, but he may has well made a BFF handshake with the man. Many analysts are crediting Comey with costing Hillary Clinton the election, given his grave concern over her emails and lack of worry over Trump's many security risks. Yesterday, however, Trump fired the person who helped him get the job he was highly unqualified for, sparking intense outrage, given that Comey was currently investigating Trump for his ties to Russia, presumbably among many other things.