April 2017

RIP, Great Barrier Reef

Remember when they warned us in school that the Great Barrier Reef was changing over the years and if we didn’t address climate change, it would die? It died. About 1,400 miles of living coral and the animals that called it home is now not much more than an oceanic wasteland. Scientists have officially declared the Great Barrier Reef to be dead after living for 25 million years.

Jeff Merkley Leads the Senate in a Filibuster Against Gorsuch

It’s moments like these when progressives have hope against a Republican-controlled House and Senate. Senator Jeff Merkley is currently speaking against Gorsuch, and he’s been on the floor for over 14 hours at this point. This is an exhausting undertaking and the senator is proving his mettle, earning him praise from people from all facets of the Left today.