March 2017

Schumer Requests Gorsuch Vote Delay

To many progressives, it's difficult to cheer any action from the Left these days. While a few select members of the Democratic party are fighting tooth and nail against the plethora of orders from Capitol Hill, on the whole progressive leaders seem to be pretty meek in the face of a conservative-controlled House and Senate. While conservatives blocked everything Obama attempted to pass for eight years straight, liberals aren't giving up even half that fight, and Senator Chuck Schumer is no exception.

The Worst of the Worst

Donald Trump has been president for less than an entire season and there have already been so many sweeping changes in both policies and the political climate of the country that one would be hard-pressed to pinpoint the worst disaster of his presidency as of yet. Given his propensity to tweet out his feelings as he sees fit and to anger world leaders, it’s likely that the worst is yet to come.

Georgia Man and Woman Go to Jail for Harassing a Child

A young man and young woman in their mid-twenties were sentenced to a combined 35 years in jail after they decided to harass a black child at his birthday party. Not only did they drive around the party with a truck full of confederate flags, but they also yelled racial slurs at the child and issued death threats to the child and birthday party guests.