February 2017

Rosie Won't Play Bannon After All

Come on, Rosie O’Donnell! We were all so excited when you said you’d be up for playing the role of Steve Bannon on Saturday Night Live. Now Rosie is saying that she won’t do it because she’s not a member of the SNL cast. That seems like a strange reason why after she seemed so enthusiastic about it, so I’m thinking it’s really because either A. logistics or creative differences are keeping her away from the gig or B.

J.K. Rowling Feuds with Piers Morgan on Twitter

When Jim Jefferies flipped Piers Morgan off on HBO last night, you could hear Maher’s crowd hooting their approval, but it was Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling who really let Morgan have it on Twitter following the show. She tweeted the episode to her followers, telling Morgan that sucking up to bullies doesn’t work out in the end, and he’d know it if he’d bothered to read her books.