July 2016

Zika Revisited

Spread Now Includes Local Mosquitos
Florida is confirming that 4 individuals have been infected by the Zika virus, but in a very different and alarming way...
 Zika has been known to be in the states for sometime now, but from related trips outside of the US and through transmission there after. In fact over 300 people are confirmed to have Zika here in the states, and it has shown to affect some American pregnancies.

Trump: Russia Should Hack Clinton Emails

Then he dials that comment back...as usual

Trump says he is not a drinker, which i believe. He talks openly about losing his brother to booze...yet on a daily basis he reminds me of that guy. The guy who drinks a bit too much and does something stupid, or says something stupid, at the bar or party. Then that guy wakes up the next day and, without knowing exactly what he did, apologizes to anyone he may have offended.

Obama Speaks at the DNC

Preparing for Retirement: Passes the Torch to Clinton

President Barack Obama went to the stage at the DNC in favor of both the party and of course Hillary Clinton. Beginning with a lengthy discussion on the good that was done while he was in office, before announcing Clinton and embracing her in a hearty hug. Officially passing her the torch to carry on what he has so far accomplished, and what she hopes to build on.

Bernie Sanders Steals DNC Show

while breaking many hearts

The DNC seemed to be a bit more about Bernie Sanders, and a bit less about Hillary Clinton.

Sanders stood and heard some boos rain down upon him from many supporters who can not take his endorsement of Hillary Clinton. Sanders made it clear that Hillary is the candidate that must go forward to win the presidency, and Trump can not gain a seat in the White House.

Putin and Russia DNC Hack

Conspiracy or fact...?

The DNC emails we have spoke about here are suspected to be done by Russia according to US experts. The FBI continues to look into this further, but apparently the DNC was warned that such a hack may occur sometime ago. Hillary Clinton's campaign went to the airwaves after the incident to tie this hack into a conspiracy theory with Russia in favor of Donald Trump.

Wikileaks at it Again

DNC targeted

Uh oh...another democratic email scandal is afoot.

This time, the impartial attitudes of the Democratic party are at odds. This is thanks to around 2000 emails released by the popular Wikileaks brand. Although the emails have not been authenticated, they can certainly begin another tear in the solidifying process of the Democratic party. 

In particularly, the recently mended relationship between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton camps.

Race and Politics

How VP Tim Kaine figures into the Latino vote

Hillary Clinton has made her choice in Vice President. That choice comes in the form of Tim Kaine. The two are set to begin their relationship with a ceremony in Miami to more officially announce him to the position. 

Currently, Kaine is a Virginia Senator. Clinton, as we know, has her headquarters in New York...so how does Florida come into play?

South China Sea Fight Continues

Philippines refuse to speak to China

A week ago, the Philippines won a great fight against China. That fight was the one i write of often here on Politicsreport.com. A fight that may grow bigger and bolder as time passes.

That fight is the fight for the South China Sea. America is finding its ships and airmen being intercepted when traveling in the area. The area host man-made islands created and militarized by China. Made in an area with no known owner. Open International water with no claim.

Mike Pence and Religious "Freedom" Restoration Act

New signs of dissatisfaction with Gov. Mike Pence's job performance have begun popping up around Indianapolis. They come after weeks of protests and threats of boycotts hammered Indiana over the Religious Freedom Restoration Act signed by the governor last month. The signs - which read "Pence Must Go" - are the work of Kevin Warren, who said he felt compelled to do something after RFRA was signed into law. "The fix was not a fix. I'm not going to let this die for the next 18 months and then see Mr.

Mike Pence and Education

Pence quickly declared that he supports "The policies and the progress we've made on education," and, the Evansville Courier and Press reported at the time, that he and the outgoing governor, Mitch Daniels, "Began to outline strategies to keep Ritz from reversing policies she campaigned against." And Pence, as governor, did just that. In 2014 he did push for - and won - millions in state funding for a pilot prekindergarten program in the state.

Mike Pence - ANTI GLBTQ

... but, I mean, at least hes open about it.

The 'Religious Freedom Restoration Act" that was signed by Pence, allows companies and organizations to refuse service to GAY, LESBIAN, BISEXUAL, and TRANSGENDERED patrons.

During the course of the interview, Pence said that he would be open to a "Clarification" of the law, but would not consider non-discrimination protections for LGBT people. He also refused to answer scenarios about how the law may allow businesses to refuse service to LGBT people.