June 2016

Trump Ruffles GOP Feathers

maybe that is what he intends...?

Every time Trump takes a step forward in the GOP, he takes two backwards. It began when he could not get Paul Ryan, the GOP speaker, to endorse him. The second Ryan signed on, though, Trump went out and decided to make racial comments against the judge in his Trump University lawsuit. Changing any support he had gathered. Did it really start with Trump though?

John Lewis Leads Dems in Gun Law Debate

Holds sit-in on House floor

John Lewis is known for his history of sit-ins dating back to the 60s and the fight for civil rights for African Americans at that time. Lewis stood beside Martin Luther King in many instances trying to win this fight, and eventually they were able to accomplish just that. They were progressive, and saw a world that could have equality for all. Lewis is trying to remain progressive as he strongly fights for better gun control here in the states.

Haze Still Hangs over Gun Debate

Despite poll numbers, no progree

The numbers nationally are showing a spike in gun control wants and needs of the American people. The Senate has been listening and four possible solutions to our countries' gun issues went through the Senate today. In the end, all four fell flat of the magic 60 number... this threshold came close in some votes, but not close enough. With many options on the table, it seemed more like a pride thing in the end for each parties respective self.

Trump Tries to Tie Clinton to the Middle East

Meanwhile, he is there right by her side

Following the awful events in Orlando, Trump quickly tried to grab up some LGBT voters. This came in the form of one of his memorable speeches...an attack of Hillary Clinton. Not that it was not warranted...nor accurate. The issue is the hypocrisy it entails. In the end, a true story of the pot calling the kettle black.

Who is Gary Johnson?

and what is the Libertarian Party?

Gary Johnson...a name you may have not yet heard. Soon you may though, as he will be the subject of an upcoming nationally televised town hall meeting. Why you ask? Well, you see, Gary Johnson will be running for President of the United States this year as well. Johnson will be doing so as part of the Libertarian Political Party, but who is he...and what is the Libertarian Party?

All Blood Should be Created Equal

Orlando blood banks can't collect from gay men

After the awful tragedy in Orlando, many blood banks were begging people to come and donate. With the incident taking place at a gay bar, many in the LGBT community came forward to help lend their support by donating. In return for their support, however, many ended up getting salt thrown in an already wide open and fresh wound.