May 2016

Obama's Final Act

Bring peace near and abroad

On Friday, President Obama made a visit to Hiroshima Japan of all places. The same place we bombed 71 years ago to end an awfuk World War. It marked the first visit to the area by a sitting US President ever.

With the visit I realized what the President hopes to accomplish as his final act and push while in office... To bring peace amongst us all in the world, or at least start the process. 

Heroin Epidemic

A Controversial Solution

The heroin issue is reaching quickly to small towns across the nation. Towns who once had little or no drugs, now have one of the hardest ones on their streets.

Overdoses and deaths are occurring along with that use at incredible numbers, and the issue is finding itself in the political debates and conversations between the running nominees left.

Outdated Government

Many programs using decades old technologies

So you are telling me part of the United States nuclear program runs on floppy disk? The answer...yes. That is just one of the extremely outdated technologies utilized by the most powerful nation on earth.

Not even hard disk drives...we are talking floppy disk. Disks I have not even seen since I was in grade school a quarter of a century ago. I could hardly even find a picture of a floppy disk when searching, yet alone ever dream of finding one in real life.

More Trouble in the South China Sea

US new response to growing concern

Maybe I am writing on it too much, but all should take note of what the Chinese are doing in the South China Sea.

Their building of large islands on top of coral reefs is not just an environmental issue. On top of just destroying coral reefs, which are home to a variety of species...they are building their empire...and doing so in international water that has no rightful owner.

On top of this, they are militarizing the man made islands and have long runways on them to boot.

Zika Virus is New Health Scare

Recent US numbers and response

The newest health scare is here, and new numbers released do make it quite a scare indeed. 

The Zika virus was first really highlighted in recent months across seas, but has made it's way to the US.

Most commonly spread by mosquito's, this health epidemic has drastic results...especially in expected mothers. The virus creates severe deformities in the heads of infants born to Zika-infected mothers.

Egyptair Disaster

What is known, believed, and where we go from here

On May 18th, a flight from Paris to Cairo departed via the airline EgyptAir. Tragically, the plane never reached Cairo as expected the following day.

The plane was believed lost after initial attempts to radio signal them were left unanswered. Around 2:30, Greek sources tried to get an answer from the plane unsuccessfully. Shortly after that the plane disappeared.

Elizabeth Warren attacks the “gig economy”

Warns against giving up worker’s rights

Elizabeth Warren recently spoke out against the “gig economy,” a new wave of jobs with companies like Lyft and Uber. She said that although the jobs can be appealing because you set your own hours and are your own boss, they also undermine all the hard work we have done over the decades to shore up workers’ rights.

9/11 Victim Lawsuits

Saudi Arabia legally declared fair game for litigation

The day will live in infamy to anyone who lived through it, and many of those who did not. The pictures, videos, and personal stories of the worst tradgedy of terrorism on American soil will forever leave us with heavy hearts. 9/11 seems so fresh to so many despite each passing year since the events.

To others, the victims and their families, the events hit even harder. 

Sanders supporters causing chaos

Calls for Bernie to rein in his boys

The vast majority of Bernie Sanders’ supporters are calm, rational, intelligent people. Then you have the “Bernie bros,” a small but vocal minority (as they say) who are not happy with the current state of things. A group of Bernie bros kicked up a fuss at the Nevada State Democratic Convention this week, where they harassed several female speakers including Senator Barbara Boxer and Senator Dianne Feinstein.

Bathroom Bailout

Feds give guidance on bathroom rights

The Obama Administration has spoken. There will be no discrimination in public schools in regards to bathroom rights. The North Carolina decision to ban anyone from using a bathroom not assigned to their birth gender will not be tolerated.

The administration has submitted their "guidance" on the topic, but included threats to lose federal funding if not followed. The administration exerts that this ruling should fall under section 9, which protects gender against discrimination. 

Death Penalty Dilemma

Pfizer blocks use of their drugs

The death penalty itself has been been dying for quite sometime now. Currently, 19 states and the District of Columbia block the use of executions. Since 1994, nearly 20 percent less people support this form of punishment today.

It is still alive and well, to a degree, with 31 states still using capital punishment. However, three of those states account for well over 50 percent of the total deaths.