April 2016

Ted Cruz’s iPhone app is a security risk

Potential treasure trove for hackers

A recent Symantec security audit found that Ted Cruz’s iPhone app “Cruz Crew” has a huge potential for passing along its user’s personal data to hackers. Symantec stated that Cruz Crew could expose a phone’s personal identification number, the user’s location, and other information from apps on the phone.

North Korea Nuclear Test Continue

Some officials fear capabilities improving

Word of another North Korea missile launch Saturday has some officials feeling the country is getting closer to really being a threat to many. 

The test Saturday showed a missile was fired successfully from a North Korean submarine in the Sea of Japan.

Successfully to a degree that is, traveling 30 km in all...roughly 19 miles. Drastically shorter than the 300 km they hoped to reach. Nevertheless, a victory for the country.

Harriet Tubman to be Featured on US Currency

Women's movement to money...but why now?

The government has been looking into featuring important US women on our currency for a little while now. This was particularly important for the ten dollar bill to improve security with the use of that denomination.

Initially , many thought itb would be Hamilton to move off of the ten...making way for important female contributors there.


Will Trump reach the magic number?

New forecast are now out in regards to the magic delegate number of 1237. As we have discussed, that is the number needed for Trump, or any Republican presidential hopeful, to get the nomination.

Currently Trump is in a commanding lead, yet both of his competitors feel noone is getting to 1237. 

Underground Wall Needed

Largest underground US-Mexico tunnel found

An 800 yard tunnel was just discovered by federal agents along the US and Mexico boarder. Somehow this topic has not come up during Trump's ongoing weekly discussions on building "his" wall.

I am sure a wall could be a good start, but these tunnels are everywhere...you can count on that. Numerous tunnels from Mexico to the US have been discovered prior. Mainly used for the trafficking of narcotics as the case with this recent story.

New York has Spoken

Front-runners back on top and voting issues still being highlighted

All is right with the political world again...well if you are the Donald or former Secretary Clinton.

After losing considerable steam to their opponents, the two got right back on track in a single night yesterday.

Both Trump and Clinton won confidently last night in the New York primary. The wins put both back into wonderful positioning to wrap up the races.

IPhone Privacy Follow-up

What was found on San Bernardino suspect's phone

Not long ago, here on Politicalsreport.com, we discussed the debate over the IPhone of one of the San Bernardino suspects. The debate was over whether Apple should give the FBI a backdoor access into the phone.

The debate went on and was going to be decided in court. Apple felt it was a privacy issue and was refusing to allow the access, while the FBI insisted it was a matter of national security. 

New York New York

Huge state up for grabs tomorrow

Tomorrow may be remembered in years to come as the day the races changed in the 2016 race for the White House.

California may be ultimately the primary that will show us how each race will end up, but more importantly, right now, New York will light the path.

With both Republican Ted Cruz and Democrat Bernie Sanders recent domination...the lead up to an important NY primary could be well timed. 

Ted Cruz celebrated his honeymoon by buying 100 cans of soup

Campbell’s is happy, at least

Ted Cruz is just looking weirder and weirder. We already knew that the Princess Bride super-fan mainly eats soup, but we did not realize the extent of Cruz’s soup-related fanaticism until his wife Heidi confessed that as soon as they returned home from their honeymoon, Cruz went to the store and bought “literally 100 cans of Campbell’s Chunky Soup.”

Democratic Debate

Fight for New York

The event to end CNN's week of candidate reviews is now over. Last night Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders squared off in Brooklyn in a debate a month in the making.

The fight for New York ,and upcoming PA primary votes this Tuesday, had a noticeable difference. Candidates certainly were a bit more on the attack. Only, unlike their Republican counterparts, they did so in a more civilized fashion.

Ted Cruz Town Hall

Last GOP candidate and family sit down on CNN

Before the gear up to CNN's big Democratic debate tomorrow, the last of the Republican candidates sat down with Anderson Cooper tonight.

Last night it was Trump and the day before Kasich...this night it was Ted Cruz accompanied by his wife speaking to the voters.

Following the debate tomorrow, all presidential candidates will have been heard this week. As we prepare for that first debate since March, here is some of what Ted Cruz had to say.

Trump Town Hall

Trump and family sit down convo

Donald Trump sat down with Anderson Cooper last night on CNN joined by his family in another intimate look at a potential White House Family. Trump was joined by his two some and two daughters...along with his wife.

It was a very intimate look indeed for Trump, who seemed to visibly be a different person with his family on stage along his side. He seemed very peaceful in expression. An expression I have not seen before.

Kasich Townhall Talk

Ohio gov. and family first to sit down with CNN 3 night event

Last night governor John Kasich of Ohio sat down with Anderson Cooper in a town hall twist. The twist was the addition of his family who sat along side him. 

Kasich will be followed by a sit down with the Trump family tonight and the Cruz clan Wednesday. The three part sit down will be a good prelude to the Democratic debate CNN will hold Thursday to finalize their big week..the grand finalee  (if you will)