March 2016

FBI Vs. Apple Battle Over?

FBI gains access to terrorist phone

The Department of Justice has announced that the court case to gain access to the San Bernardino terrorist IPhone is now cancelled.

The terrorist whom, along with his female accomplice, killed 14 in California and wounded hundreds of others is the one who's IPhone was in question. The FBi wanted to gain access into it from Apple in order to gain Intel and perhaps prevent future violence.

Bernie Gains Momentum

Sanders scores flawless night, takes three states

On Saturday night, Bernie Sanders went 3 for 3 but none considered to be home runs. Regardless, he convincingly won Hawaii, Alaska, and Washington. The wins are not considered very big, but he will take all he can get.

Sanders did express, again, how his team has a path to the presidency.He has been down...but in no way out.

He is showing this to be true, but the numbers will require more wins just like Saturday if he expects the nomination.

Can Republican Race End in a Contested Convention

The numbers show... maybe?...

1237...that is the magic number.

That is the number of delegates any candidate must reach to avoid a contested convention. Many think, and have thought long ago, that Trump mathematically locked that up. 

Others say not so fast...Kasich himself is staying in the race just because he is under the impression he will be able to get to the convention. 

Ted Cruz sex scandal rumors continue to build

Is this what Trump is threatening Cruz with?

Trump has been taunting Cruz recently, threatening to tell the American public something if Cruz doesn’t back off. Meanwhile, rumors about Cruz’s marital infidelity have been looming for weeks. Until now, most of the rumors have been about Cruz hooking up with his then-campaign consultant, a woman who is now Donald Trump’s national spokeswoman.

Western Tuesday Numbers

W Tues results and race updates

Western Tuesday brought much of the same in the race for the White House. Trump and Clinton continue to build in there leads, but as before their competition are doing enough to show they will be in it for the long haul.

Perhaps it is time to get another good debate going to mix things up. After Trump decided he would not participate in a Fox debate, prior to Western Tuesday, the channel pulled the debate. 

Ted Cruz hilariously campaigns in NYC

Despite openly hating it

Ted Cruz has been pretty harsh on New York City in the past. He recently slammed “New York values,” a cryptic phrase that may or may not have been homophobic, anti-Semitic, and who knows what else? But that didn’t stop him from campaigning in NYC recently, where his appearance on the high-rent Upper East Side drew a modest crowd of a fewl hundred people.

Terrorism's Role for a Seat in the White House

How Brussels' attacks can shape the race

The horrific events and pictures coming from Brussels weigh heavy on the minds of everyone. Explosions rocked the country at their airport and metro station yesterday morning, injuring hundreds and killing dozens. 

Across the sea here in the US, we still feel the sting. It brings back memories of 9/11,  the Boston marathon bombings, and the recent San Bernardino attacks. Thus is has been a talking point in the presidential debates, and now will be highlighted further.

Cuban Relations

President touches down in Cuba

President Barack Obama has just landed in Cuba recently.

Yes...US Cuba.

Boy how things have changed...or not o much.

1950's era US muscle cars still purr on the island. They are everywhere, and  in many cases in  Mint condition. Besides state approved vehicles like Russian brand KIAS...these are the only other cars aloud to be about Cuba.

Unlike these staple cars, and their everlasting presence, US presence has been afar.

Race Shaping Up

Breaking down Super Tuesday III

Much to talk about from Super Tuesday primary event part 3. 

Hillary Clinton from the Democratic party and Donald Trump for republicans continue to add into their leads... Despite this, neither has yet to really lock up their party.

Clinton really had her best Tuesday thus far. Big wins in Florida and winning another big state of Ohio were key to this Tuesday. She was able to do both and then some.

Who's to Blame

Trump rally cancelled due to protest

After the cancellation of a Trump rally in Chicago, everyone went to the airwaves to find blame. Many, if not all of those fingers pointed directly to Trump.

After nearly every event this past month or so...issues with Trump supporters, and even staff, followed.

This included a Trump supporter sucker-punching a protester who was being escorted from a Trump event. That supporter wentbas far as saying maybe ty should have killed the man.