December 2012

Palestine Gains UN Recognition

Against the wishes of Israel and the U.S., the state of Palestine gains international importance


The region of Palestine has long been looking to be recognized by the United Nations as their own independent state.  To be acknowledged as more than just an occupied territory with Israeli masters could greatly improve their position with regards to the rest of the world.  Recently, the UN convened to vote on this issue and now Palestine is officially recognized as a “nonmember observer state”.  But some people are not happy with this decision.

Pretending to be gay isn’t learning tolerance.

Are you gonna get pregnant to see what that’s like next, Mister?

Have you heard about this Christian guy who spent a whole year of his life pretending to be gay just so he could “understand” gay people better? The guy was raised as a Christian and taught that being gay is a sin or whatever—but not that it’s reprehensible to, say, work on Sundays or touch a pig’s skin, as the Bible clearly states, but you know how some people like to pick and choose—and when his friend came out to him as a lesbian, he wanted to understand her. He wanted to so much that he came out to his family, had a fake boyfriend, and pretended to be gay to the entire world for a year.

You, sir, are despicable. What’s next, getting pregnant and having a baby to “understand” women? You’ll need a period first, bucko; good luck with that one.

Take action today to improve tomorrow

Call upon our leaders to help us improve our nation and world.

Want to make a difference without leaving the house? Click to take action on issues you care about. For an even stronger impact, be sure to pass them along to friends and family if you think they’d like to make a difference, too.

Stop testing on marmoset monkeys.

Taxpayers have spent over half a million dollars on wasteful, cruel experiment to see how the brain processes sound. Click here to voice your opposition to these experiments or to learn more. You can also stand up against animal experimentation here.

GOP rethinks abortion stance

When your party is flailing, what can you do? Switch sides, of course.

It looks like there’s a schism in the Republican Party where it comes to their stance on abortion.  The last election went poorly and now some of them are rethinking whether they should be making abortion into a big issue at all.  Future elections could possibly turn in their favor should they include one less hard-line element in their campaigns.  The man making the biggest stink about it is Senator John McCain, although not all of his fellow party members are pleased with this.

Teacher suspended for allowing gay rights song to play in class

At what point will the gay rights movement be considered worthy to teach in classrooms?

This week’s report of the ignorance involves a teacher in Michigan who decided to let one of her students play a song in class that just happened to promote gay rights.  It was a rap song by artists Macklemore and Ryan Lewis entitled “Same Love.”  

Force-fed dogma over dinner

How do you survive the holidays?

For the first time in my life, I am facing a bit of force-fed dogma over the holidays. A family member is newly insisting that Christ be kept in Christmas, and when I refused to bow my head in prayer at Thanksgiving—as three other relatives did, mind you—it was deemed “rude.” So now it’s rude to practice your own religious freedom with your own family.

Take action for human rights worldwide

We’re all human; we need to act like it.

To quote Sara Sidle from TV’s CSI, “It never ceases to amaze me what we do to each other.” No matter who you are or where you are born, there is always a chance that your human rights and very life could be destroyed as long as the rights of anyone are being trampled. We must stand together as brothers and sisters and call for compassionate, fair and humane treatment of one and all.