December 2011

Save the American Future and Stand Up for Schools

Cities across the Nation lack educational funding

Cities across the nation are faced with numerous issues that need immediate attention. Many of these issues have been set on the back burner while politicians strive to handle other types of crises. Unfortunately as a result, the issues that city dwellers are facing appear to only be getting bigger. School Overcrowding due to a lack of funding is one particular issue that the entire nation is facing that absolutely has to be resolved in the coming year.

A Positive Step, But In The Wrong Direction

I recently read that for the first time in decades, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission approved a new nuclear reactor design for power plants. While Europe and Asia embraced nuclear technology, America stopped production of plants after worries over nuclear waste and the Chernobyl incident.

We recognized that despite years of research, the technology was still too new and unstable. We continued our use of current nuclear plants and continued research. Meanwhile, Europe built more and more and now almost of quarter of their power comes from it.

I am a firm believer in energy self sufficiency, but I am also a steward of the environment. Paving the way for nuclear power plants will improve self sufficiency because pound for pound and watt for watt, nuclear creates the most electricity.

It also creates nuclear waste that must be contained and stored. The new design incorporates technology that will decrease the chances for a accident like Chernobyl and the recent Japanese disaster, but it will not decrease the amount of nuclear waste created. No matter what you do, nuclear fission creates nuclear waste along with the tremendous energy and heat production.

What Do Republican Voters Want in a President?

"conservatives expect to see changes in the way that laws are changing to influence things like immigration, abortion and same sex marriage."

The Iowa vote is around the corner and that means that Republican voters are set and ready to cast their vote for who they think should be the candidate of choice to go up against Obama. But, what do these voters really want? As a Republican voter, what you are looking for the next president to offer to you as you move towards the new year? For many people, the needs are very similar on both sides of the aisle but how they accomplish those goals will be important.

Republicans want a great number of things to change in the coming years in government. As a rule of the game, Republicans tend to be far more conservative and that often means that they want smaller government roles in businesses. They want bigger opportunities for businesses to grow and flourish, knowing that private sector business is what moves the country and the economy.

Conservative Voters - Is Santorum the Constant Conservative?

Conservative voters will play a huge role in the Iowa caucus that is happening in just days. As it plays out, the Republican candidates are taking to the media and promising that they are the conservative vote that many of those voters are looking for, but before you decide, consider their records and their promises. According to Santorum, he is the only candidate for the Presidential election that is the constant conservative.

Who Is the Conservative?

There are many candidates vying for the position of Republican nominee and many are focusing on getting the conservative vote. Santorum promises that he is the best choice saying that he's the only candidate that people are not questioning. He states that he has visited every county in Iowa and that, although he has been at the back of the pack for a long time, he is the only one that has the credentials to back up his conservative claims.

Christian Voters – Can Romney's Mormon Beliefs Sway Evangelicals?


Mitt Romney could be one of the strongest vote getters for the Christian voters in the upcoming elections. There is no doubt that he has a lot to offer. In fact, his strong Mormon beliefs position him to be one of the best for the conservative vote. Yet, there are some that may not be convinced that he is the right choice. In Iowa, things are not always as clear cut as that.

Who Is He?

Romney has five kids and is married. Thus far, there have been no mentions of scandals in his past, no drinking binges and no obvious signs that he is promising something he is not. Yet, for Evangelicals in the church, who make up a large portion of the Iowa voters, no other candidate has had a harder time going forward. Evangelicals make up about 60 percent of those voters in Iowa and they downright kicked Romney to the curb in 2008.

Can Rick Perry Balance the Budget?

There are numerous candidates playing to the balanced budget voters. Rick Perry is one of them. Though many of the Republican candidates are in fact working towards promising reform and budget cuts, Perry has become an interesting sort of candidate in the methods you plans to take to balance the budget of the United States. Will you vote for him?

Perry's Promises

The balanced budget remains an important part of the promises of Perry and other candidates. However, today's American cannot take promises to heart from politicians. Rather, we want to see the facts and the methods of achieving those promises. In a speech given by Rick Perry at the Fisher Community Center this previous Thursday, Perry focused on balanced budgets as well as putting limits on government.

Charter Schools blur the line between private and public schools.

Private school freedoms enjoyed at too much of a public cost.

Charter schools continue to expand across the U.S., offering a free alternative to people who want private schools, but can’t afford them.  Should tax dollars, however, be financing these often experimental learning facilities?

In the year 2000, just 340,000 American students were being serviced by charter schools.  Now, that number has mushroomed to surpass 1.4 million students, according to the National Center of Educational Statistics.  The trend shows no sign of slowing.

Iowa not diverse enough to be voting barometer for American people.

Maybe it’s time to hold the first caucuses of election season in a more diverse place.

As the Iowa caucuses draw nearer, it’s hard to believe a monolithic place like Iowa remains the barometer of the American voting public in 2012. Iowa is 91.3 percent white and mostly an agricultural area. Can it really give a true picture of the political leanings of the U.S,. which is a multicultural nexus of whites, blacks, Latinos, Asians and other ethnic groups?  Can farmers identify with the political tastes of people in urban areas and in the suburbs?

The 2012 Iowa Caucuses start Tuesday. Which Candidate Are You Pulling for?

Iowa event is first real measure of how much influence a politician has with voters.

President Barack Obama has little to fear as Iowans gear up for the Iowa Caucuses this week. No major Democrat will challenge the incumbent for the party nomination. Instead, all eyes will be on the constantly shifting roster of Republican candidates to see who will be the top three caucus vote-getters.  If fringe GOP candidates Ron Paul and Michelle Bachmann fail to lead the pack, their already lagging campaigns, despite strong cult followings, will be as good as done. 

According to New England Cable News, the top finisher in Iowa has gone on get snag the real Republican nomination at the party’s spring convention every year for the last decade.

As for current Republican leaders  Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry, forget all the polls you’ve ever seen. The Iowa Caucuses are the true litmus test that shows who really has the most juice with voters.  Who will come out on top?

Enough with the End-of-the-Year Donation Requests!

As a compulsive e-mail checker (something to change in the New Year?), I should be grateful for this, but all I can do is keep myself from pulling my hair out. Every single time I check my e-mail, there is either 0-1 actual important messages and another dozen pleas for donations. I’m an activist and I subscribe to hundreds of organizations—literally, there are over 2,000 contacts in my address book, and at least 1,500 of them are organizations—so I suppose this is expected.

When You’re Both Sick

What’s a two-parent household to do?

I know my single mom friends—I know there are single dads, too; I just don’t know any personally—are crying, “Suck it up!” but this week has been especially hard on me because both my husband and me are sick. Most of my single parent friends also either work only part-time or have children in school while they work full-time, so they may not know what it’s like to be ill with a child at home all of the time (save for summertime). And with my husband working in the morning (something we are very grateful for, don’t get me wrong!) and having to go to bed early to be up for said early job, I find myself shouldering the majority of childcare like I did when she was an infant and a toddler. I worked full-time and completed full semesters of college credit during that time, too, so why is it so difficult now when I am the primary care provider again?

Young people think more highly of socialism than capitalism?

Blame Madoff, Lay and all the other tricksters

A recently released study by the Pew Research Center would make Ayn Rand roll over in her grave. The Russian philosopher who touted America’s laissez faire capitalism as the best economic governing model in the world would be shocked to know that nearly half of today’s Americans between age 18 and 29 view socialism more favorably than they do capitalism.

Does Anyone Really Benefit from "Political Correctness"?

PC can cause unnecessary complications

If you look at many kinds of forms and applications, you will probably see either of two instructions.  Either a list of races will include the instruction to "choose," or it will ask "how do you identify yourself?"  One may think "political correctness" has simplified the process, but in fact it can make it much more complicated. 

Those Crazy Christians

I'm obsessed with one zany religious right preacher in particular right now: Joyce Meyers

Of course I'm not talking about all Christians. I'm talking about people in the religious right  who claim that the LGBT community is obsessed with sex; that we throw poo at each other, that we are a privileged, moneyed minority. You have to wonder: should people who live in crystal cathedrals throw stones?

Gay Marriage: Rings, Presents and Better Health Too?

"buzz about a recent study out of Columbia University of same sex marriage and health care use"

There's been some blog buzz about a recent study out of Columbia University of same sex marriage and health care use. The resulting publication Effect of Same-Sex Marriage Laws on Health Care Use and Expenditures in Sexual Minority Men: A Quasi-Natural Experiment was published in the American Journal of Public Health in November 2011.

Health Problems Need to Be Addressed

can anyone make a difference?

While searching to see what kinds of health insurance policies are available in this area, I stumbled across a connected site which stated:  In Iowa, the two most common health problems are Obesity and Binge Drinking.  The real issue:  when problems are so commonplace, and have been commonplace for a long period of time, no one acknowledges them as problems.  We can safely assume this is the case anywhere, whether the topics are obesity and binge drinking or something different. 

Photo Requirement to Vote isn't Racism

States with a history of not being racist also need to show their ID's before they vote

The state of South Carolina has been getting a fair share of negative media attention as a result of wanting to request photo identification in order to cast a vote. The Justice Department protects the rights of voters who reside in states that have a previous history of denying the right to vote to specific racial groups. Pass historical events place South Carolina along with many other southern states into that category.

Hard Core Politics and Protest

Soft Core Pics

A few years ago, I wanted to take some sexy pose photos for a new dating interest that lived across the country, but I wasn't sure how to do it.  At the time, I didn't own an electronic camera and didn't want to have such pictures developed around in a regular film developing place, not because they were going to be, all that, adult, but because I didn't want the sixteen year old who worked at the drugstore photo place passing judgment on what I thought was sexy. I know, I know, why do I care what a stranger thinks. Too much baggage from seventh grade, would be my guess.

"2012 Election"

A Different Perspective Looking Forward

    The new year approaches and it is an election year.  Election years are always interesting to watch in the mainstream media as candidates rise and fall at times based on the smallest of statements, actions, remarks or comments. However, it is these things that reveal much about the character and motives of the candidates. The American political process is by far the most publicized, talked about, written about, and thought about political process in the world.

Charging Fees to Pay Your Bill is Stupid

And Verizon isn't alone in its stupidity

Verizon just announced that the company will be charging customers a $2 transaction fee per credit or debit transaction via the Internet or phone, causing their customers to become outraged, as they should be. The company never was a stellar one to begin with, with plenty of labor concerns and other issues that already turned away plenty of would-be customers, like me. I know lots of people who left the company when they decided it simply wasn’t ethical. But now, in a time when people are pinching pennies more than ever—or at least within the past few decades—a fee like this could really affect their business.