November 2011

The Moral High Ground of the Republican Party

Herman Cain & Newt Gingrich as shinning examples

Do you remember all the flap over Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky? Seems like the Republicans wanted to our President Clinton over the affair.  Since Clinton was unable to keep his story straight, the House of Representatives impeached him on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice.  Despite the fact that the Senate acquitted Clinton, House Republicans made their point that politicians must maintain the higher moral ground.


The Whisper of Racism Grows Louder in a Small Kentucky Church

First Kentucky, coming soon to Your Town USA


My fear with recent immigration laws are beginning to be realized. I have been reading pieces of the immigration laws that have stood out as more than similar to segregation laws. In the back of my mind as I have connected the dots between immigration and segregation my fear has silently been growing, my fear that this nation is slipping back to a time of old thoughts and beliefs.

Solidarity With Tahrir Square

Their Struggle Is Much Like Ours

Egyptians are casting ballots this week to elect a new government, a great victory for the principles of democracy- except for one little problem. The Egyptian military is insisting on a provision in the new constitution, stipulating that the military is not under civilian control. Considering the violence they are currently inflicting on their own people, that pretty much renders the democracy null and void.

Time For Workers To Stand Up

Confrontational Tactics Get Results

This year we've seen a lot of attempts at union-busting, which is more than a little ironic- how long has it been since unions were powerful enough to be a threat to anyone? Many unions are actually banned from striking by their own contracts, leaving me to wonder why they were ever willing to give away their power like that.

Where is the War on Corporate Power?

Trader in BBC Interview: “The governments don't rule the world. Goldman Sachs rules the world."

For all those who still believe in deregulation, supporting the “job creators” and doing business-as-usual, have a look at what your ideology has bought you. A trader being interviewed on the BBC, glibly announcing that nothing governments can do to reassure him and his parasitic cronies can prevent the coming collapse, because the collapse is what they wanted all along.

Band-Aids For Bullet Wounds

Reform Is Not Enough

If environmental sustainability is what you want, reforms and half-measures amount to nothing more or less than putting band-aids on bullet wounds. In a world where people think they need to live in massive, cheap McMansions and drive gas-guzzling SUVs to jobs located an hour or more away so they can earn enough money to buy a jacuzzi or a TV the size of a movie screen, what does it really matter if they also recycle?

Socialism- Or Common Sense?

What Is It You Actually Object To?

Thanks to decades of propaganda, Americans have an irrational fear of the word “socialism,” associating it with Soviet totalitarianism despite the socialist democracies that thrived all over Europe for decades before the financial industry torpedoed them. So be it, then. You're scared of socialism, and you fear the Occupy movement because you think it's socialist. Socialist ideas are widespread in the movement, that's true enough. The central issues of the Occupy movement, however, are not socialist at all. They're more like common sense.

Public Support For Occupy Wall Street

Mainstream Media Polls May Be Less Than Accurate

At Occupy Saint Paul's Black Friday action at the Rosedale Mall, we had the opportunity to do an informal poll of sorts: how would people respond when they saw the big banner saying “Occupy Saint Paul,” the smaller signs saying things like “corporations are not people,” “jail corrupt bankers,” and “we are the 99%”?


We were on the street from 4am to 11am, seven hours in total. Bear in mind that this was in the suburbs and that our sample was heavily skewed toward shoppers hunting for bargains at the mall- not exactly the stereotype of what an Occupy supporter might look like. These are the results.


In the seven hours we spent out there, about seven drivers gave us the finger, yelled at us to get jobs (all of us were either employed or self-employed) or shouted vitriolic obscenities at us. All of those drivers seemed angry, hateful and unhappy.


Hundreds and hundreds of drivers honked in support, gave us the thumbs-up signal, or raised their fists in solidarity. Many of them leaned out the window to thank us for what we were doing. All of those drivers seemed joyful, happy and easygoing.

Ohio Takes A Step

In what many across the country are calling a big win for unions, in the most recent general election the people of Ohio voted down what was known as issue 5. This was a law that was proposed by first time republican governor John Kasich in which much of the power of the unions would have been taken away. There were good intentions for this bill; however, it was a matter of how it was presented and the extremes to which it was going that made it so unappealing to many of the people in the state.

The Time is Now for an Energy Revolution!

Communities should strive to use natural resources for energy.

According to Chris Nelder, the current national grid with regards to energy support for our country would require well over a trillion dollars in infrastructure costs from now until the year 2030. It’s no doubt that the middle class (also known as: loyal American taxpayers) ideally contributes the biggest amount of support for the new infrastructure costs to avoid the grid from crumbling.

Do Antiperspirants Cause Breast Cancer?

A few years ago, I started taking a close look at our personal care products after learning that they may contain harmful toxins.  As a result, I opted to move away from commercial antiperspirants to something more natural – the Crystal deodorant rock.  I have been very happy with that decision, but at one point about two years ago I decided to try antiperspirants for a particularly active time.

Carcinogen Report: Formaldehyde

If you have been watching or reading the news at all over the past year or so, you will probably have heard the big uproar about commercial hair straighteners that contain formaldehyde.  Even the FDA, notorious for being slow to act, has stepped up and advised people not to use these products.  Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen, which means it is proven to cause cancer.  Why someone ever thought it was a good idea to include in a personal care product is beyond me.