September 2011

Joblessness In U.S . A Lack Of Big Business Investment

Corporate responsibility is stewardship to the nation and the people that allow them to prosper.

The most recent jobs report is bleak with the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting that no new jobs were created in the U.S. in the month of August with unemployment hovering at 9.1%. Stagnant economic growth (steady unemployment, weak manufacturing numbers, bottom-of-the-barrel interest rates) means an erosion of market confidence and a greater chance of entering a double-dip recession. As lawmakers in Washington bicker and point fingers about economic non-issues like national debt, 14 million Americans are not employed, with many more likely having given up on seeking employment. That's 14+ million Americans that are not contributing to GDP, not contributing to tax revenue, depending on already cash-strapped states' social welfare nets. These people are disenfranchised and losing faith, and even as the government attempts to "pivot to jobs", as Obama has famously remarked, they can't even get their tails in line enough to agree on a simple date for an important Presidential address. The jobs report isn't the only thing that's bleak.

Let Me Just Move That For You

Oh, boy! I'm really jazzed about my economics speech I'm gonna give to the joint houses of Congress on September 7th. Yessir, it's really gonna send a message for me to pounce on them about the jobs situation the moment they get back in office. Yeah, that's some real good presidentin' I'm doing and... oh, what's that John Boehner? You say that giving the speech on September 7th is inconvenient for the lot of you? Well, I wouldn't want to inconvenience you congressional folks. No, siree. Let me just open my calendar and take care of this little hiccup right away. Done and done. The speech has been moved to September 8th. See? No problem. Say, would you like some coffee?