June 2011

Recess Has Been Canceled

Children! Children! Your attention, please. Now, I've told you time and time again what would happen if you didn't do your homework to my satisfaction and now I'm afraid I'm going to have to follow through on those threats. You have all had ample time to complete your assignment on the national debt and I see that none of you have done the work to the best of your abilities. I'm sorry, but I have no choice but to cancel recess for all of you.

"Promoting Education:" Walker's Budget Causes Massive Layoffs

There is no way to sugar coat this, and there is no possible way Governor Scott Walker can spin this news.  He recently wrote that he "promotes education," in reference to signing his budget, and no words could be more appalling, or more aligned with blatant lies.  There is no Governor in the United States more out of touch with reality, as evidenced by that statement.  The truth, however, came crashing down in Wisconsin today.  This truth is a direct result of the actions and decisions of Governor Scott Walker.  Here is the truth:

A High-Profile Conservative Conversion

David Mamet now preaches the gospel of conservatism.


David Mamet is a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, playwright, screenwriters, and director who is best known for his foul-mouthed characters and portrayals of working-class human drama. His best known works are American Buffalo, The Untouchables, Wag the Dog, and Glengarry Glen Ross; many of which show the plight of middle-class Americans among a brutally profit-driven capitalist system. An advocate of his literary and ideological hero German playwright Bertoldt Brecht, Mamet's work was often hailed by politically-inclined critics as stark depictions of the tragedy of America's brand of capitalism.  All that's changed now, it seems, with Mamet's newest collection of essays, The Secret Knowledge: On the Dismantling of American Culture, a manual for the indoctrination of former liberals with radical conservative thinking.

Extraterrestrial Michele Bachmann Loves Rape... Murder

She will molest your children with fantasy while dressed as a clown.

Michele Bachmann - what planet are you from?

I have to admit I loved what you said today - "Just like John Wayne is from Waterloo, Iowa, that's the kind of spirit I have too. It's embracing America. It's sacrificing for America" - its been forever since a "politician" gave a shout out to a notorious serial killer / rapist and, correct me if I am wrong, even longer since loving words were spoken of Mr. John Wayne Gacy.

And you know, I'm pretty sure he would be proud of you, too - what with your raping the American people with your nonsense, and murdering education, social programs, and the english language.

Your stance on rape and murder of the innocent aside you two kids have loads in common - copious amount of makeup for example - and if he wasn't dead I bet you would have made a lovely couple. I'm sory for your loss.

I can't wait to see what great stuff pours out of that mouth of yours tomorrow - yeh trainwreck!

XOXO ColorMeJosh

<- This is the image Michele uses when she pleasures herself at night (alone) ... Allegedly. Who can blame her though, right?

KV Pharmaceuticals Gouges: Pre-term Drug 14,900% of Original Price

KV Pharmaceuticals Makes Preventing Pre-Term Delivery Impossibly Expensive


In February the FDA approved the manufacture of "Makena", an injected medication that prevents pre-term labor in a large percentage of women, helping many women avoid pregnancy difficulties, low-birth weight, birth defects, and other problems related to having pre-term deliveries. Makena is not new, and in fact was developed back in the 1950's to treat pre-term labor, which has since been sold for roughly $10 to $20 per dose. However, the FDA's fasttrack  approval of KV Parmaceutical's Makena production effectively gave the company a monopoly on the drug, and several days later they announced plans to sell Makena for $1,500 a dose; a 14,900% increase over it's previous price.

The War on Women Wouldn’t Be Possible Without Men

From healthcare cuts to cuts to family programs and benefits to entire states taking out women’s programs and defunding Planned Parenthood like it’s a new trendy fashion wave to follow, there is no denying that there is a war on women occurring right now in America. The thing that I haven’t heard anyone really talk about—though perhaps it should be quite obvious—is that it wouldn’t be possible without the men in this country who seem to hate women so much.

I’m a feminist and I’m proud to work for equality, and I think it hurts men just as much as women when women are treated this poorly. The men who do love and support women—which I think are most men, particularly progressive men—get a bad rap from the ones who don’t, sure, but they also suffer when their wives and mothers and daughters are refused services, treated like an inferior species, and are thrown under the bus when it comes to their own personhood in this country.

It’s obvious that conservative men are at the forefront of this war, particularly when it comes to cutting family planning services (and laughably, ignorantly, saying that women can get pap smears at Walgreens), but the less obvious, and perhaps more harmful, actions being taken against women are from the progressives who are supposed to have our backs.

Terrible Tale: Governor Scott Walker Writes Lies

The terrible tale of Republican Governor Scott Walker turns yet another page as he signed his first budget today.  To say he's out of touch with reality would be an understatement.  On his Facebook Page today, he had the audacity to write this:

Our balanced budget makes tough choices while also providing a path to recovery and prosperity for our state and and our people.  Through honest budgeting, we are providing an alternative to the reckless tricks and gimmicks of the past.

Governor Walker has signed the state's balanced budget.  It balances a $3.6 billion deficit without raising taxes.  It protects middle-class taxpayers, encourages job creation, promotes education, and maintains vital services.

MYOB, Sally Kern

Hearing all of these radically conservative pundits wax on about how gay people are against nature (false), against the Bible (A. who cares? and B. so is everything from planting two crops together to doing anything on the Sabbath), and basically immoral examples for the children (um, hello, look at so many of their straight married parents; can any of us really cast stones?) is getting really, really old. Honestly, I admire the restraint the gay community has; by now, I would have probably gone postal on the entire system, particularly those who claimed to be ardent allies and have failed to demonstrate their actual commitment to gay rights.

Today I read that Sally Kern was busy flapping her jaws about something stupid that she shouldn’t even care about yet again. You remember Kern, the anti-feminist, anti-gay, anti-anything-other-than-1950s-lifestyles lawmaker from Oklahoma (isn’t that scary, that such a person makes laws for others to adhere to?). Oh, you don’t? Yeah, she’s vague to me as well—that’s probably because I don’t live in Oklahoma and could care less about her and what she thinks, just as she could care less about what other people think or do in their own lives, too.

What I Want and What I Have To Do

The President doesn't get to do whatever he wants. Correction: A good President doesn't get to do whatever he wants. That's something I've learned in the three years of my tenure, and from observing previous presidencies with more informed eyes. James Buchanan tried to do whatever he wanted, which just happened to be passing all the responsibility for national dialog to the Supreme Court because the growing divide between North and South scared him. That bought us the Civil War and we only survived as a nominally unified nation because Abraham Lincoln spent his presidency rarely, if ever, doing what he truly wanted. Herbert Hoover did whatever tickled his fancy, so he and his cronies ushered the nation into the Great Depression, forcing FDR to make scads of hard decisions just to keep America from devolving into a third world country. Richard Nixon did whatever pleased him, which included mass corruption and crippling what few checks we had against inflation just so he could continue with a pointless war. Poor Carter had to be the sacrificial lamb in that cleanup effort, fat lot of good it did. And now there's me. My presidency is in the wake of eight years of George W. Bush doing whatever the hell he wanted. Now I'm in the middle of cleaning up all those messes.

Al Gore Criticises Obama's Administration On Climate Change

Six years after his groundbreaking documentary, Gore says, "Things are worse".


Writing in Rolling Stone this month, our Environmentalist-in-Chief seeks to bring the American public current on climate change, economic and political instability, and the propaganda wars surrounding the national debate. The distinction that Gore makes throughout his 7,000 word article is that there are two major factions at war, which he distinguishes as "Science and Reason" protagonist and the "Polluters and Idealogues" antagonist. The referee in this scenario is "new media", and similar to a professional wrestling match, the ref always seems to be looking the other way when the antagonist flagrantly breaks a rule (say, clubbing the protagonist with a folding chair), but throws a flag for the slightest infraction on the part of the protagonist.

New Jersey Jumps on the Anti-Union Train

Chris Christie and New Jersey State Senate Republicans Pass Anti-Union Bill


Yesterday another attack on unions was made by the New Jersey State Senate in the form of a legislative bill that would hurt public employees. The bill, passed by a 24-15 majority, would significantly raise public workers contributions to healthcare premiums and pensions and suspend their ability to bargain over healthcare. In addition there is a controversial provision with the legislation that would require public workers to access only in-state healthcare. With this piece lawmaking, New Jersey joins the ranks of other state governments like Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, and even Nebraska that have attempted to (or have succeeded to) trim state budgets by disempowering public workers and their unions.

Fox News: Fairly Unbalanced

Jon Stewart goes on Fox News and tells Chris Wallace, 'you're insane."


Chris Wallace set the tone for the interview today on Fox News by making an accusation that Jon Stewart had been avoiding coming on his show, and then welcoming Stewart to "the belly of the beast". Although Wallace involuntarily implied that Fox News is a reactionary, even pugnacious program, Stewart performed a bit of rhetorical judo commenting, "oh, this is the belly? ...I thought this was a slightly different bodily appendage". It was this kind of verbal fencing that characterized most of the interview. Wallace would employ the typical Fox News barrage of new-clips, soundbites, and quotes referenced as evidence of the validity of some point, and Stewart would use the same evidence to refute it.

I'm Losing in the Polls, Just Not in Real Life

One of these days, the pollster is going to go the way of the snake oil salesman. Really, there's no difference between those two professions other than the amount of uranium they encourage people to drink. They both clamor for attention, they both take advantage of whatever ills are most common in modern society and they both sell a product that is utterly meaningless and most likely harmful. Take, for instance, the recent Gallup poll that says, in the most vague terms possible, that I'd lose the election were it held today.

Tea Party Candidates Hope to Win Hatch’s Seat

Orrin Hatch may be the next Republican to be axed by the Tea Party. Outrageously enough, the Tea Party actually thinks that Hatch is not conservative enough for them, and that he should be replaced during the 2012 senate race. They will be using familiar Tea Party tactics to help kick him out the door next year during campaigning; hopefully no face-stomping will be included.

Tell Congress to Protect Medicaid

Most Christians believe in helping the poor, and in honoring our neighbors. If Congress decides to issue harmful cuts to Medicaid, many of our elderly, disabled, and poor neighbors will be at risk. Thousands of poor people—often those who work long hours at minimum wage jobs that do not provide insurance, or those who cannot work due to disabilities—depend up on this program for basic health care. Please click here for more information and to contact Congress to ask them to refrain from making cuts to this integral program.