April 2011

Arizona Governor Brewer proposes "fat fee"



News outlets act like Arizona Governor Jan Brewer doesn’t like fat people or smokers.  Dubbed the “Fat Fee” by alliterative aficionados in The Wall Street Journal, the governor’s proposed new tax will charge $50 annually to childless Medicaid patients who are obese or who smoke to fund the additional Medicaid costs associated with these health risks.

Jesus was a Liberal


Jesus was a Liberal

I have commented in previous posts about how amazing it is that people who say they are Conservatives want to claim Jesus as their inspiration and yet support policies that are directly opposed to his very Liberal teachings. Jesus was for helping the poor, healing the ill, caring for the children, and taking care of everyone regardless of who they were. He was against the accumulation of wealth, involvement in politics, proclaiming your piety in public and violent retribution.

Walker Admits Stripping Collective Bargaining Rights Doesn't Save Money

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was in Washington DC today as a Republican invited witness to a hearing put on by the House Oversight and Government Reform hearing.  He was invited by the panel's chairman, Republican Representative, Darrell Issa, from California, to testify on his work on reducing the state’s budget deficit.

Alan Simpson -- The GOP Was Once A Conservative Party

There was a time with the GOP was a conservative party and took its obligations, seriously. That old GOP served the corporations too. But they weren't radical, though many of them were reactionaries. They weren't for burning up the house and tearing down the foundations, and weren't for putting a choke hold on America, until they got their way. They weren't for turning their opponents into enemies, and seeking the destruction of fellow Americans. Maybe they were better at politics, better at public relations than the gang of radicals who set the GOP agenda to day?

Do patriots play with America's Good Name?

The GOP Game of Chicken

What time is it America? It's the game of chicken time -- again! The debt ceiling is 14.3 trillion big ones and if it is not raised some time about May 16th, bad things will happen in the capital markets. Wall Street is concerned that the House Republicans, with its leader John Boehner, won't boot the ball to a higher level, by passing the debt limit increase, and that the ball of doom will crash into America's head, knocking her down, into disgrace and default, and ruin, and the ball will bounce off America's head and knock down many others.

Walker Supporters' Fierce Response to my "Almost 9 Year-Old" Letter Story

I recently wrote an article on here titled, "Walker Posts 'Support' Letter from an 'Almost 9 Year-Old'," which showcased a letter Governor Scott Walker put on his Facebook wall that he said was sent to him and written by an "almost 9 year-old."  Many teachers and parents, after reading the letter, also questioned the validity of an 8 year-old writing such a letter, for the child of that age would most likely be in the third grade.  One reader went so far as to put it through word analysis software, which put the writing at an 8th grade level.

Want More BP Drilling?

Apparently the United States people have learned absolutely nothing from last year’s BP oil spill, which the Gulf Coast and animals in that area are still recovering from—those that survived it, that is. As Defenders of Wildlife says, “Millions of barrels spilled, nearly 10,000 birds, sea turtles and other wildlife oiled or killed, 11 people dead and coastal economies still recovering. Have we learned any lessons from the devastation?”

The company is already leading the way towards drilling AGAIN, and cheaply using our current high fuel prices as their main argument to start it up. Americans cannot suffer a blow like that again, especially during such tough economic times—and the Earth’s wildlife definitely doesn’t need more death and devastation from this deplorable company.

AmeriCorps budget cut by $23 million

In the recent budget compromises, AmeriCorps, a wing of the Corporation for National and Community Service, lost $23 million from its 2010 budget numbers. In the United States in 2010-2011, there were over 83,000 AmeriCorps volunteers, with applications for AmeriCorps tripling over the same time period. As funding plans for the upcoming year fall into place, it remains to be seen how these numbers will affect AmeriCorps members and the surprising and diverse areas in which they serve. 

AmeriCorps was funded in 1993 by President Bill Clinton. Since its first year in 1994, over 500,000 AmeriCorps members have served throughout the country.

Why Did the DOD Get a Budget Increase for 2011?

I just wrote about the federal fiscal budget for 2011 HERE and I have to say that I have more than a few beefs with the ENTIRE FRICKIN’ BUDGET. Everything that means anything to the American people has been cut. The only department that hasn’t been cut is—you guessed it--the Deparment of Defense (DOD), which is actually receiving an increase of $5 billion.

2011 Budget Cuts splice EPA's budget by 16%

            The morning of April 12th the Republican and Democratic parties unveiled their difficult compromise to cut spending and adjust the 2011 fiscal budget.  One of the governmental agencies affected by this altered spending plan is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), whose budget will be cut by $1.49 billion dollars in the upcoming year.  Programs affected by this budget cut will include delisting wolves as an endangered species in some states, limiting the “wild lands” policy and cutting funding for climate-change programs.

War Powers

 In the US Constitution, it says that only Congress has the power to declare war. The founding fathers were afraid that a hawkish President would get us into war and wanted to be clear that the representatives of the citizens would have agree before our country could go to war. Over the years, this principle has been eroded. Sometimes, military action is called “a police action” or “a training mission” or “a humanitarian operation.”Sometimes it is kept secret entirely. In 1973, the War Powers Resolution was passed that said that if there was an attack on the US, its territories, possessions or armed forces, the President could order military action. He had to report it to Congress within 48 hours and could continue the action for 60 days without authorization by Congress.

Walker Posts 'Support' Letter from an 'Almost 9 Year-Old'

Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker has hit many lows thus far in his time in office.  He's gone to great lengths to try to get his message or points across, but this may take the prize as the lowest.  For the sake of investigation I had to "like" Governor Scott Walker on Facebook to read his posts, and to see the comments of his supporters, and those that don't feel favorable to him.

The banter and rhetoric going back-and-forth is fierce, with many holding very strong support or opposition to what is being said.  It should be noted, however, that there seems to be a strong Walker contingency that goes from post to post trying to help his cause.

Donald Trump Loves Tea Party Kool Aid?

Some one told me that Donald Trump is a New York City street fighter. He goes into a fight to win. No gentlemanly dances about the ring with his fists / hands moving in ballet form Trump fights like a dude from the back street fights, and everything is fair, pistols, knives, sledge hammers, using ones own grandmother to block, though the old lady gets hammered. Everything is game in the world of New York City high flying real estate. You hit a guy over the head with an iron pipe to make him take a deal. You blow smoke into his face, and you let him choke, until he signs the deed. You flash the bright light from mirrors in his face. You blind the dude, until he's given up his soul to you. So it's been suggested that the Donald should be forgiven for his tactics.



Aljazeera's Take on Religion and Politics in America

It is always useful to step outside our own point of view and take a look at how others see us. Here is a video from the Middle Eastern television network Aljazeera talking about religion and politics in America. They discuss involvement of Islam and Christianity in the last US presidential election.

Religion and Politics in Lynchburg, Tennessee


Religion and Politics In Lynchburg, Tennessee

Before the last presidential election, some of the church folk in Lynchburg, Tennessee were interviewed to get their opinions on religion in politics, the candidates and international affairs. I understand that people may want to apply their religious principles to their choice for president but I wish they would get their facts straight first!!

Countries Help Japan?

Japan's Nuke Problems Is The World's Problem

The problem of Fukushima is the problem with nuclear power, and is a world's problem. The radioactivity from the Fukushima plant is vented and leaked into the common atmosphere and the fall-out travels where the winds takes it, which is across the globe. The radioactive water dumped and leaked into the Pacific Ocean is a problem for the world. The continual leakage from the plant is a problem that now is expected to go on for months.

Fukushima is just one place with nuclear reactors. Every place where nuclear reactors are, is an accident waiting to happen.

Shutdown Averted, For Now?

President Obama said that he and the House GOP and the Democratic Senate leaders came to a deal to avoid a shutdown of the federal government because "'Americans of different beliefs came together."

Oh my, sounds like he has caved again. America will have to wait for the details to know just by how much.

On the Senate floor late tonight, Friday, Senate Majority Leader, the Democrat, Mr. Harry Reid, with eyes on the paper read, carefully, a statement on the budget compromise.

Mr. Reid called the negotiation process "grueling." He looked a little tired. He said the parties had just reached a last minute decision. "We didn't do it for drama," Mr. Reid said. "We did because it was very hard to get to this point." He didn't look very strong. I wonder how much he gave up?

Why Glenn Beck Is Leaving Fox News

Yesterday, the net reacted to the booting of Glenn Beck from Fox News. The reaction was positive. Of course Fox didn't fire Glenn Beck because he makes up lies and libels people. Fox News does that too. Fox didn't kick Beck out the door because he race baits. Also, Fox News does that. Fox News didn't stomp on Beck because he is a fear monger. Fox makes hundred of ,millions of dollars a year fear mongering. Fox removed Beck's life support, his perch at Fox News, because Beck's became toxic. Beck's rating were dying, viewers in the key demographic categories were sick of him, sponsors fled from him like he was a plague.

Media Matters estimates that Beck's show lost nearly one million viewers since last year, and that more than three hundred advertisers since its debut.