March 2011

Michael Moore Explains Wisconsin

Mr. Moore and the Underlying Cause for the Conflict


Political doc maker and activist Michael Moore went to Wisconsin to address the union workers battling Wisconsin's Governor, the Tea-Party Republican Scott Walker, who is trying to bust the unions by taking away collective bargaining rights for public employees. Mr. Moore laid out the underlying cause for the conflict, and explained why the Middle class and the working class are being pressed by the owners and by the retainers of corporate capital, by people like the GOP-Tea Party state governors, people like Scott Walker in Wisconsin, John Kasich in Ohio, Chris Christie in New Jersey, Rick Scott in Florida.

Mr Moore has for years railed against the problems of capitalism, when it is practiced by the greedy. He has pointed out the growing economic disparities in this country.

What to give up for Lent?

Wednesday, March 9th is Ash Wednesday, and Lent begins. And so what am I giving up for Lent?

On this blog, I could give up writing anything negative about politicians? Right? But then I wouldn't have anything much to say about politics. For, if during Lent, I pledged not to write anything but positive stuff about politicians, I would have to practically go silent for forty days.

The unions' fight

The American labor movement is fighting for its survival. This new crop of Tea Party-Libertarian Republicans have targeted unions for extinction. These governors' attacks on unions are  part of GOP-Tea Party war on Democrats. But it is also part of a grand plan to remove an important obstacle to the corporations ability to lower the cost of American labor, by decreasing wages and benefits.

Labor unions are organizing harder than they have in years and are educating their members on the dangers of voting for the GOP, which has a radical anti-worker agenda.

John Kasich of Fox News, Governor of Ohio

The Governor of Ohio, John Kasich, is a Fox News -Tea Party Republican. The man used to be a Fox News host, and while he was a host, like every employee of Fox News, he carried water for Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch. As the new Ohio governor, he is busy trying to bust the union and to carry out a radical corporatist agenda.

As expected Fox News is slanting its coverage of the workers protests in Ohio, Wisconsin and other states to support the union busting governors.

Today, as expected the Rupert Murdoch owned Wall Street Journal, on its editorial page, expressed its pleasure with the way, the Fox News ex-employee, Mr Kasich, with his Tea Party allies, are ramming through the Ohio legislature the bill to limit collective bargaining right for government workers.

Huckabee's Back Being Mean, Nasty and Sneaky

Huckabee Attacks Romney's Religion?

Old Mike Huckabee, the Fox News talking head, and the former Governor of Arkansas, is out selling a book, appearing on talk radio stations, and making statements to draw attention to himself, to help sell his book, and BTW, he may also be running hard for the office; of the President of the United States.

This week Mr. Huckabee attacked and lied about President Obama's place of birth, and about where Mr. Obama grew up. Then Mr. Huckabee attacked single women and Natalie Portman. Now he is back attacking Mitt Romney's Mormon religion. See the video.

Tonight, Lawrence O'Donnell on his MSNBC's show, The Last Word took a good look at how Mike Huckabee, maybe is running for the Presidency by making sneaky’s pot shots and dig sat Mitt Romney’s religion.

Planes carrying relief supplies land in Tunisia

The U.S Creeping Into Libya?

The US is sticking its toe into the mess that is Libya, by sending relief supplies to the refugees, whom are fleeing Libya to Tunisia. There is talk of establishing a no fly zone, talk coming from Washington and from Europe. The US. Secretary of Defense, Mr. Robert Gates, and unnamed voices in the Pentagon, are warning of the dangers of any kind of military involvement, and of the cost in possible Libyan lives, and of the cost to the US war effort in Afghanistan and Iraq, in diverting resources to establish a no fly zone over Libya.

News reports indicate that the liberal minded President, Mr Obama, wants to intervene in some way to stop the dictator , Col. Gadhafi from slaughtering his people.

74% Say End Oil Subsides

Don't Hold Your Breath

Americans are being played for suckers, thanks to their elected representatives, who are telling us that we can't afford to fully fund heating cost for low-income Americans during a blizzard. We don't have any money for schools, or for seniors, but we have plenty of money to; subsidize one of the most profitable industries, which is rolling in money. The latest NBC / Wall Street Journal poll says that 74% of the American people want to end oil subsidies. Yeah, but don't hold your breaths.

The price of oil is sky high. We pay high dollars for oil at the pump, and on top of that price, we, as tax payers, pay the oil companies more.

Walker and Fitzgerald Threaten Democratic Senators

The situation in Wisconsin continues to get worse.  Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker got on his pedestal Thursday afternoon and threatened to issue thousands of layoffs within 24 hours if the Democratic State Senators didn't return to Madison to pass the controversial budget repair bill.  The bill that essentially would cripple the unions and strip collective bargaining rights away from state employees.

I'm No Fan of Matt Damon, Either

Recently it seems that Big Mr. Movie Star Matt Damon felt the need to express his dissatisfaction with my performance as the President. He went on national television and told Piers Anthony that I'm not living up to his standards. Well, this conversation goes both ways, Damon. I'm not the only one to disappoint my fans, but I'm not getting tens of millions of dollars and the help of a giant crew of people to do it, unlike some people I can think of.

Even Rascals and Rogues Have Free Speech Rights

The Constitution Protects the Rights of The Intolerant Too.

The U.S. Supreme Court, by a vote of 8 to 1, released its ruling yesterday, Wednesday, in the free speech case involving that intolerant bunch of haters, rogues and rascals, who disgrace Christianity, the uber yahoo members of the Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church, who shame America, with their vitriolic protests, and who profane the solemn funerals of American.troops,

The uber yahoo preacher, Fred Phelps, who leads a gang of uber yahoos, in protest at the private funerals of America's fallen sons and daughters, mocks their sacrifice,  and inflicts needless pain on the families of the fallen patriots.

Vote Green!

Green votes means that we should vote, in our everyday lives, to help make a cleaner, greener environment. It can be used in the political as well as the social arenas in helping to remind us that we need to not only vote with our "green" (money) at the check out stands for more sustainable and earth friendly products, but we need to vote for political candidates who respect the earth before, during, and after elections!

How have you voted green today?

Koch Brothers & Stooges fight against workers backfiring?

Thanks to Scott Walker, the Koch Brothers, and their GOP-Tea Party supporters in Wisconsin, Ohio, and in other places, the next election, the big one in 2012, is looking better for the Democrats. Yes, according to the polls, the rose is on the Democrats and the GOP is looking like a party of stinkers.

From US News -- "A trio of new surveys bring more bad news for embattled Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker. All three show that the public is taking a dim view of union-busting efforts, and all three have results that more or less dovetail with each other."

Gaddafi, Monster of the Month

Internet goes viral on Gaddafi

The sage now being played out in Libya, 'The Last Days of Muammar Gaddafi?' is so horrible. To hold on to fleeting power, the man has done / is doing things so gross, mowing down unarmed protesters with machine guns; the man is doing things so terrible, committing genocide against his own people, that he has provoked the outrage of the world. When the acts of political leaders lower them to the level of beasts, and their excesses raised them in ranks of monsters, and when the horror that they produce goes on and on and on, the human mind to cope with the horror turn the beasts and their acts into parody.

And when a politician becomes the joke of the hour, his time on the stage is near an end.

Item from ITN News --"Muammar Gaddafi is the subject for satirists and parodies across the web" See the video.

Thou Shalt Not Kill?

The religious right reveres the Ten Commandments. They have supported attempts to post the Ten Commandments in court rooms and or school rooms in some states. One of the commandments they like to cite is “Thou Shall Not Kill”. They use this one to support their anti-abortion position. On the other hand, some of them seem to think that the commandment does not apply to doctors who perform abortions.

While they are very concerned about the “killing of babies” in abortion, I have not seen them demonstrating and lobbying for an end to capital punishment. No matter what a person has done that results in them being condemned to death by the state, they are a living human and should fall under the commandment not to kill.

Many on the religious right have supported our invasion of Iraq. It turned out that this war was started for reasons other than those that were given at the time. While it can be debated whether or not we should have invaded Iraq, it is indisputable that the US military was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi citizens including children. Where are the demonstrations and protest by the religious right demanding an end to this war that killed all those innocents?

Qaddafi's Counterattack: Not as Successful as Originally Thought

Libya's Complicated Situation

While it’s easy to label Qaddafi as incoherent, it’s important to maintain perspective on his actions in Libya. Qaddafi has been ordering the Air Force—which largely remains loyal to him—and his hired mercenaries from nearby African countries to fire upon the people of Libya, whether they are openly revolting or not.


Qaddafi’s recent remarks have been classified as delusional and he continues to maintain that he has the full support and love of the Libyan people, the very same people that he is counterattacking.


Too Little, Too Late

Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker keeps reiterating that he's standing up for Wisconsin taxpayers, but that, too, is becoming a lie.  A new Public Policy Polling poll, through Yahoo!News, shows that the citizens of Wisconsin, if they could do the election over, would send Walker home, and elect Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett.  These numbers, it should be stated, are an almost exact reversal of the actual vote, when Walker received 52% and Barrett 46% of the vote.

Union Busting Governor Losing Support?

Workers Waking Up In Wisconsin?

Scott Walker's opponent in last November's election, Tom Barrett, would win the election if the voters are given a chance to redo their mistake. According to a Public Policy Polling survey, if the election for Wisconsin Governor was held today, Mr. Barrett would defeat Mr.Walker 52 percent to 45 percent. The Tea Party Republican's support is down among union families. According to the poll, union families would "vote against Walker by 31-points, up from 14 in November."