March 2011

Bigotry Does Harm To Democracy And To Public Safety

The GOP Witch Hunt

GOP Congressman Peter King and his House Homeland Security committee hearings on the radicalization of Muslims within the United States should remind folks of the harm that bigotry does to democracy and to public safety. Critics are saying that the hearings help the terrorists and in doing so, King has set a dangerous precedent.

America is the target al-Qaeda, who is trying to recruit young American Muslims. Congressman King and the Muslim bashing majority of GOP'ers, and their allies in the right wing media, instead of joining in a smart and effective fight against al-Qaeda, are aiding them instead. But how? By their anti-American deeds, their bigotry, their constant crusade to demonize other Americans, in this case Muslims, with the hope to drive Americans who are Muslims from America.

Right-wingers like Peter King are doing more to "radicalize" ordinary Muslims than al-Qaeda ever could.

Last night, the PBS News Hour took a look at what they called the "controversial" hearings. News Hour highlighted the truth-telling testimony of America's first and only Muslim member of Congress, who pleaded not to demonize Americans who are members of a different religious group. News Hour also highlighted the testimony of a Los Angeles county sheriff, who testified that not only are American Muslims a diverse group, like all Americans, but that they cooperate with local law enforcement.

Jon Huntsman is Awesome

Lately, I've had to come to terms with the fact that Jon Huntsman, the U.S. ambassador to China and one of my all-around favorite people, is leaving his post. Jon and I go way back, so it's like I'm losing my best friend here. Sure, Jon has been pretty quiet about our association, what with him being a Republican with an eye on the 2012 Presidential election, but I know what his true feelings are. Yes, even though Jon Huntsman is technically stepping down from his important diplomatic role to potentially run against me and take my job and likely undo a lot of the progress for which I've fought so hard these past two years, I'm certain that he and I will always be the best of friends.

"Fox News Lies!" So what are you going to do about it?

Everyone who has any interest in the news knows by now that Fox makes up stuff and calls it news, Fox race baits, exaggerates, puts out outright lies to hurt people, who the Fox bosses don't like.

The fat little boss at Fox News is Roger Alies, who is a GOP political operative. He directs the actors on the Fox News payroll, who play-act at being news people, to falsify stuff, to fabricate so-called facts, to dupe the viewers into voting Republican.

The witch hunt begins and a Congressman answers

Congressman Ellison: American Muslims are 'just like the rest of us'

This morning, RepublicanCongressman Peter King of New York and the Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee began their witch hunt. King, who is among the few Americans who have actively supported and condoned the violent acts of an organization that practiced terrorism, the IRA, has set himself up as a fighter in the war on terrorism, and is holding hearings, which many anti-terrorist experts believe will aid al-Qaeda, and hurt America's troops.

King's witch hunt into what he calls the radicalization of the American Muslim community is a political exercise, which reinforces anti-Muslim stereotypes, and adds to the bigotry and the suspicions alive and growing in the US. The hearings play into the hands of people who profit from divisions in this country, and frankly aid the terrorists, by enabling their recruitment of alienated youth.

Congressman Keith Ellison, D-Minn, addressed the King panel. He told the story of the Muslim 911 first responders.

From CNN -- Mr. Ellison choked up and teared up as he told of the sacrifices of Muslim Americans on 911, among them Salman Hamdani, a 23-year-old paramedic and New York City police cadet, who died trying to save others in the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. With the 911 hero, Hamdani's mother in the room, Congressman Ellison teared up as he explained that people "falsely speculated (Hamdani) was with the attackers, because he was Muslim." Mr Ellison said, "(Hamdani) life should not be identified as just a member of an ethic group or just a member of a religion, but as an American who gave everything for his fellow Americans."

As Mr.Ellison spoke of this 911 Muslim's sacrifice, I wondered if bigots like Congressman Peter King knew or had to be reminded that Muslim Americans died on 911 too? Did Congressman King know or did he really have to be reminded that among the first responders were American Muslim?

With a sneak maneuver Wisconsin GOP shafts workers

Sneaky, sneaky, GOP'ers look creepy.

In Wisconsin, the extreme radical right-winger Governor Scott Walker, and his band of ideologue henchmen, the Republican state senators, have rammed through an anti-workers bill. To do this, they dropped all pretense that they were hosing the state's public service workers, because they had to save the state by balancing the budget, a budget which they themselves put into imbalance. To get around needing the presence of a single state senate Democrat to have a quorum, the GOP-Tea Partiers separated the anti-union provisions from the budget bill, made it a stand-alone bill, met in a joint committee of conference and advanced the anti-union bill, which strips public unions of collective bargaining rights, passed it, 18 to 1. The method the GOP'ers used is sneaky. Its use makes the GOP-Tea Partiers look creepy.

The Republicans are damning themselves. Even the slowest constituent who lives on a paycheck, and who has fallen in the past for the GOP line, like a man who goes around with blinders on, and is unable to see the trip lines, can now see for himself just what the GOP is. It is the tool of the corporations. It is on a mission to limit the rights, the pay and the benefits of workers, so that the corporation can have bigger profits.

Illinois Kills Death Penalty

More than a decade ago, after thirteen men on death row were proven innocent by DNA testing, the state of Illinois imposed a moratorium on executions. Yesterday, Wednesday, Illinois did a good thing. It abolished the death penalty. The 16th state to end executions. The Governor of Illinois, Pat Quinn, said the system was 'flawed"

Governor Quinn --"We have found over and over again: Mistakes have been made. Innocent people have been freed. It's not possible to create a perfect, mistake-free death penalty system."

WI Republicans Take Another Swing

Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and the Senate Republicans of Wisconsin went out to the back shed, thought up a plan, grabbed a baseball bat, and took a swing at a swarming nest of worker bees.  They may have shattered the nest we'll call collective bargaining, but they've further stirred not only a state, but a nation of worker bees and their supporters.  This action will not be taken lightly.

Money and Christianity

Sometimes I think that a lot of people who call themselves Christian must not have actually read the Bible when I see how they vote. Jesus did not speak at all about issues that they think are important in elections such as abortion, homosexuality, gun rights, ending charitable government programs, tax cuts. And Jesus had a lot to say about issues that they ignore such as charity, forgiveness, respecting government, taking care of the poor, taking care of children, public pronouncements of religious behavior and accumulating wealth.

I thought that Jesus was very clear on the subject of money. He threw out the money lenders in the temple who were inserting themselves into religious practices as middle men. Many of these rightwing religious voters support the mega churches and evangelical media empires who are the modern money changers. Some of the leaders of these churches have fortunes over a billion dollars. There have even been evangelists who say that pursuing wealth is just fine for Christians and that the Bible is misunderstood on the subject.

He also said to render unto Caesar what is Caesars and render unto God that which is God’s. This would seem to suggest that one should respect government and pay taxes. Then respect God and donate to the church. Why then do so many of the religious right vote for tax cuts for the wealthy and turn a blind eye to all the rich who pay no taxes at all.

NPR Under Attack From The Right Wing

This morning, Wednesday,  the president and CEO of NPR, (National Public Radio), Vivian Schiller, resigned, after taking fire from the GOP and right wing nuts, whom have for years been trying to defund NPR. They got a shot of wind from recorded loose talk from a NPR fund raiser who has since departed NPR.

The now ex-NPR staffer said that the Tea Party is full of racists and wing nuts. Truth. But the Tea Party is part and parcel of the GOP, maybe the controlling interest? paid for by Koch Brothers money, Chambers of Commerce money, and the money of other large corporate bosses.

Mel Is Getting Away With Everything?

Okay. Mel Gibson -- Remember Mel Gibson? Last year? He had his public media breakdown? Everybody was talking about mad Mel, because of several leaked audio tapes, which at the time seemed over-the-top-over-the top, but now, in these days of Charlie Sheen, and that Galliano dude, those tapes seem tame, quaint even.

During Mr. Gibson trials? with his girlfriend, the Russian musician Oksana Grigorieva, there was talk of alleged domestic abuse. Knowing that there is an unwritten law in America, which says that in most cases celebrities get a free pass, I am not surprised by this afternoon's news on net that said, in so many words, that Mel is going to get away with everything.

The Associated Press reported that informed sources say. that Mel Gibson will avoid time jail time, right? Of course.

And that Libyan mess goes on ...

Gaddafi's Get Away Free Deal Seems To Have Gotten Away For Now

This morning Reuters reported, "US crude oil futures rose on Wednesday as fighting in Libya continued to threaten the country's oil infrastructure ..."

Huh, huh?

Yesterday, the net was buzzing with news that the dictator Muammar Gaddafi of Libya would be given a get off scotch free card. This morning the word is the deal is stalled, if not dead. Both sides are denying that there ever was a deal.


The Daily Beast is reporting the details of the offered deal. Its source, says the Beast, is a key insider in the ranks of the Libyan rebels.

Sens. Rand Paul and Mike Lee Slam Indefinite Detention

Well, two Tea Partiers, two Libertarian senators, said something right today. They criticized President Obama's decision to hold people in indefinite detention. What makes the two senator's position admirable is that they are willing to apply American Constitutional principles to the detainees at Gitmo. These two gentlemen, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky and Senator Mike Lee of Utah, both of whom, I disagree with on many issues, are worthy of kudos on this issue.

The end game for Muammar Gaddafi is near?

The body count is rising, scenes of refugees fleeing Libya are flooding the world TV and Internet screens, and perhaps more importantly, in the world of real politics, the price of oil is rising, affecting the world price of everything, including food.

This morning, as the killing in Libya goes on, as Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's forces are pounding the opposition with air strikes, Col.. Gaddafi may be looking for a way out. CNN is reporting that Mr. Gaddafi has promised to scoot away like a bird, if everybody will agree to let him fly away free, and no one will chase after him and his family, after they have gone. The Libyan opposition, once cool to the idea of allowing Gaddafi a free pass, has warmed to the idea, reportedly, if he will stop the killing and leave at once.

What Now Koch-Tea Partiers? Call Workers Commies?

The Tea Party, which is an invention of the Koch Brothers and their retainers, is bussing people into Wisconsin to counter people power with the shrill of stooges. And the Koch Brothers' cast of characters, including Joe the Plumber and Sarah the Grizzly Mama Palin have come out denouncing the unions for standing up for workers rights, and denouncing the fourteen Democratic Wisconsin state senators for fighting to keep collective bargaining for workers. The new Koch Brothers line against the union now is that unions, and all those opposed to the Koch Brothers' scheme to take America back to the 19th century, are communists.

The Koch Brothers-Tea Party's plan to reshape America and to give her a radical retro libertarian economy is not working.

Obama warns Gadhafi supporters

The USA is creeping closer to intervention in Libya. This morning President Obama warned "those around the Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi," in so many words, to watch their rear ends. The President warned that NATO and the USA are making plans to come and maybe, definitely, will come and give Gadhafi a kick in the butt.

The daily reminder in the media that Colonel Gadhafi was behind the Pan Am Flight 103 shoot down is beginning to sound as if it could be the US justification for a "police action" to try to "arrest" Gadhafi and to have him "taken out" of Libya, or to assist openly Libyans to remove the dictator.

Huckabee, the Hypocrite

Mike Huckabee, according to the latest poll, is the leading GOP contender for the 2012 nomination. This past weekend, he continued to be the talk of the web. Well, he and Charlie Sheen. Well, he, Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lothan. Well, he and Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lothan and Colonel Moammar El-Gadhafi.

Like Charlie Sheen, who is running his mouth nonstop to get attention, Mr. Huckabee is running his mouth, to grab headlines, to be provocative, to get the Huckabee fans, the yokels and yahoos, to buy his book. And that business about being presidential? Well, that's next year. This year Huckabee is about being the yokel huckster, hustling a book. And yes, like Lindsay Lothan and Colonel Moammar El-Gadhaf, the man Huckabee is long over due to retire from the stage.

Global warming's responsible for the bad weather?

This past weekend another brutal winter storm hit the East Coast and violent weather has been like a Biblical level curse upon the land. From Florida to Maine, heavy rains, flooding, and in some places, blizzards. Tornadoes in Louisiana! Why? Why has the weather been so bad this winter?

This country is overloaded with conservatives and libertarians, who deny that global warming is occurring, and further more, deny that humans are responsible for it. They are motivated by politics and philosophy, and by political donors, whom are among the world's biggest polluters. These deniers shut their eyes and ears to science.

The GOP Is Looking for Witches and Warlocks?

Witchfinder-General, Congressman Intolerant, the GOP'er Peter King

They are looking for witches and warlocks, yeah.

GOP Congressman Peter King, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, is an ass. Why? Because he wants to weaken America. How? By demonizing an entire group of people whom are in the best position to assist America in the fight against the al-Qaida terrorists.

Politicians like Mr. King, short-sighted political animals, have no problem playing the bigot card to advance their own political careers, to frighten folks against the others, to fool them into believing that they will protect them from those whom they have encouraged them to fear.