March 2011

Independent Voters


The Independant Voter

A great many elections are so close that the “independent” voters are the ones that determine the winner. Who are the independents? They are usually defined as unaffiliated with a major party and they claim to vote more for issues than for parties and ideologies.

Obama Signs Finding on Libya


Obama Signs Finding on Libya

Unless you have been living under a rock lately, you know that the US and NATO Allies are enforcing a no-fly zone in Libya to give the rebels a chance against the troops loyal to Muammar Gaddafi. There is a big argument in Congress about whether or not the US should commit ground troops to a third declared war in the Middle East. (There are US forces and agents on the ground in other countries in the Middle East such as Pakistan and Yemen.)

The CIA to Libya

And so the American intervention into Libya has taken the predictable step. The CIA has gone in. Reportedly, small teams of CIA operatives are in Libya, to help speed Colonel Gadhafi's retirement. The President of the United States has acknowledged the reality of this contest with the Colonel. The Associated Press is reporting that President Obama is assessing "all types of assistance" for the Libyan rebels. He needs them now as much as they need him to sell Mr. Gadhafi on the benefits of retirement. See the video.

The Wall Street Vacuum Cleaner

image              The Wall Street Vacuum Cleaner

Wall Street crashed the US economy partly through the aggressive sale of synthetic derivatives and other strange new complex investment vehicles. Where did these new types of securities come from? Wall Street has been hiring a lot of bright young scientists out of colleges for decades to come up with these new investment vehicles. Unfortunately, people didn’t really understand these new securities. They just knew that they could make money with them as long as they sold their interests before the bubble burst.

Can The Big Dog Go Stepping Out Of Stuff So Fast?

Last night, Monday, in prime-time, the President of the United States, Mr. Obama, made his speech to the American people explaining what he, America, and the so-called coalition is doing in Libya, and why Colonel Moammar Gadhafi is bad guy number one in a region full of bad guys.

Mr. Obama told us that we, Americans, "have a responsibility to act' to prevent the slaughter of the innocent (civilians), and that if we had failed to act, we would have betrayed who we are as Americans. Right? And but! An important 'but' -- But, the America's military is not targeting the Colonel. Mr. Obama said, in so many words, that to say we are trying to kick him out of Libya, militarily, would be a costly undertaking, as costly as the war in Iraq, because we would have to spend what it takes to do to get that rascal out. And in so many words, Mr.

Another Polar Bear Bites the Dust

“I’ll go to Antarctica and slaughter a polar bear and bring you back its head!” When young Tristan Thorn of Neil Gaiman’s amazing Stardust declared this to his love, I’m sure he meant well. He was caught up in the moment, after all, and studies have shown that young adults—particularly males—tend to get excited over blood and guts in a similar way to their excitement over sex. That’s why there are so many sex scenes in horror films, after all.

Do You Care?


Do You Care?

In a recent post in Politics Talk, I discussed the difference between Democrats and Republicans. A variety of polls and research explored different attitudes toward 5 moral issues. The bottom line was that Democrats are more concerned about not doing harm and being fair. Republicans are more concerned with respect for authority, loyalty to a group and adherence to a standard. These attitudes are statistical and may not apply to any particular Democrat or Republican.

If you consider yourself a Christian and you vote Republican, you might want to reconsider. The wave of hard core conservative office holders who swept into office in 2010 are not being very Christian. In a series of posts in the Democrat Talk site titled “What is Wrong with Republican Governors?” I lay out some of the very cruel and selfish actions of some of these governors. These actions are usually supported and aided, if not initiated, by Republican legislatures in those states.

Fukushima Fall-out: Merkel Party On The Out?

Yesterday, Sunday, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel had a big bushel of Fukushima fall-out dumped on her head by regional voters. Her party lost control of a German state government, (Baden-Wuerttemberg), which it had controlled since 1953, since the end of the allied occupation of West Germany, following the end of World War II, six decades. The major bones of contention in the election was Ms. Merkel and her party, the conservatives, the Christian Democrats', support for nuclear power plants and the Green Party's vowed stance to put an end nuclear power in Germany. The victory gives the Green Party its first-ever premiership of a state government. The Greens are expected to form a coalition with the Social Democrats, and to govern Germany's most prosperous state.

Is President Assad Colonel Gadhafi?

And now the streets are blood red in Syria. In this historic season of discontent in the Arab world, Syria, a country which is not only ruled by a dictatorship, but is a controlled police state too, experienced a touch of revolution? Well, street protests. And Syria, responding as police states do, had her security forces open fire on the protesters, and in several cities too. Dozens died.

The tyrants of Syria and Yemen have responded to protests with deadly gunfire. Well, what should the West do but make statements?

Is there any oil in Syria? Is President Assad Colonel Gadhafi?

America is Growing

Last night on the PBS News Hour, the topic was the census. The new census data, released yesterday, Thursday, shows the continual growth of minorities. The rise in the U.S. Hispanic population to about fifty million strong, one sixth of the U.S. total population, and the consequences of the return of African-Americans to the South and the migration African-Americans to the suburbs were examined.

A major factor of the migration of African-Americans to the suburbs is the relative high cost of housing in the cities, and the decline of cities, as America has lost of millions of manufacturing jobs to cheaper labor markets overseas.

On Economic Inequalities

We are moving slowly, really slowly out of the Great Recession? The economy is improving, we are told and are shown the data to prove it. Big business bank rolls are booming, getting bigger, and have been getting bigger for sometime. Major U.S. companies are sitting on piles of cash -- And?

Many of us, Americans, feel as if we are sinking still, into a pit, and most of us feel as if we are stuck in a rut. Why? Because we are. As economic inequality grows, most of us, Americans, are becoming poorer.

Stepping Forward? Into It?

On last nights PBS News Hour, retired Army General Jack Keane, a respected military guy said what Americans do not want to hear, that America needs to put forces on the ground in Libya.

The moms and pops, uncles and aunts of America have said okay to participating in the enforcement of a no-fly zone, for their boys and girls in uniform, to fly high in hundred-million-dollars-plus machines, to drop bombs from way up high, to fire million dollar missiles and rockets from far off shore, to engage an enemy and be at relatively little risk, to have a quick little, and for our side a bloodless war. The moms and pops, the uncles and aunts have said okay for their boys and girls to play and to keep the play clothes clean, and not to come home dirty, or bleeding or dead.

Trump Continues Shameful Republican Trend

There must be some hidden document that requries potential Republian presidential candidates to be beyond negative.  There is no substance or policy that comes out of the mouths of the potential candidates, just further attacks and negative rhetoric.  Such was the case yesterday when Donald Trump went on ABC's "The View."  CNN has him quoted as saying, "I want him to show his birth certificate. I want him to show his birth certificate.  There's something on that birth certificate that he doesn't like."

Justifying the Libya Thing

I'm taking a lot of criticism right now for my administration's orders concerning Libya. That's a good thing, though. I've never planned on running my presidency without accountability. There are a lot of good points people are making and I'm going to address them all today. Whether you agree with my positions or not, this is the truth about why I authorized the use of extensive military force against Moammar Gadhafi and his supporters.

First of all, it's absurd to compare this situation to Iraq and Afghanistan. Those were wars predicated on lies and pursued for the sake of greedy industries. There are numerous justifications and advantages to supporting the rebel contingent in Libya that are evident to anyone with functioning eyes and ears. The Iraqi people didn't rise up against Saddam Hussein before we rolled in. The Afghani people weren't being shot for peacefully protesting. American munitions hit in Libya because the Libyan people clearly want justice they can't claim on their own. Their short-term gains were being reclaimed by Gadhafi and make no mistake, the end of that civil war with Gadhafi as the victor would have been punctuated with mass murder. Anyone associated with the uprising would have found themselves in an unmarked grave along with 10,000 of their closest friends.

'We're Not Talking About An Exit Strategy' in Libya ?

The problem with Libya is that the problems of Libya have become America's problem. Mr. Obama and his Western, and his Arab? allies said that the US/ UN/ NATO/ Arab? League involvement in Libya is to protect civilians and to prevent the proverbial bloodbath. Now, that the US finds itself committed in Libya, though the President protests that the commitment is limited, and America's lead role will be short-lived. it is obviously not to be the case. When Gadhafi did not flee at the arrival of the horse cavalry, it was clear that the US involvement in Libya couldn't be an easy in and out as Mr. Obama suggested.

When Lies are Legal


When Lies are Legal

Everyone makes mistakes for time to time but the question is whether those mistakes are acknowledged and corrected when they are challenged. In the past few decades, court and political decisions have eroded our ability to trust what we read, hear, and see from broadcast media outlets here in the United States.

Putin likens Libya air strikes to 'Crusades'

What Game is Mr. Putin Playing?

The Prime Minister of Russia, Mr. Vladimir Putin, gave his views on the air strikes on Libya. He picked up the Gadhafi line, and likened them to 'medieval calls for crusades.' See the video.

Well, what game is Mr. Putin playing? Russia sits on the U.N. Security Council and has a veto. If Mr. Putin thought, what he now says he thinks, when the vote on the no-fly zone for Libya was taken, why did Russia abstain? Is this a case of the gentleman who wants to keep his cake and to eat it too? He could have blocked the UN sanctions and the no-fly zone placed on Libya by simply vetoing the resolutions. Why didn't he? Maybe because in politics little is simple?