February 2011

Abortion and the Religious Right

One of the main goals of the “religious right” is to make abortion illegal. They are very vocal in their opposition to a woman’s right to choose. Even though it is legal in the United States for a woman to have an abortion, the more radical opponents on the right do their best to make it hard to find a provider and make it a very stressful experience for those who can find an abortion provider. The mystery is how they connect their evangelical Christian faith and the founding fathers with the need to deny women abortions.

The Bible never mentions abortions. Roman law at the time of Jesus permitted abortion, infanticide and child abandonment. At the time Jesus lived, there was no concern about miscarriages and abortions prior to the mother being able to feel the baby move, referred to as the “quickening”, which occurs well after the first trimester of pregnancy in about the fifth month.

Defining Fascism



Defining Fascism

Benito Mussolini founded the ‘fascismo’ movement in 1919 in Italy. The word was derived from ‘fascio’ meaning ‘bundle’ or political group. It also referred to the symbol of the movements, the ‘fasces’, a bundle of rods bound around a projecting ax-head. It was carried before ancient Roman magistrates as a symbol of authority. Mussolini said that fascism could also be referred to as ‘corporatism’, the wedding of the state and big corporations. After the Axis powers were defeated in World War II, the word began to be used more loosely to refer to ‘far right’ political ideology.

Walkers Wisconsin Bill



Walker’s Wisconsin Bill

 The Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker, and the Republicans in the state legislature are pushing through a bill to radically restructure the shape of the state government. Fourteen Democratic senators have left the state to prevent the creation of a quorum in the state Senate which would permit a vote on the bill which would inevitably be passed by the Republican dominated Senate. The Governor has sent state troopers to the homes of the absent Democratic Senators with no result other than to harass and intimidate the remaining family members of the Senators.

The Empire Strikes Back: Qaddafi Attacks His Citizens

Qaddafi is proving that he is not necessarily as deranged as he seems in his broadcasts; despite international actions taken against him, he and his allies within the country are waging a fierce counterattack against his citizens. Qadaffi is now using more strategic methods of employing his hefty arsenal and has been targeting specific rebel leaders as well as an oil refinery. 

Defense Secretary Gates -- 'No More Ground Wars'

Advice America Has Heard Before

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates called for no more ground wars. We heard this before: "No more Koreas', 'No More Vietnams', now 'No More Iraq--Afghanistans.'

Today, Friday, Secretary Gates warned against /advised / repeated General MacArthur's warning to avoid ground wars.

Secretary Gates warned against Iraq, Afghanistan-style wars. He said the U.S. should not commit the military to fight big land wars in Asia or the Middle East, or Africa, saying anyone proposing otherwise "should have his head examined." Mr. Gates delivered his message in remarks made in an address to the cadets at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

Wisconsin: About Union Busting and Fighting Democrats

The protest in Wisconsin continues to suck up a lot of the media space. It is becoming clear to most observers the root of the conflict is the attempt by radical GOP-Tea Parties to destroy the unions and to weaken the Democratic Party.

Chris Matthew on his show tonight had the Democratic Governor of Montana and the head of the Nevada Republican Party to discuss the political; implications of the conflict. Last night on the Rachel Maddow show the mayor of Milwaukee Democrat Tom Barrett discussed the ideological battle being waged by the Wisconsin governor against the unions. See the video..

GOP-Tea Partier Broun Failed His Duty As An American

GOP-Tea Partier Congressman Paul Broun of Georgia, a man who strokes and stirs the fringe, with his vitriolic rhetoric against President Obama, took three days before he condemned an audience member, who at his town hall meeting this week, Tuesday, asked  the congressmen who was going to shoot Obama.. The question is reportedly to have gotten a "big laugh" from the crowd. Duh?

Someone suggests that the President of the United States should be assassinated and that got a big laugh, and a much delayed rebuke after the incident was reported in the press. At the time Broun response was -- "The thing is, I know there's a lot of frustration with this president. We're going to have an election next year." Then he asked the audience who had driven the farthest to come the meeting.

Throwing Whistle Blowers To The Lions

The government and corporate America don't like whistleblowers. The Obama Administration is, like the Bush Administration was, busy chasing after, running down and punishing whistleblowers. And corporate America aren't timid when it comes to hunting and smearing whistleblowers.

Wikileaks, the whisleblowers who governments around the world hate and the corporate elite despised, mentioned that the organization plans to leak information on how Bank of America has been conducting itself, and Bank of America's law firm is gearing up to attempt to crush? not only the Wikileak leakers, but journalists who published any leaked info about Bank of America.

Donkey versus Elephant


Donkey vs Elephant

        From the time we are very young, we spend a lot of our time wondering why people act the way that they do. Is it circumstance, personality, morality, political ideology, or what? The psychologist Jonathan Haidt has a theory about the difference between Democrats and Republicans. He says that there are 5 broad categories of moral behavior:

 1)    Harm versus care: Empathy and altruism are part of what makes society work. The Hippocratic Oath says “First, do no harm.” Should we help others? Is it wrong to harm others?

Walker's Lies Continue

The current political firestorm in Madison gets more and more interesting by the day.  The 14 State Democratic Senators have delayed the Budget Repair Bill from coming up for a vote in the Senate, and has given time to experts in many fields to uncover the truth of the inner workings of the bill and the rhetoric of Republican Governor Scott Walker.

Today's news comes from a piece by Pulitzer Prize winning tax reporter, David Cay Johnston, in an amazing article he wrote for Tax.com, which states,

Chris Matthews cries, "Manchurian Candidate!"

Chris Matthews compares army psy-ops to Manchurian Candidate movie.

The Rolling Stones broke the story, yesterday, that our army, the U.S. Army, rather a unit of the Army, has been brainwashing U.S. Senators into doing what the army brass wants, to support the military's policy in Afghanistan. Among the senators "brainwashed" are war super hawks, John McCain and Joe Lieberman.

Last night on his show Chris Matthews commented this. He doesn't like this brainwashing business at all. He cried "Manchurian Candidate!"

Libya: The Price of Oil Is Going Up

The Libyan revolution has become too expensive?

I wouldn't be surprised that any day now the Libyan dictator falls off a tank, or a camel, as world economies, stumbling to get on their feet from the Great Recession, may be pushed backwards and take a hard tumble. The cries of Libya's instability, the worry over the region, is rattling the oil markets, and getting the big boys screaming for governments to do something, more than just to hope that lightening will strike quickly, and the old dictator will be no more. The conventional wisdom is that the pace of the Libyan revolution has become too expensive to continue, that something is going to have to give, because Libya is costing the big boys too much real money.

Another Would Be Terrorist Caught?

The FBI has arrested another person who allegedly has been plotting to do harm to the homeland. This time the arrestee is Khalid Ali-M Aldawsaria, twenty year old student from Saudi Arabia, who studied chemical engineering in Texas, and, according to the Associated Press, "bought explosive chemicals online as part of a plan to hide bomb materials inside dolls and baby carriages to blow up dams, nuclear plants or the Dallas home of former President George W. Bush,"

This guy sounds like a wild plotter, plotting to use "dolls and baby carriages."

I Never Liked Gadhafi

Ya know that kid back in first grade who always smelled like pee and randomly pulled girls' hair just to make them cry? That's Moammar Gadhafi. That kid grew up, never stopped being a psychopath and ended up running an entire country. Nobody likes him. I mean nobody. Guy shows up at the UN and they send up an alert. "Warning: Crazy Libyan dictator in the building, scheduled to ramble about robot conspiracies to make his people lactose intolerant and the evils of the color yellow in one hour." I know it's not a very humane or Christian thing to say, but the world really would be better off if somebody just put that rabid dog out of his misery.

Army Used 'Psy-Ops' on Senators

Big Al Franken Brainwashed Too?

The Rolling Stone is reporting that several U.S. senators were targeted by a special U.S. army "psychological operations" unit for illegal brainwashing; and manipulation to get them to support the war effort. in Afghanistan. These senators include Joe Lieberman, John McCain, Jack Reed, and Al Franken, who received the psy-ops treatment during their visits to Afghanistan.

Well, how can one tell if the treatment worked on McCain and Liberman?

Liberman, a devout neo-con. Yes devout -- like neo-conism is a religion! Senator Liberman has been a war wacko, pre-Afghanistan invasion.

McCain has just been wacko--nuts, and have been getting nuttier everyday on a whole host of issues. And his condition pre-dates his visits to Afghanistan.

2011 Wisconsin Budget Protests

On February 15, 2011, tens of thousands of Wisconsin public employees, union members, students and their supporters began a protest in opposition to proposed legislation that would require state workers to make payments toward their state pension. Republican Governor Scott Walker proposed the changes because of record state budget deficits. But this could result in the elimination of collective bargaining in the state for public employee union members. The protests have continued, and the government is not backing down. We've dedicated this page to the coverage of the Wisconsin budget protests.

Tea Party Clowns In Wisconsin Counter-Protests

The Young Turk did a piece called, "Tea Party Clowns In Wisconsin Counter-Protests." Well, the Koch Brothers sent in the clowns. It's a GOP-Tea Party circus, isn't it? The Governor, Scott Walker, and the Tea Party anti-union demonstrators are brought and paid for by a few coins from the Koch Brother's billions of dollars, treasure chest..

The Koch Brothers bussed in a group of Tea Partiers, programmed, juiced up on what? Bad Libertarian economics? Or Koch Brothers brainwashed speak? The Tea Partiers mouthed ideas that benefit multinational corporations, not the American people, and not themselves, unless they place the price upon themselves cheap -- a free bus ride and maybe a bag lunch?

Corruption In Wisconsin?

Governor Plans To Give away Power Plants To The Koch Brothers?

The billionaire Koch Brothers' backing of the Wisconsin Governor, the GOP-Tea Partier, Scott Walker, is meant to bring them a big pay off? Well, within the Walker anti-union bill is a line to give away the state owned, very valuable power plants to no bid buyers? No bid buyers? The Koch Brothers? Pay masters, supporters of Walker? The Koch Brothers now say no. But, the Koch Brothers, who are entrenched in the power industry, could change their tune when no one is listening?

Fall-out from the Walker prank call

Governor Jackass May Have Gotten Himself Into Legal Trouble

Some observers are saying that the prank call to Wisconsin's Governor Scott Walker from a blogger who pretended to be the billionaire David Koch( one of the GOP-Tea Party money-bag brothers) could land the governor in trouble with the law. During the course of the call, Mr. Walker said many things which a governor shouldn't say. But maybe he didn't know that he shouldn't say them? Or maybe? he just got so carried away with trying to impress his paymaster, as to how tough a little political boy he can be, fit to carry the water for, and to implement the agenda of the Koch Brothers, that he forgot to listen to his own words as they came out of his mouth?