January 2011

DNA Clears Another Innocent Texas Man

Last night, the PBS News Hour did another of its stories about "justice." A man wrongly convicted in Texas has been cleared by DNA testing, after spending thirty years in a Texas prison.

From the PBS News Hour -- "Cornelius Dupree was sentenced to 75 years in prison after being convicted of rape and robbery at age 19 in 1980. After 30 years behind bars, new DNA testing proved his innocence and a Texas judge overturned the conviction and cleared his name." See the video.

Thirty years of a man's life wasted because somebody in law enforcement got the wrong man. A man's youth spent locked up because some some judge presided over a trial that convicted an innocent man.

Dollars = Votes

In this great Capitalist nation of ours - it has never been easier to understand the complex system we currently have for our government. If you want a certain person to win an election you need to supply them with one of my favorite things: Dollars. There is no exact math or research behind it to currently show how much of a vote a dollar can get (technically speaking "buying votes" is illegal) but to put it in the most simple terms - the more money you spend, the better the chances of a winning candidate. If you are wealthy enough it is absolutely possible to buy a government office for someone but the tricks involved can be quite cumbersome.

About That Liberal Arts Degree and The Job Market

From  PBS NewsHour on last night's segment, So You Have a Liberal Arts Degree and Expect a Job? -- "In a follow-up to his report last month on the unforgiving job market for recent college grads, Paul Solman looks at graduates who've already been out of school for several years and are still struggling to find employment in their areas of interest. It's part of his ongoing series of reports on Making Sen$e of financial news." See the video.

What Are They Gonna Do With All Us Old Folks?

Well, it has begun. Has it?

Last night on PBS News Hour, the "s" world was spoken. "S" for seniors. Some folks are looking around and seeing the obvious, and are saying what?

From PBS News Hour -- "U.S. Faces 'Explosion of Senior Citizens': Will Baby Boomers Strain Economy? In 2011 the first of 79 million Americans born between the end of World War II and the mid-1960s will turn 65, swelling the ranks of Medicare and Social Security recipients. Judy Woodruff looks at the implications with Nicholas Eberstadt of the American Enterprise Institute and Ted Fishman, author of "Shock of Gray." See the video.

So the size of the baby booming generation, my generation, is shocking some people in America? And folks are scheming as to what to do with us?

American Tax Dollars Funding Child Rape

OUTRAGE In Afghanistan

Last night The Young Turk commented on the shocking story from Afghanistan -- From the WiliLeaks cable the shocking revelation that American tax dollars is being sent to fund child rape,

If not for the leaked WiliLeaks cables, America would not know that her people's tax dollars were funding human sex trafficking, were being spent on child sex slavery. were being spent to entertain perverts, were being spent on sex with underage boys in Afghanistan.

Tea Party Zealots Upset with the GOP

The tea is bubbling in the pots of some Tea Party leaders, who believe that they put the GOP in the majority in the House and trimmed back the Democrats majority in the Senate. They shut their eyes to the fact that the Tea Party is a collection of Tea Partiers, and that it was the millions spent by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the big money boys, who financed the attack crafted by the GOP media professionals, which scared people into voting for Republican candidates, whom would save them from Muslim mosques, Latino minimum wage laborers, stealing their jobs, Gays being gay, and African-Americans, who support that undocumented alien guy, who sits in the White House. The big money boys spent all that money for one thing and one things alone: To get a Congress that would let them do what they want to do, period.