December 2010

Iraqi Christians Forced to Flee in Face of Attacks

The persecution of Christians in Iraq is a direct result of the destruction of Iraqi society, and is one of the many consequences of the U.S. invasion, which the bone head and liar George W. Bush and the smart ass and co-liar Tony Blair didn't see. The late Pope John Paul II foresaw it and warned the neo-cons and the half wit Bush. The late pope not only condemned the invasion of Iraq, and called the war a Defeat for Humanity, and said that it was neither legally nor morally justified, but also warned that Christians Arabs would become the ultimate victims of any invasion.

The Christian community of Iraq is almost as old as Christianity, and is on the verge o destruction.

That crazy crowd at Fox News again

On last night's The YoungTurks host Cenk Uygur and co-host Ben Mankiewicz; broke down the comments of Fox News hosts explaining why Jon Stewart should not get credit for helping the 9/11 Responder Bill getting passed, and that all the credit belongs to them. The Young Turks concluded that Fox News is jealous of Jon Stewart, who is the toast of the town in New York, a local hero for reviving the dead 9/11 Responder Bill, by shaming the Republicans, who were then blocking the bill's passage.

Pat Robertson's Sensible Statement On Marijuana

At the top of the news yesterday was the announcement that TV evangelist Pat Robertson known for railing against sin, and for calling down hell and brimstone on the heads of anyone whom he suspects of sinning, according to his definition of sin, wants to legalize pot.

On the 700 Club 80 year old Pat Robertson criticized marijuana possession sentences, said sending people to jail for a few ounces of pot is "costing us a fortune and it's ruining young people ..."

Fox News? War On Christmas?

The jokers at Fox, who get paid to stir up controversy. Hahahaha! Llike everything is a surreal joke. Fox is uber lame. Now Fox is out and about in its kooky Fox way, defending Christmas against the secular hordes? Who have declared a war? On Christmas? Please !

Let me not start preaching, but!

I would think that a war on Christmas would be a war on the Gospel, and Fox does that everyday.

Fox is the yahoo station, with the obvious goal of turning America into a nation of yahoos. I predict that Fox will fail. But not for lack of trying. Fox is busy trying to making dummies out of their viewers with dumb attacks on phony issues.

Tell me, if folks who are trying to make the country dumb, don't look dumb themselves.

My Evolving Views on Gay Marriage

This being the holiday season I like to take as much time as possible to visit with the people who are special to me. I reserve Christmas just for family, but in the days leading up to it I always make time in my schedule for friends and other associates. A few days ago I had my friends Frank and Tony over to the house for a private lunch with Michelle and me. Frank and Tony were one of the first couples to take advantage of legalized same-sex marriage in Washington D.C. and now they have a lovely home in Alexandria. They always joke about how they're husbands when they're away from one another at work and just live-in boyfriends when they go home. I know that's their way of dropping hints to me about maybe influencing policy to get marriage equality legalized throughout the country. I know I've struggled with that issue and it's hard to get support for any such initiatives in the Congress, but after our lunch this week I found myself leaning toward legalization more than I ever have before.

America's Heroes Get Deserved Assistance

Republicans, embarrassed and bowing, after a well deserved public beat down from America, and even from the talking heads and puppeteers at Fox News, did the right and human thing, after kicking dirt into the faces of the 911 heroes, got behind the bill, which will provide needed assistance to heroes whom risked their lives and health to respond to the attack on America at ground zero on 9-11.

The Senate passed the legislation providing health benefits to 9-11 first responders by voice vote, the House voted 206-60 in favor.

Christians Have Been Forced To Cancel Christmas

Another Fallout from the Bush War

Iraqi churches cancel the Christmas festivities.

From the Associated Press --"No decorations, no midnight Mass. Even an appearance by Santa Claus has been nixed after Iraq's Christian leaders called off Christmas celebrations amid new al-Qaida threats on the tiny community still terrified from a bloody siege on a Baghdad church. Christians across Iraq have been living in fear since the assault on Our Lady of Salvation Church as its Catholic congregation was celebrating Sunday Mass. Sixty-eight people were killed. Days later Islamic insurgents bombed Christian homes and neighborhoods across the capital."

Julian Assange: Palin, Fox Inciting Murder

In Cenk Uygur interview with Julian Assange, Julian Assange called out Sarah Palin and the shock news jocks of Fox, and of talk radio, for inciting, others, government agents, whomever, to murder him.

If some average Joe or Josphine went about calling for the murder of some one, he or she would become the target of a police investigation, may be  get indicted and charged with criminal intimidation and incitement to commit murder.

People who call for the murder of anyone should be held responsible for what they say. They should be brought up on charges. Inciting violence. is wrong. It is dangerous and should not become the new norm. When it does, the law suffers and anarchy rules.

Strolling Toward a New World Order?

An important item in the news yesterday was the news that the White House is drafting an Executive Order for the Indefinite Detention for dozens of prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay, The order will provide for periodic reviews of evidence against the prisoners. Many of these prisoners were captured on the battlefield, all of the candidates for indefinite detention were allegedly tortured, and evidence obtained against them can not be used in normal criminal proceedings

The ideal of indefinite detentions raises alarm bells in some ears. Some think that the treatment of the Gitmo prisoners could be a model, which could later be used for how to handle the government's own dissent citizens, and therefore a very dangerous precedent could be established.

Net Neutrality

This is like the old open range situation from history. Once everybody was free and equal, and the range was open to the use for all. Then came the barons who put up fences.

When corporations entered the Internet, America-On Line was among the first, they met with much resentment from the then users, because, the users knew that the clock had begun ticking. And the days of a free and wonderful experiment had become numbered. It would be just a matter of time before the dream of the early users of the Internet would become just dreams.

New SALT Treaty Ratified, 71-26

Victory for America and Obama

This afternoon, Wednesday, the Senate by a vote of 71 to 26 ratified the the treaty, known as New Start, a new arms control treaty with Russia, that reduces the number of nuclear weapons. Senate approval of the treaty is considered an important foreign policy achievement of President. Obama. The treaty passed with the a unanimous support of Senate Democrats and with the aid of thirteen Republicans, whom put the nation's security interest over the interest of their party's partisan politics.

Haley Barbour Wants To White Wash History

Haley Barbour -- Governor Cornpone, Mush mouth; Hog Brains, himself, remarks on race were reported yesterday by the Weekly Standard. Judging from what he said, maybe one can put his name down on the list of those fellas who suffer from a massive memory loss? Maybe since he's a politician, one could say, that this old daddy cornpone was just being much more than a little bit political? And when he spoke to the Weekly Standard, he was busy, spinning the facts dizzy? And / or maybe he thinks that every body else is memory challenged too?

Jon Stewart Helps The 9-11 Heroes

In his program last night on The Young Turk, Cenk credits Jon Stewart's persuasive satire last Thursday, against the GOP'ers, with helping to improve  the outlook for the passage the bill to fulfill our obligation, as a nation, to provide needed additional health and other benefits for those first responders to the 9-11 attack on America, at the the site of the World Trade Center. Cenk says that Jon Stewart changed Fox News opinion of the bill.

And as Fox News goes, so goes most of the GOP Congressional caucus and GOP'ers everywhere.

DADT Passes

Tomorrow, Wednesday, the President of the United States, Barack Obama. is scheduled to sign into law the bill, that repeals the military 's policy called, "Don't Ask Don't Tell," which forbade openly gay citizens from serving in the armed forces.  This will be a great day for civil rights and for human rights. It will be historic.

The repeal of DADT will be a long over due step forward, will signal to ourselves and to the world, that America is ready for the 21st century.

All patriots now will be treated equally with dignity. The rights guaranteed to all of us; under the U.S. Constitution, will finally be extended to cover all Americans. Gay and lesbian Americans will be treated as human beings.

Are the Republicans For Child Rape?

Yeah, are Republicans for child rape? Child marriage is essentially child rape.

Thursday, House Republicans killed an anti-child marriage bill, the International Protecting Girls by Preventing Child Marriage Act of 2010. The bill's goal was to support an international effort to protect young girl children around the world from being coerced into marriage, by recognizing child marriage as a human rights violation, and by working to develop strategies to prevent child marriages world-wide.

Are the House Republican are on a stupid roll?

House GOP'ers claimed they opposed the bill because, it might fund abortions. What?!

Big Brother is watching you, tracking your moves

FBI Is Spying On You.

Big Brother is watching you. Big brother is watching us all. I am not surprised to learn of this. The Washington Post reports that your / our government is watching us, whether we've done anything criminal or not.

According to the Post, the government is collecting, storing and analyzing data on thousands of American citizens.

Why? Maybe, because it can.

DADT dead

12/18/10 -- A Good Day For America.

Finally, the US Senate voted and that insulting policy, insulting to gay patriots, insultng to all patriots, that anti-American policy, anti to the American values of fairness and of equal treatment, the policy, known as "Don't Ask, Don't Tell, has been repealed.

The Senate voted, yesterday, Saturday, December 18th, 2010, a date that now has historic significance. The vote was 65 to 31. The House has already overwhelming approved the repeal. The bill has been sent to President Obama to be signed into law.