December 2010

Speculators Grabbing Africa's Land

There is a disturbing trend going on in Africa. The local people are being pushed off their lands as the governments are giving long term leases of arable farm lands to international investors and governments. Some of this land is being held by speculators,while the folks who farmed this land for generations have been displaced without compensation, and have become landless and unemployed.

The New York Times reports that people have been pushed off land in countries like Ethiopia, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia and Zambia., Mozambique, Mali. Countries grabbing this land and dispossessing the inhabitants, include China, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Belgium, France, South Korea, India, the Netherlands

New Year's Coming, Same Old Obama Haters Hating.

A new year is coming and it's the same old same old. The wing nut, Obama haters, conspiracy yahoos, not fully convinced that this birther stuff about Obama is going to do it for them, that calling him a Kenyan isn't gaining them any ground, and going to another extreme, and questioning whether he came from outer space, and is hell bent on stealing the planet's water and people's precious body fluids, doesn't look promising either, and so what can they turn to next? To a new conspiracy theory that Mr. Obama is secretly a Native Americanm and is the Native American's revenge.

Goodness me! Is it laughing at the yahoos time again? The yahoos keep coming up with such easy bull idiocy to mock.

Newspeak and Thoughtcrime at Wal-Mart

Many of us already have a love-hate (mostly hate) relationship with Wal-Mart. We know it puts small businesses out of business. We know it’s full of greenwashing, sweatshop products, employees who are unfairly treated and denied the right to unionize or even sometimes obtain benefits. We know it’s synonymous with cheap crap, and we know that the weird people seem to congregate there. We also know that millions of Americans are suffering, and when they only have forty bucks to buy groceries or clothing or school supplies for a family of four, Wal-Mart is often where they end up turning.

Gov. Barbour-- Your Bodily Organ for Time

One just knows that old cornpone is going to get it wrong or half right. First came he news that the Mississippi Governor, Haley Barbour, had suspended indefinitely the life sentences that were given to two African-American sisters,Gladys and Jamie Scott, in 1994 for a nonviolent robbery that netted them all of eleven dollars. The sisters have already served sixteen years. The NAACP hailed this pardon as a good and humane thing. Then came the news that the sentence suspension hinges on one sister, the one with two good kidneys, donating one of her kidneys to her sister who has failing kidneys. In other words, Governor Hog Jowls is saying to one sister: Give up an organ and get out of jail. If you don't, then I have gone as far as I can on this commonsense track.

Arizona Bans Ethnic Studies

Item From Tonight on PBS News Hour -- "An Arizona law is going into effect Friday aimed at shutting down ethnic studies classes in Tucson's public schools, but is binding on all public schools in the state. Lucky Severson reports on the new law in a story that aired on the PBS program, Religion & Ethics Newsweekly."

The News Hour posed the topic, "Whose Version of History Is Taught?", when a state bans folks from studying the history and the contributions of people like themselves. See the video.

A Tax Holiday For Huge Corporations?

"The business of America is business" -- are words which came from the mouth of the Republican President Calvin Coolidge in the 1920s. Coolidge's words sum up the old GOP party philosophy of American government. The institutions of government exist to facilitate the needs of business, the business, the that counts in America, big business. In so many words, the American government is a government for, by and of business leaders, their slaves and other retainers.

Cenk Uygur, of The Young Turks, called out the large American Corporations who are asking for a tax holiday, as if this is something novel and unexpected. Business -- big business -- uses government as its tool to make its businesses prosper.

Wing Nut Bull on START

Tucker Carlson and John Bolton? The wing nut twins? The neo-con, fat head and fibber, John Bolton, was on Fox chit chatting with the dude who wants to execute dog fighters, Tucker Carlson.

Bolton was chit chatting and raising the threat of the bogeyman, and shrilling away on why we must stop trusting ourselves and start? / begin trusting the BOMB, and the military-industrial complex, (MIC).

Mr Bolton gets paid to shrill for the MIC.

Tucker Carlson gets paid to be a fool, pretending to be a wise man, to fool the idiots. Fox News is the perfect venue for him..

Both Bolton and Carlson claim that START is going to disarm America of her nukes and leave her at the tender mercy of the Russians. And these two doofuses says, America is doing this because of Obama. More Fox lies.

Tucker Carlson, A Fox Fool For the Day?

Fox News fill-in host, the conservative Tucker Carlson, sees himself as a personality who is more than a wing nut. He sees himsef as a conservative thinker. Really? 'Conservative' and 'thinker' are two words which don't rightly fit together.

Anyway, he railed against Michael Vick, the NFL star quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, who spent 19 months in prison on a conviction for dog fighting. Mr Carlson said that Mr. Vick should have been executed for dog killing.

Conservative Brain Vs. Liberal Brain? A Study?

Fat head conservatives are different from you and me?

There is a new scientific study out by University College London researchers that reports the brains of the right-leaning conservatives have "big amygdala, small anterior cingulate," larger 'fear centers'.

Let me repeat that -- University College London researchers say brains of the right-leaning people have big amygdala, small anterior cingulate. In other words, that the right winger are different from you and me. Their "brains are structured differently than the brains of other people."

Florida Named Weirdest State In America

The Associated Press has named Florida the weirdest state in the whole U.S., because of the weird news that has come out of Florida this year. Well, my criteria for weird news maybe be different from the Associated Press, but Florida did elected Rick Scott, as Governor, a man who was at the center of the biggest Medicare fraud scandal in U.S. history. Florida did elect as U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, who is a step ahead of the sheriff. Remember the credit card scandal? Maybe these two elections alone earn Florida voters the title, 'weirdest voters in America,' and merit their induction into a voters hall of shame.

Neo-Con Man Defends the Military-Industrial Complex

The Fear Mongering Offensive

Yesterday Cenk Uygur, of The Young Turks, guest hosting on the Ed Schultz Show on MSNBC, took a well-deserved kick at that neo-con hot head and fibber mouth, George W. Bush's UN Ambassador, John Bolton, who is out hawking about threats, threats, and threats, fear mongering for the Military-Industrial Complex, doing his job as one of its retainers, to help it in the fight to fight off some politicians, Democrats and Republicans, who are looking at the needs of America, and are looking at the growing debt and deficit, and who are mumbling about, that maybe, cuts in defense spending, maybe, should be considered. Just maybe.

Wall Street Ingrates

The biggest, richest commercial bankers and investment house managers of Wall Street got nearly everything that they wanted from the federal government this year and last year too.

The Wall Street goobers, whose greed and deception caused the global financial crisis, that led to the Great Recession, were saved by Washington, and suffered no tangible consequences for the harm and damage that their misdeeds wrought . They managed to manage Washington and received not even the slightest real penalty for their foul play.

Coral Reefs to Be Gone Before Our Grandkids Can See Them

Isn’t that headline alone something so horrifying, something so shocking, that it just makes you gasp and want to, or perhaps even commence to, cry? Coral reefs are the sources of magnificent habitats and beings, places of wonder that we don’t even see often, let alone touch with our fingers—and yet we are continually wiping them out with our actions (as well as our inactions) every day. If we don’t make significant improvements by 2050, they may be gone forever.

That’s an incredibly sobering thought. And with the coral reefs, many other species will perish due to loss of habitat—not to mention due to the same bleaching and poisoning that is killing the coral reefs in the first place—as well.

Party's Over


I guess everyone knew it couldn't last forever. It was the bee's knees to control the entire government for a couple years, but now the Democrats are going to have to give up the House of Representatives to a buzz-killing Republican majority. No more all-night keggers, no more secret hazing rituals, no more drawing various cartoon genitalia on the bald heads of sleeping Senators. I'm gonna miss the fun we've had, so to commemorate some of the best moments, I'm immortalizing them in my diary.

Mr. Obama and Second Chances

Item from the Associated Press -- "The White House says President Barack Obama has commended the owner of the National Football League's Philadelphia Eagles for giving quarterback Michael Vick a second chance after his release from prison." See the video.

The blogosphere and main stream media too are buzzing with news of President Obama's call to Jeffrey Lurie, the owner of the NFL Eagles. So I may as well weight in with my opinion,

Great News from Iraq -- Iraq is Kicking Us Out?

Thank him, say nice things about him, send him air kisses and our fond expressions of appreciation -- Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has given America the best news in a decade. The Iraqi Prime Minster said there will definitely not be an extension of the deadline for the withdrawal of U.S. troops in 2011, saying that Iraq could handle its own security moving forward.

Making chumps out of Americans?

The DEA don't cut no ice with Mr. Karzai

Well, like a street dude would put it, in so many words, Mr Karzai, the President of Afghanistan. ain't gonna cooperate with no stinking DEA agents, and ain't gonna quit helping his drug buddies, and ain't gonna stop getting them out of jail, when they get busted.

The New York Times, wi'th the benefit of a bunch WikiLeaks cables, reports that Hamid Karzai our? America's? guy? His own guy? in Afghanistan? Our ally? He is so corrupt.

Military-Industrial Complex -- Oh, what a threat?

The Huffngton Post reports that "public officials on both sides of the aisle are increasingly looking toward the defense budget as a possible avenue for cutting spending and reducing the deficit, even though the Obama administration has been reluctant to do so." And -- Congressman,. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) told The Huffington Post last week,. "The liberal community's got to focus more on Afghanistan, Iraq, NATO. NATO is a great drain on our treasury and serves no strategic purpose." Mr. Franks and others are calling for meaningful defense cuts? Will they get them? Please. We shouldn't hold our breaths.