November 2010

Something Rotten and Foul In Idaho

An Outrage In A Private Prison

Item from the Associated Press -- "In an Idaho prison, surveillance cameras catch one inmate beating another, with guards standing by. Now, the assault of Hanni Elabed is raising questions about how a prison's private management is protecting inmates under its roof." See the video.

This video makes one thing clear: why private run prisons are often dangerous to the inmates and to the public. In this case in a facility run by Corrections Corporation of America, a young man in prison for robbery, told the prison authorities of allege drug trafficking between guards and prisoners, and was beaten unconscious by an inmate, as guards stood by. Perhaps raising questions whether some of the guards approved of the attack on the inmate informer?

Wikileaks - US Attack On Iran? Stupid!

Smiling In The Face, But  Behind The Back?

One of the things that the Wikileaks cables verifies is the double speak from the Arab leaders, autocrats and dictators all, on the question of how to deal with their enemy Iran, whom they do not want to see armed with nuclear weapons. Iran, of course, insists that her nuclear program is peaceful. But as the Wikileaks reminds us, who can believe what nation-states leaders say in public?

In public the leaders of Saudi Arabia speak of the Iranian people as fellow Muslims, and fellow Muslims aren't suppose to attack each other. In private the Saudis urge the U.S. to attack Iran.

Iranian Nuclear Scientist Assassinated

 Murder Always Leads To More Murder

Is this not terrorism?

The New York Times reports this morning -- "Unidentified assailants riding motorcycles launched bomb attacks early on Monday against two Iranian nuclear physicists here, killing one of them and prompting accusations that the United States and Israel were ..."

Of course as of yet the identity of the people behind the assassination haven't been established. The Iranian media have declared the U.S. and Israel are behind the murder of the scientist.

States and Transparency?

Kristinn Hrafnsson , the WikiLeaks spokesman, justifies the website's release of U.S. secret and confidential documents by saying, the public has a right to know how foreign policy is formed." Julian Assange, the founder WikiLeaks, charges that the 'US does not believe in press freedom.' He criticizes the Obama's administration for trying to plug leaks, for trying to shut-down him and his website, for being against transparency. See the video.

Mr. Assange is being pressed -- fairly and unfairly? He is a man pursued. Agents of the U.S., I have little doubt are messing with him as he messed with them, and messes with them.

Peeking At Confidential Correspondence

The first round of the new WikiLeaks of U.S. secret documents, from a stash of confidential U. S. diplomatic cables, a quarter-million of them, and from the past three years, reveals? Verifies stuff already in the public's domain -- that the U.S. spies on everybody and trusts no one, that certain Arab leaders talk out both sides of their mouths, that the new British leader, David Cameron, is not a White House favorite.

Could one say that their release are not just to embarrass the U.S. government, but to embarrass the Obama Administration in particular, for its way of pursuing the WikiLeaks founder and for pursing leakers?

Mr. Obama Gets 12 Stitches to Lip

Item from the Associated Press -- "The White House says President Obama needed 12 stitches after being injured in a basketball game. Mr. Obama was seen leaving the game holding white gauze to his lip and later nursing the lip in the upstairs of the White House." See the video.

Remember the story of President Bush falling down choking on a pretzel right after 911, falling down, injuring his face and hurting his head? Nobody believe that story. Dude got falling down drunk.

So President Obama gets 12 stitches to his lip?

Okay? Alright? Joke Time.

Did his wife punch him? Showing him a few pointers on how to fight?

Did Nancy Pelosi show him how Democrats are going to counter punch?

Did his lip just expand and burst in cracks, trying to match the size of his head? Ego?

Advice From a Pardoned Turkey

First of all, Mr. President, I want to thank you for granting me a stay of execution on this holiday which is traditionally so brutal to my kind. Though I can't say I look forward to the fear and violence visited upon turkeys every Thanksgiving, I am willing to admit that I understand why your species descends upon mine each year. We are a delicious race, proud of our glorious, two-tone meat and accepted superiority to chicken. Also, we are by and large a cruel and ignorant variety of fowl. I must confess, I prefer not to keep the company of my own kind, aggressive and unintelligent as they are. Were turkeys to rule the planet, I fear that our atrocities would dwarf those of man. I will do my level best to earn the pardon you have bestowed upon me. My first act as a free, peaceful turkey shall be to impart some advice to you, President Obama, on this day of giving thanks.

Sarah Palin's Korean Gaffe?

Ms. Boo-Boo Makes Another Boo-Boo?

So what? If she was smart, she wouldn't be Sarah.

Sarah Palin made a gaffe and the whole world is laughing, firing mocking balls at her. Sarah is a Presidential pretender not a Presidential contender, and her every word, America, are her very own words, and nobody elses to pick apart. She is a serial tweeter not a serious speaker.

Item from the Associated Press --"Sarah Palin is drawing criticism from around the world after declaring that the United States has to stand with 'our North Korean allies.'"

The Kyl Style: Say One Thing, Do Something Else

The Tea Partiers came to town, saying that they're going to dance and sing so loud, make so much noise, that the temple will come crumbling down, and the old GOP bulls got the shakes -- and pouted too, and fell in line, like cattle, becoming the chorus boys and gals to the Tea Party head bangers / lead singers.

"No more earmarks!" said the Tea Party lead singers. And the backup chorus, the senator windbags, like GOP leader Mitch McConnell and the GOP whip Jon Kyl, repeated the call, "No more earmarks!!"

That was a few days ago, yesterday, Senator Windbag Jon Kyl, of Arizona, the Republican number two leader in the Senate, was all for the ban against earmarks, before he was against it, and now is for it, though he's going against it.

Tom DeLay Taken Down A Peg?

Tom DeLay, the former GOP House Majority Leader, and at one-time one of the most powerful members of the Republican Party, and a key political ally of George W. Bush during the Bush years, has been found guilty by a Texas jury of state charges of corruption and money-laundering. Now he could truly be facing a long prison term, anywhere from five to ninety nine years, and of course the judge could give him probation.

Fingers In Our Pockets, And Junk Security

At what price? American rights.

Airport security? Right? Huh? Americans are losing rights and who is making money? The lobbyists. Members of Congress. Well, their campaign funds -- What's the difference? None. The body scanner industry with the help of lobbyists are heightened the scare, magnifying the threat. The threat is real, but is the body scanner industry's profit making reaction to it the solution?

K Street, that thick and wicked place, where the agents of darkness keep their hands deep into America's pocket, is behind the naked body scanner push. And who is surprised?

Poll Says: Do With Us What You Will

Sheep Seldom Complain.

I am not surprised by the finding of the new ABC News and The Washington Post, produced by Langer Research Associates that says: Most Americans are sheep, easily frightened sheep.

The polls found that most adults are standing with TSA agents, who bombard Americans with radiation, as the agents scan the Americans' bodies, looking for terrorist bombs, weapons, and for terrorists hiding in the Americans' underwear.

The GOP Playing The Game of Chicken

Hypocrites Want To Shut Down The Government.

Back to the future? 95-96, with the Newt showing his rooster head, and shutting down the federal government to show what a big barnyard cock he was. The bunch of spending big and borrow big Republican hypocrites, who piled on much of the debt, by giving us into two wars, and by sticking America with an unfunded prescription drug bonanza, for the drug companies, are threatening to play a very dangerous game during the slow recovery from the Great Recession. It's the Game of Chicken. At risk is not just that federal employees may miss a few paychecks. What is at risk is the confidence and the faith of the American people, and of the global community in the leaders of the American government,

Stop 'Gotcha Politics' with START

It is "Gotcha" politics. Some of the old dawgs, the hosses, who have been slimmed down, are afraid of getting skinned. Some of the old bulls don't want to lose their nice seats, in their nice offices, and their nice title -- the word 'senator' sounds too sweet to them. These dudes don't want to risk not being called 'senator." Some of those old dudes have become puppy dogs, with their heads down, and their tails up, wagging the white flag of total surrender to the Tea Party gang. The GOPers in the Senate don't want to be gotten by that gotcha gang on their right-wing.

Privatizing Airport Security? Bad Idea.

In the wake of TSA's heavy-handed treatment of air line passengers, there have been calls from Republicans to privatize airport security. Republicans are always screaming for privatization as if its is a solution to the problem of tone deaf federal employees, who pay no mind to the public. Privatization does only one thing -- Well, two things. It lowers the pay of service and security workers from a living and career sustaining wage to minimum wage. And it puts lots of money into the pockets of the owners of the privatized services in the form of profit. It does not improve the quality of the service, but often reduces the quality of the service. It most definitely reduces the quality of the workers. I understand that the TSA pay starts at about $15 a hour. Private screeners pay start at $7 a hour.