October 2010

GOP Targets the Poor as Gap Between America's Rich and Poor Widens to Historical High

Can you imagine trying to support a family of four on less than $10,000 a year? For 6.3 % of Americans this is a growing reality as data from the recent US Census reveals that the gap between America's rich and poor has widened to a historical high. With nearly half of the nation's income going to only 20 % of the nation's citizens the balance of wealth and resources are increasingly disproportioned.


What Kind of Political Animals Are These Guys?

The Tea Party-GOP is opposed to humane treatment for puppies?! Sad to say, but they are.

Well, the Tea Partiers want to end the social security program, thus kicking seniors in the teeth. Tea Partiers want to end student loans and aid to education, thus using a sledge hammer on young people and the future. Tea Partiers want to mistreat old people and kids. Well, I shouldn't expect Tea Partiers to show any more love to puppies than they show to granny and the kids.

The people of Missouri have before them Prop B, which will stop the inhumane conditions in puppy mills, to provide proper veterinary care, stop overcrowding in the cages, et.al, et, al.

Foreign Money For The Tea Party-GOP

Chamber of Commerce Anti-American Activity

Chamber of Commerce is spending foreign money on Tea Party-GOP candidates.

Another day has passed since it was reported by Think Progress that the Chamber of Commerce is soliciting and using foreign money to be spent on attack ads against Democratic candidates who are defending American jobs, and are opposed to the American tax codes rewarding American companies that outsource, ship American jobs overseas to cheap labor markets. Another day has passed and the Chamber of Commerce has not disclosed the source of these foreign funds.

Congressman John Bocherry , Democrat of Ohio --

Art Robinson:Hack Scientist Wants to go to Congress

Where is the Tea Party getting these guys? Art Robinson who is a hack scientist who practice hack science, a global warming denier, a dude with weird ideas about radiation and the cause for AIDs is running for Congress from Oregon, and is being financed by big business, because they just love his anti-global warming beliefs. He is a guy who wants America to go backwards 

Christine O'Donnell loves To Make Things Up

I wonder what world does Christine O'Donnell live in? There is a disconnect between her month and truth, and facts. I wonder does she live in a world without cameras that record what politicians say? Does she live in a world without fact checkers? When ever she opens her mouth anything may come out, and usually things that are untrue, and things that can easily be checked. The lady made up her life, made of her resume, made up the election results from her race against then Senator Biden. Also the lady speaks without thinking what she is going to say .

Rachel Maddow from her show last night --

The Secret of Me and Hillary

If you're reading this, that means you are the next Democrat to sit in the Oval Office after my time in the position has concluded. Perhaps you followed me directly or perhaps you came to this document after a period of Republican tenure. If the former, please feel free to partake of the flavored caramels I keep in the secret compartment in the top left drawer of my desk. If the latter, please make sure to remove the Thought Police mind-scanning device you have likely been forced to wear and turn your on-duty Secret Service agent's guard post television to one of several NASCAR events I'm certain will be playing in your time. Now, you should know by now that politics is a strange and labyrinthine game that has more to do with back room deals and esoteric traditions than it does with campaigning, summits and fact-finding missions. I have been compelled because of certain current events in my time to record a true account of how Hillary Clinton and I came to the agreement that put us in our current positions and likely set events in motion that will have great impact on your own time.

Tea Party Leaders' Hypocrisy

Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, took on the Tea Party hypocrites on his weekly Daily Rant segment on The Dylan Ratigan show on MSNBC . Cenk calls out the anti-government hypocrisy from popular tea party darling, candidates, so-called grass rooters, who gamed the system for their own benefit. See the video.

These folks cry against so-called Obama socialism. What they don't tell their followers is that these folks are for socialism for rich people, and as much government support for the wealthy that they can give. They're for brutal, robber baron capitalism for everybody else -- sink or swim capitalism. And they want to set the game up, so that most of the American people will sink.

Taking The Faisal Shahzads Seriously

Yesterday, Tuesday, Faisal Shahzad, the man who tried to blow up New York City's Times Square, last May 1st, and kill as many Americans as he could, was sent to prison for life. Faisal Shahzad plead guilty last June to terrorism and weapons counts, and according to the Associated Press, Mr Shahzad "accepted a life sentence with a smirk, " and "warned that Americans can expect more bloodshed at the hands of Muslims, and defiantly told the judge that the United States' defeat is imminent."

GOP- Tea Party Backers Include Foreign Funders

Think Progress issued a shocking report, yesterday, on how the Chamber of Commerce is using secret funds to undermine American elections. Some of these funds come directly from foreign entities. The funds are put into the pot of monies the Chamber of Commerce spends to elect Tea Party-Republicans, who will support measures favorable to large corporations, foreign owned ones as well as domestic and international ones.

The GOP-Tea Party Future: Pay Or Die

What would the future of America look like if everything was privatized? If America loses her mind and listens to the GOP-Tea Party, that wants to stop most government services and hand everything over to private industry, remove government and leave Americans at the mercy of the corporations, and give Americans a choice: either you pay a user fee for essential services or you die?

Take the case of the home of Gene Cranick in Obion County, Tennessee. His home burned to the ground because he did not pay his fire protection fee to the fire department..

Christine O'Donnell ad -- "I'm Not A Witch"

Christine O'Donnell of Delaware, the Tea Party-GOP candidate for the U.S. Senate, has an ad out, in which she says that she is not a witch. Well, see the ad for your self. She looks a little witchy to me.

Of course, one must take Christine O'D at her word. If a person says they're not a witch, they're not a witch. The reason why she has to defend herself on the subject of witchcraft is because in a now well-known clip, from 1999 appearance on Bill Maher's Politically Incorrect, she confessed that she was a witch, said that she had "dabbled in witchcraft,." had a date on a Satanic altar, which was sprinkled in blood. I wonder was that animal blood or human blood?

Without Money The GOP Would Have Nothing

Cenk of The Young Turks is cranked up over the millions of unaccountable dollars, fueling the GOP.The money is pouring into Republican coffers from corporations to defeat Democratic candidates. See the video.

The Washington Post -- "The bulk of the money is being spent (during the 2010 mid-term elections, is being spent ) by conservatives, who have swamped their Democratic-aligned competition by 7 to 1 in recent weeks. The wave of spending is made possible in part by a series of Supreme Court rulings unleashing the ability of corporations and interest groups to spend money on politics. Conservative operatives also say they are riding the support of donors upset with Democratic policies they perceive as anti-business. "

Tourist Alert: Don't Go To Europe

See the U.S. A.

The State Department has issued a warning to the intelligent --"Don't travel to Europe," or "Be cautious."

Of course the warning is in the form of an advisory for U.S. travelers "to beware of potential terrorist threats in Europe." Some American shrugged their shoulders." The Associated Press reports, that European tourism officials are biting their teeth, "worried that the warning could deter would-be visitors from moving ahead with plans to cross the Atlantic." See the video.

Joe Miller Would Return Workers Pay to Slave Wages

GOP -Tea Party War On The Middle Class

Joe Miller, that Tea Party ace who is running for the U.S. Senate from Alaska, has launched his newest salvo at working and middle class Americans. He wants to do away with federal minimum wage laws, which have protected American workers since 1938.

Mr. Miller defends his attack on the working class and the middle class by saying the minimum wage is a states rights issue.

"That is clearly up to the states," Mr. Miller said. "The minimum level again should be the state's decision. There should not be (a federal minimum. That is not within the scope of the powers that are given to the federal government."

Sharron Angle Talks Bad About Republicans

Says: GOP Lost  'Their Principles,' 'Not Sure' If She Can Win

Republican candidate, Tea Partier, Sharron Angle said the Republicans have lost their principles. She doesn't have a high opinion of the GOP establishment, and she has doubts that she will Nevada's Senate race. She said all of these things last week in a closed-door meeting with the other Tea Party candidate for US. Senator from Nevada, Jon Scott Ashjian. The purpose of the meeting was to get him to drop out of the race. Mr. Ashjian recorded the meeting, He said he needed to protect himself. His recording found its way to the Nevada Sun newspaper.