September 2010

Mr. Blair, Ducking Rotten Eggs?

From an account in the Associated Press, I learned that about 200 protesters in Dublin, Ireland, gave the ex-British prime minister Tony Blair an energetic greeting, yesterday, Saturday, as he arrived for a book club signing of his memoirs. These good people of Ireland hurled shouts of "War criminal." A few also hurled shoes and eggs, their earnest response to his book of fantasy, in which he justifies his role in the invasion of Iraq.

Mr. Blair was the junior, but an important key player, in the decision to invade Iraq, and he, as Britain's Prime Minister, took his country to war based on lies.

Workers Blowout -- Overworked, Underpaid.

PBS did a report tonight on how the economy is effecting employment and American workers, and on "the rising number of employees who are being asked to do more and more for less money, "and on how this trend  is leading to an increased number of "so-called burned out" workers. See the video.

Companies are not hiring workers and expanding the workforce, but are insisting that employed workers do more.

Juliet Schor of Boston College says in the report, "We do know that we had massive layoffs. The workers who are left are doing much more work, and so we're seeing a lot of anecdotal evidence of rising stress, burnout, and unmanageable kinds of schedules for people."

BP Tries to Blackmail America

The biggest, most reckless, one of the most criminal polluters in U.S. history, with the worst safety record, whose negligence is responsible for the deaths of eleven people, at least, and the poisoning of many bird and wild life, has made a very contemptuous threat, either to be allowed to continue on its way, with maybe modest sanctions, or it won't meet all of its obligations, though it says it will meet its legal obligations, if it has the money.

In other words BP has laid down the challenge, has said: If you, America, keep us from new offshore-drilling permits, we aren't going to pay those folks we harmed, and we aren't going to pay to help restore the harm we've done to the environment.

Don't Give Murdoch Another Dime

Media Matters is still trying get $35k to run an ad on The O'Reilly Factor next week to tell Fox News fringe audience that they are a bunch of idiots.

Quote from the Media Matter email sent out yesterday afternoon --.

It was no surprise to us that Fox News left its viewers largely in the dark about the fact that its parent company, News Corp., donated an unprecedented $1 million contribution to the Republican Governors Association, a campaign operation that aims to elect Republican governors and defeat Democratic candidates.

We at Media Matters for America decided to do something about it. Hundreds of you stepped forward and agreed to help us fund an ad telling Fox News viewers the truth: that Fox is just a political operation disguising itself as a news network.

Fox News rejected the ad three times. Only after it was confronted by another news outlet did Fox agree to run it.

Make Me Do Right, America

Humility washes over me like the first proper shower a soldier feels after returning from years of sand and death in the desert. Maybe it's the fifth of scotch that's been my only companion these past few hours, or maybe it's because I just spent an entire day trying to get politicians from Israel and Palestine to behave like adults in a civil society and not like combatants in a civil war. Whatever motivates the feeling, I can't escape a sense that an incredible responsibility hangs over me and that I'm not entirely capable of handling it on my own. America, if you've got a soul, use it to listen to me tonight and remember, if only in thin whispers, to hold me to the moral weight I have to lift.

James J. Lee just wanted to save the squirrels!

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I'm going to chalk this up as further proof in my theory that a sizable portion of eco/enviro/animal types are really just misanthropes.

An, excerpt from Lee's manifesto...

"Humans are the most destructive, filthy, pollutive creatures around and are wrecking what's left of the planet with their false morals and breeding culture."

"The world needs TV shows that DEVELOP solutions to the problems that humans are causing, not stupify the people into destroying the world. Not encouraging them to breed more environmentally harmful humans.

James J. Lee

James J. Lee, the man, with a gun, who stormed into Discovery Channel Headquarters, taking hostages, threatening to kill, if he didn't get his way, was shot to death by police.

The man was against immigrants, babies and the Discovery Channels' programming. He thought the Discovery Channels ran programs that encourage people to have babies, and he thought the human race should say no to fertilization and yes to sterilization. He thought Discovery Channels' environmental programs were so bad that he had to do something about them. And so yesterday, he did, with a gun and the threat of bombs that would blow everybody up, he went to the Discovery Headquarters Building and got everybody's attention!

No tears for Tony Blair

Blair says he cries for the war dead? Who will cry for him?

Tony Blair, a politician who I once admired, who came to the office of British prime minister with the promise that he would drive the final nail in the coffin of Thatcherism, that selfish-take-care-of-me-the-hell-with-everybody-else social policy of the Conservative politician Margaret Thatcher, has published his memoirs. For 700 pages of fantasy, lies and excuses, he received an advance of four million British pounds ($7 million). The book is titled, "A Journey."

Tony Blair claims in his memoirs that he got drunk to cope with the stress and he cried "for Iraq war victims."

So he says -- He was a stinking crying drunk? He admits to no war crimes.

John Cusack -- Gone Political

Fox News and right-wing media are screaming the name "John Cusack" as if they fear the devil is after them. Fox News is in the business of raising devils, creating devils, real ones and pretend ones. I don't know what went through Mr. Cusack's mind; as he sent his verbal slam at Fox News to his 209,000 followers. Maybe he was just having fun, sending out tweets. Well, it seems as if that is all it was --just a little kidding around.

The Rolling Stone reports -- "It seems Better Off Dead icon Cusack was idly tweeting; and he rattled off this thing proposing the construction of a “Satanic death cult center” outside the Fox News building. The full tweet --