September 2010

Stop Using the "I" Word

I’ve never understood how people stop looking at anyone different from them as a person and start looking at them as an oddity, a “foreigner,” an “illegal.” I have absolutely no qualms with anyone and everyone coming to this country—or any country—from anywhere, myself. People may not think that’s a very sustainable immigration policy, but I’m sure the native tribes who lived here before we did might not think that our own immigration was, either; we’re so often told that our ancestors made “friends” with Native Americans, that we seem to conveniently forget that we wiped out millions of them with our diseases, guns, and slave trade. Isn’t it funny how even after doing that to those who lived here before us, we wish to do the same to those who come after us? I think we could all use some serious therapy.

Gonna Miss Ya, Rahm

Well, the time has come to say goodbye to Rahm Emanuel, my Chief of Staff and good friend. Really, the media never really captured how tight me and Rahm were, are. Dude's crazy, but I love him all the same. We've had some great times these past two years, maybe too great. I almost certainly would have gotten more done since my inauguration if Rahm hadn't been around to shake things up and rattle me out of my usually businesslike demeanor. I'm not saying that I'm not gonna miss the guy, I'm just saying that if I want to save my job, my marriage and the lives of these 7,000 flamingos Rahm had delivered to the Oval Office as a parting gift/prank, I've gotta have a more grounded CoS.

Tea Partier Carl Paladino Goes Thug, Threatens Reporter

Is He Running for N.Y. Top Pol or Top Thug?

Tea Party- Republican New York gubernatorial candidate Carl, looking and sounding very much like a thug, Paladino confronted and threatened a reporter, New York Post State Editor Fred Dicker, in Lake George, accusing him of snooping around, and going after Carl P's daughter for information. A daughter that he had from a previously undisclosed extramarital affair. Ouch! The high moral candidate dude, who is well known for sending racist, sexist, and beastility porn emails, and who claims that he will bring a moral tone to state government, by cleaning out the crooks, et. al, isn't so high proper and moral after all -- not that he fooled anyone that he was.

Young Voters Mustn't Miss The Midterms

The President is out there reminding the young why they mustn't miss the mid-term elections. If young people and their parents care about their education, they need to vote to protect the Department of Education from GOP-Tea Partiers who want to scuttle it. If young people and their families need a student loan to complete their education, they had better vote for the candidate who is strong on protecting this opportunity for the young. The GOP-Tea Partiers want to end the student loan program.

The Fight To Keep The Right of Choice

The religious right has taken over the Tea Party, and is in the process of taking over the Republican Party, and replace the GOP's conservative platform with a far right, extreme agenda. The Tea Party is advancing candidates who are extremists on the issue of abortion. These candidates, include Ken Buck of Colorado, Sharron Angle of Nevada, Rand Paul of Kentucky, Joe Miller of Alaska, Christine O'Donnell of Delaware, all of whom would, if elected ,vote to end abortions in all cases, even in the case of rape and incest. The right of choice for a woman would be in danger of being eliminated. The extremists would wind back the clock on women reproductive rights.

Carl Paladino says he's mad as hell. About what?

Carl Paladino, the GOP-Tea party candidate for Governor of New York is angry? Carl. Paladino? It's the Glenn Beck -- channeling the Peter Finch character, Howard Beale, a deranged man raving -- act all over again. Angry with New York State government? Why? New York state government gives him millions a years. New York State government is one of the biggest tenants of his office buildings, real estate empire. Angry? Just for show.

Mr. Paladino says he's so angry that he is going to clean up the mess in New York? Really? The New York Times looked at the mess in Mr. Paladino's campaign. His closest advisers are under legal and ethical clouds.

Tea Party's Angle On Govt. Health Care

She's The Queen of Hypocrites.

Cenk from The Young Turk does a piece on Sharron Angle, the Tea Partier-GOP candidate for U.S.Senator from Nevada, denouncing the new health insurance program. Ms. Angle calls the program Obama Care. Mrs. Angle says the federal health insurance program is something she will work to repeal, if she gets to the Congress.

Ms. Angle is an easy target for progressives. Each and every time she opens her mouth something stupid comes out, something not based on facts but based on her own zany ideology.

Jimmy Carter: a Superior ex-President

Yes, Jimmy Carter is, indeed, a superior ex-President, one of the best and is a role model for other ex-Presidents, for retired people, and for people, period.

Mr. Carter is in a hospital in Cleveland, Ohio. He became ill in Cleveland, yesterday, and is still in the hospital this morning for observation. The Associated Press reports that Mr. "Carter is feeling normal this morning, And he looks forward to resuming his schedule as soon as possible."

Millionaire John Rease Attack Ads Make False Charges

Millionaire John Rease is engaging in a hot air war against his opponent, West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin. Mr. Rease has the money and the well paid spin doctors to produce attack ads that slander his opponent, and that produce a lot of smoke and noise, accusing Governor Manchin of things the Governor did not do. Mr Rease game is not to tell the truth, but to stir up emotions and to turn them into votes.

The facts are that Mr. Rease, and men like him, represent anti-workers and anti-middle class interests.

Another Severely Truth Challenged Republican-Tea Partier

Christine O'Donnell is at it again. She has been caught not telling the truth and misleading folks. This time she was been lying about her education. I say one thing about Christine O'Donnell, she is bold, or she is reckless, or she thinks she everybody is stupid, or she thinks that there isn't such a thing as fact checking. Ms. O'Donnell has placed on the web for all to see a false education record. Yesterday, the voters of Delaware learned that her claim that she studied at the University of Oxford is "an exaggeration and at worst an outright falsehood."

GOP Moderates Push Back Against Tea Party Extremists

Sure Americans are angry. Americans are tired of business as usual. Americans are tired of Wall Street getting bailed out and everybody else left to sink and swim on their own. Yes, yes. But the candidates that the Tea Party is putting forth will continue business as usual, as far as business goes, but some of "stars" among them -- stars as far as getting media attention, (Rand Paul, Sharron Angle, Christine O'Donnell, Joe Miller, Ken Buck, Carl Paladino) -- have a bedroom extremist position, and that is what is dividing them from the moderates in the GOP.

Greenspan Wants To Wave Goodbye To Bush Tax Cuts

Greenspan wants all Bush Tax Cuts to Expire.

Republican economist and the former long-time Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan, has come out for allowing the Bush tax cuts expire. Mr. Greenspan was a key supporter of the Bush cuts in 2001. Now, that he says, he sees the harm that these cuts did to the economy, he is for their demise.

Unfortunately, Mr. Greenspan wants the cuts to end across the board. That would mean the taxes of the middle class would rise. Allowing the lapse of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy would help the economy by reducing the deficit. A tax rise for the middle class would hurt American families and slow the recovery.

Tea Party: Where Are The Grass Roots Leaders?

The Tea Party is a phony grass roots movement led by billionaires and GOP activists. The script of the so-called Tea Party leaders, who claim to represent ordinary, grass roots America, is written in Washington, by stone heart Republican activists.

Reports The Huffington Post -- "A dozen members of the House Tea Party Caucus have made word-for-word use of GOP talking points, presenting them as statements of their own. These self-styled renegade Republicans are, quite literally, reading from a script written in Washington. The source of that script is usually, the website of Republicans in Congress."

Billionaires Pouring Millions Into GOP Campaigns

 What do you think those billionaires who are pouring millions into GOP campaigns want? Grass-root government? Breaks for the little guy? Help for workers and the middle class? These billionaires want breaks for billionaires, want government to serve their corporate interest. The GOP and the Tea Party are being feed moolah by billionaires. And the GOP and TEA PARTY favored GOP candidates are dancing to the billionaires' tune.

O'Donnell Said: Gonna Stop America from Having Sex?

Mouth Bigger Than Brain.

Screaming Headlines or Laugh Lines on the net this afternoon -- VIDEO from MSNBC Scarborough Country of Christine O'Donnell saying: I'm going to stop the whole country from having sex

The Washington Post Plum Line Notes " A Democratic source unearths video of Christine O'Donnell in 2003, answering clearly and unequivocally in the affirmative when asked: "You're going to stop the whole country from having sex?"

Before somebody shouts: OMG! Witchcraft?! --One look at the video and you will see that Ms. O'Donnell is just saying nutty things. But with that hair style, she does look like a bit of a witch.

Weirder Than Here

Now we think our politicians are weird. We have Rand Paul, that dude running for the U.S. Senate, who as a college student, bounded a Christian girl and tried to force her to bow down and to worship a heathen god. We have Christine O'Donnell, also running for the U.S. Senate, who confessed on national television that she practiced witchcraft and had a date on a Satanic altar sprinkled with blood. But these two don't equal the dudes in Peru.

Culture Wars

Last night Rachel Maddow did a short piece on the "right wing culture warriors attack" on the First Lady, Michelle Obama. See the video.

Not surprised that Mrs. Obama has become the target of right wing attacks. The First Lady has high approval numbers. The right wing figures it has to knock those numbers down. Glenn Beck began with a very clumsy attack on the First Lady's campaign to encourage healthy eating and exercise. He's turned a do-good-feel good-that First-Ladies-do campaign into something sinister. He delivered his "let fat people get fat and die" rant on his show last week, then last weekend repeated it at the Right Nation conference in Illinois.

If it wasn't for the few people who do take Beck seriously he would be numbered among America's clowns, or based on his mood swings, from tears and crying to gleeful devilish laughter, he would be America's poster boy for mental health.

I'm Getting Stuff Done, Damn It

People have been disappointed with my progress in the White House. Those who supported me in the election wanted me to really change the country. I know those expectations were a bit too high and I know that part of that is my fault. I kinda, sorta promised the moon and stars to anyone who would listen. But hey, that's what you've gotta do to win. Nobody ever won an election by being a buzz kill. That said, I have done and continue to do a fair amount of good for America and her allies.

Linda McMahon Wants to Represent Corporations, Not Average Tax Payers

Before Jesse Ventura, aka “Jesse, the Body”  took office in Minnesota as the governor of Minnesota in 1998, the link between professional wrestling and politics was tenuous at best, but the times are changing quickly. Linda McMahon, the Republican candidate for senator in Connecticut, just bought her way (with $20 million of her own money) into Connecticut’s general election against Democrat Richard Blumenthal with cash she made  from World Wrestling Entertainment, the company she and her husband founded.