August 2010

GOP Wants to kill Social Security, No Joke

If there is anyone in this country who doubts that the Republicans are planning to destroy the Social Security.program, they should look at the debate between Cenk Uygur (filling in for Dylan Ratigan on MSNBC ) and former Republican Congressman Bob McEwen. The debate gets heated, because the passions and the issues are put right out there, for, as the host Cent says, anybody to judge. See the video.

Would You Downsize Your Dog for the Environment?

We don’t really have a dog at our house. I say not really because my aunt, who also lives here, does have a small, very old dog who lives in the basement and backyard. We don’t see her because she snaps at children, though my husband takes care of her when my aunt is away. Someday, when we do get a dog, we’ve talked about getting a nice, big family dog—like a golden retriever. I’ve always wanted one, and my daughter loves dogs. (My husband and I are cat people.)

Symbolism: The Pres drops in

President Obama must like take-out, or photo ops at take-out joints, for he is often getting his picture taken, and his image captured on news video, showing him dropping in on unsuspecting ordinary Americans, during chow time. He drops in, orders and goes, except for that time he dropped-in a restaurant with the Pres of Russia, as his guest, and like two camera loving hams, they ate in.

No, I'm not being critical. It is somehow reassuring to see the leaders moving around among ordinary people and doing ordinary things. Restaurant visits remind the people that the leaders are people too.

Well, they are; they have to eat.

Yesterday, Sunday, Mr. Obama was in New Orleans to deliver a Katrina post five years speech and to show himself in a city, suffering under the effects of the Gulf Coast oil spill disaster.

Al Sharpton, Glenn Beck, Dueling Rallies?

Celebrity broadcaster Glenn Beck got Al Sharpton to show up on the mall with tens of thousands of people to counter rally showman's Beck's own rally. for personal publicity for Glen Beck and his various profit making enterprises, though he billed it as a civil rights rally, then a religious rally.

Mr. Beck didn't get the numbers that he and his Tea Party pals promised. No serious person would have believed. they would, though the Beck rally featured Fox media star Sarah the half governor Palin. I wonder how much he paid her for her appearance.

Mr. Outrageous, Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck is a performer of the outrageous. He says and does outrageous things to draw attention, and to pull an audience. The more outrageous he gets the more attention he draws, the larger his audience. And as a kicker, he just loves to get the goat of those whom he teases and mocks.

Tomorrow, August 28th, the forty seventh anniversary of the Civil Rights March on Washington, that featured Martin Luther King, Jr, and his "I Have A Dream" speech, delivered at the Lincoln Memorial, Mr Beck has chosen the date, the time, the place, the theme, to do his most outrageous thing ever. He will deliver his "dream speech," hold his 'civil rights" rally, mock his favorite targets, liberals and progressives, among whom during his life time, Martin Luther King was a member in good standing. In short, the most outrageous of performers will perform his most outrageous stunt to date.

Everything is better under Obama or how I learned to stop worrying and love the new American Police State

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I sure am glad Obama got rid of those horrible National Security Letters!  I mean that was really scary back when Bush was around, no more 4th amendment and all am I right!  Wait... What...  Really... Oh dear that's not goooood...


Criticizing Democrats Too

The supporters of building the Islamic center, the Cordoba House, near New York's Ground Zero have put out a web video that links Democrats, who have questioned; the near ground zero location for a mosque, thus wavering on First Amendment and property rights for American Muslims, and that links Republican Islamaphobic zealots, who have stirred and served to the American public a hateful brew -- links members of both major parties with the horrific stabbing of the New York City Muslim cabbie by a hate crazed bigot.

"Hate begets hate, "is one message of the video. Another is that enablers are just as guilty as perpetrators. Prominent Democratic politicians, with their eyes on the public opinion polls and not on the U.S. Constitution, are aiding the bigots, just as are the anti-American Muslim Republican rabble.

Islamaphobia Is Politically Driven

The question of the week is: Is America Growing Islamaphobic?

My answer is: Yes. It is.

Why is it ?

The answer is: It is an election year.

This outbreak of Islamaphobia is master minded by the very not unseen hands, but by the very public hands of the right-wing news entertainment media, by the entertainers on Fox cable news, the provocative guys and gals, who say and do the most outrageous things to get an audience. Yes, Fox and shills on right-wing talk radio. Also, that party of those not funny jokers of the GOP.

How else can you explain the hot and angry, nasty and ugly,  debate over whether to build a mosque near Ground Zero? How else can you explain the violent opposition to against new mosques in other parts of the country?

Toyota back in the news

Toyota returns to the top of the news. Islamic phobia, stabbed New York cabbie, misery in Iraq, deaths in Afghanistan, weakening economy, those topics have to make room for Toyota.

Yes, to the top of the unpleasant news, Toyota has jumped, because it's auto recall time again!

It is Toyota's Time Again! Recalling ! Recalling those man killing machines.

Recalling? I recall the months of denial from Toyota.

There ain't nothing wrong with our cars, you doubting Americans We make cars better than you. If something is wrong it's your drivers' fault.

I recall the unforgivable deaths while Toyota was in denial.

So this time Toyota is recalling the hatchbacks.


What does the GOP have to offer but hate?

Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, was on the Ed Show, filling in for Ed Schultz on MSNBC. In the video, he explains why the GOP is the 'party of hate, and the GOP, the Grand Old Party, is on a path to become the Small Little Party.

What does the GOP have to sell to get the numbers to the polls to win elections? It can't sell its economic program to aid the rich at the expense of the Middle Class? There aren't enough rich people to get the numbers that they need. They can't sell their scheme to do away with social security? Their scheme to reduced aid to education? They can't come out and tell Mr. and Mrs. America that the GOP wants to eliminate the entire social safety net, which you might need some day? So what's left for the GOP to sell?

Freaking Stem Cells

Stem cells. If anyone ever wants to know what compelled me to run for any national elected office, be it the Senate or the White House, that's my answer. Stem cells. A lot of folks noticed that one of the first things I did when I got into office was to lift Bush's ridiculous ban on stem cell research. I had every intention of continuing to relax the laws prohibiting further research once all the other hot-button issues settled down. That was a rookie mistake, I guess. When you're President, things never settle down. One issue gets immediately replaced by another and nobody ever gives you any slack. Before you know it some jerk federal judge sneaks up on you and kicks you right in the scientific progress initiative.

Simpson's Republican Speak On Social Security

Former long-time senator, the Wyoming Republican, Alan Simpson's comment, likening Social Security to 'a milk cow with 310 million tits,' reflects the Republican attitude to this vital American program, which makes it possible for million of the elderly to keep a roof over their heads and food on their table. Republicans have opposed Social Security since day 1.

Mr. Simpson co-chairs the bipartisan National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, which is supposed to come up with suggestions on how to stabilize the Social Security program. He has answered the criticism of his use of "barnyard" humor, with an apology.

Vile HATE Crime

A New York City cabbie was asked, "Are You Muslim?" When he answered, "yes", he was stabbed and slashed in the throat, the arm, and the lip. Don't blame Newt Gingrich, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Mark Williams. Don't blame those haters for stirring up hate. To blame them would be a waste of time. They are so full of self-righteousness that I wouldn't be surprised to hear them blame the victim for being a Muslim in America. This gang of four and a large number of Republican politicians have reached down into Hell and have pulled the devil out. .

Ron Paul Says: Stop The Demagoguery

There are many reasons why I admire Ron Paul, the Libertarian-Republican. I agree with half of his program, and I disagree so strongly with the other half, that I hope he will never achieve power in this country. I feel certain that he won't, because most of his program, if implemented, would be so revolutionary, that it would cause very radical change in the way this country is governed.

That said, I shall now state the main reason why I admire Ron Paul. He is a man of principle. He is no political opportunist. He takes political positions based on his own honest assessment of the situation. In a statement on his web site, he gives his views on the New York City ground zero mosque controversy

Here are excerpts:


Sen. Durban to the GOP: Stop the Hate

This past weekend, U. S. Senator Richard Durban (Dem-Ill.) said that those who are opposed to the mosque, which is planned to be built two blocks from the site of New York's ground zero, "are trying to divide the country with fear and hate."

Right on, Senator.

Mr. Durban said last Sunday, "The mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, has given his assent to this center and I support his decision, The politicians like Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin who try to divide America with fear and hate over this issue betray the diversity which makes our nation great and the Constitution which they profess to honor."

Amen, Senator.

$35K for Murdoch's Pocket?!

Just got an email from Media Matters concerning the $1 million donation the News Corp, parent company of Fox News, donated to the Republican Governors Association, "to help defeat Democrats this November."

Media Matters reports that while the news of the donation was covered "extensively," by national media outlets, it was barely mentioned on Fox. Media Matters says, "Fox devoted 37 seconds of air time to the story." Media Matters figures -- because, the "Fox viewers have been left in the dark, as to the (Fox) network's direct involvement in the political races this fall," it needs to take action to remedy this. So the folks at Media Matters' solution is to put a commercial (see the video) about the Fox donation on Fox, by buying a national ad, at the cost of $35k, to air next week during The O'Reilly Factor.