July 2010

Tell Wal-Mart, KFC, and Others to Stop Sumatran Deforestation

What do Wal-Mart, KFC, Dunkin Donuts, and Burger King have in common when it comes to the environment? You might say they pollute, they sell harmful products loaded with chemicals—whether they be in personal care products or hormones—and they don’t do much in terms of recycling, reusing, and supporting sustainability. (You might also say that those of us who use them don’t, either.)

Obama: 90 Days to Mid-term Elections

Somehow the 90 day mark is when we start thinking about the future. I’m thinking about the future of the Democratic Party in light of recent events, and what it will look like after the elections this November. Will it be good? Will it be tragic? Catastrophic? Anti-climactic? We’ll see. But here is what I think will be the deciders in most peoples’ minds.


+ Job Creation: Whoever can convince people that they and their party will create jobs is going to win their election. Our unemployment rate is still at 9.?%, and you can bet that every single one of those people who don’t have a job will be out and voting for the person they think will get them a job. Whether that’s through social programs on the Democratic side or Tax incentives on the Republican side doesn’t matter- party is subsumed by personal need. It’s human nature.

The FBI Wants To read Our Email

The Obama Administration is trying to get pass a law that makes it okay for the FBI to virtually snoop on every body, to read anyone's email. and to check their Web surfing history, without having to get permission from a judge. I thought the FBI was doing this anyway. But no, maybe it is the National Security Agency, (NSA).

The Obama Administration is saying the government is seeking a "technical change," an adjustment, just a little updating of a key surveillance law, as you will, to make it clear that the feds have the right to surveil everybody.

Well, if the feds need to surveil someone and can not persuade a judge of the necessity to do so, then IMHO, the feds probably don't have a good enough of reason to surveil that person. And wait a second.

Going to sue the rascal.

Shirley Sherrod the former employee at the Agriculture Department, who was the target of vicious libel, spearhead by right-wing blogger Andrew Breibart, and spread by a network of wing-nuts in the right-wing media, which includes Fox Cable News, says she is going to sue. She is going to sue Andrew Breibart, who has a history of libeling people with whom he disagrees, politically. Ms. Sherrod will attempt to hold Mr. Breibart accountable for his recklessness.

Yesterday at the National Association of Black Journalists' convention in San Diego, Ms Sherrod announced her intent to sue Mr Breibart and she had no kind words for Fox News.

Horrors of "The View"

I've faced some terrifying things in my lifetime. I've stood in front of hundreds of thousands of people who expected me to impress them. I've spoken to every person in the entire world at the same time. I've seen a viscous poison eat away at my nation's waters and I've seen a whole country turned into a stone age hell after a single, catastrophic earthquake. My presidency has not been an easy one but I've soldiered forth. I am not ashamed to say that the only moment I ever considered running from my responsibilities was earlier today, surrounded by the nightmarish banshees who run ABC's daytime talk show The View.

My Republican Leader Top 5 (in no particular order)

A list of some of the most influential and up-and-coming Republican leaders:

* Sarah Palin - Former Alask Governor, "milf", hockey mom (illegitimate GRANDMA now!), Scrabble addict (although she does make up the words).

* Rand Paul - The face of the Tea Party, oh, and racism.

* Chris Christie - Helping to get rid (rich?) of (off?) those pesky taxes for the richest Americans and letting them get ever richer.

*Republican Leader John Boehner - Minority leader of the house with a majority stake in being a buzz kill, hate monger, and fear lover.

*Mitt Romney - Stylish and conservatively sexy man who may be the next leader of the free world in 2012 - God save us. Maybe it will not be all bad though - he could bring us back to the 1950's- where he got his haircut.

Arizona On Hold

U. S. District Court Judge Susan Bolton in Phoenix put on hold for now some of the worse provisions of Arizona's anti-American, anti-immigrant law. She issued an injunction against provisions of the law that called for police officers to stop and to check a person’s immigration status, that required suspected immigrants to carry their papers at all times.

For now, immigrants and American citizens of Latino ancestry won't be stopped and harassed, and won't be required to carry papers.

Democrats to Target GOP-Tea Party Extremism

The Democratic Party plans to draw the contrasts between its candidates in November and the extreme Tea Party-GOP candidates. Yes, Tea-Party-GOP. And the Democrats plan to draw the public's attention to the fact that there is little difference now between the GOP and the extremism of the Tea party, as the GOP absorbs Tea Party favored candidates, many of whom are extreme radicals running for office on the Republican party line.

Boxer Should Be Thanking Fiorina

It's Not Nice To Talk About Somebody's Hair

The Republican candidate Carly Fiorina, known on the Internet as the sneaky lady who was caught on camera, saying mean things about the Democratic candidate Barbara Boxer hair, seems to be running into either bad karma or voter awareness of who she is and for what she stands.

In the race for the California U.S. Senate seat, reports Public Policy Polling blog, "Barbara Boxer appears to be pulling away from Carly Fiorina in the race to prove once and for all who has the best hair for Boxer's Senate seat. PPP has Boxer with a nine-point lead, 49% to 40%."

Target's off target

The geniuses at the Target Corporation, the owner of discount stores, nationwide, who decided to use shareholder's money and to spend the good will capital of the company, in making a political donation in the reported amount of $150, 000 to a PAC that is supporting a Republican candidate for governor, who opposes gay rights, and who stirs up anti-gay hate, deserve the BP Tony Hayward award for corporate blundering and deserve the reward Mr. Hayward's company gave him this week for his services, a boot out the door to Siberia.

The Brit PM calls Gaza 'Prison Camp'

I am beginning to like this new British Prime Minister everyday. I think his comment that Americans are too hard on BP is rubbish, but other than that Mr. David Cameron is beginning to add freshness to Britain' s voice on the world's stage. Yesterday, Tuesday, Mr. Cameron looked at the situation in Gaza and gave a blunt and honest assessment. He called Gaza a "prison camp". This sort of truth speaking is rare from a major Western leader about the undersiege Palestinian territory.

CNN reports Mr. Cameron as saying, "Let me also be clear that the situation in Gaza has to change. Humanitarian goods and people must flow in both directions. Gaza cannot and must not be allowed to remain a prison camp.,"

BP's Political Appointment

BP -- "Get A Southern Yank In There?!"

His name is Robert Dudley. He is a Yank. He grew up in the yank state of Mississippi, so he can speak the local peasant lingo. What better way to put one over the yanks than to put one of their chaps out front and tell everybody that, "He's the boss." A yank running BP, what could be funnier?

Brilliant! Something the late great Benny Hill may have thought of in a comedy skit. Give Tony his life back, a better job, with no yanks around who want to tar and feather him, daily. Give Tony several million pounds, -- and get this Yank and toss him to the lions.

In War Everybody Spins

The Daily Beast flashed a scoop, exclusive scoop. The Beast reported that Sirajuddin Haqqani, a senior leader of the Haqqani network, denied any existing links with Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence, known by its acronym ISI. It would have been strange if the Taliban leader had said. "Yeah, you bet'ya!" And had given the names of a couple or several of his pals at the ISI.

The Taliban leader was responding to Sunday's WikiLeaks whistle blower site release of tens of thousands of pages of leaked classified military documents about the war in Afghanistan, among the documents were reports that the Pakistani spy agency helped the Afghan Taliban.

The Bell Curve in Bell, Calif.

After 90% Pay Cut Still Over Paid?

Yesterday, Monday, the City Council of the tiny blue-collar town, Bell, California, voted to cut their pay 90% and still they are being over-paid?

Four of the five council members were snatching in nearly 100,000 duckets a year for a part-time gig. The pay party came to an end after the LA Times blew the whistle on the city officials with six-figure salaries: The salaries were up until then a closely guarded secret. The then, and now booted, senior town public servants were hauling in the duckets. The chief administrative officer was grabbing 787,637 duckets a year, the assistant city manager, 376,288 duckets a year, the police chief, 457,000. Town citizens demanded, very strongly, using very forceful language, that the council members cut their salaries or boot themselves down the road.

Fox News Race Baiting II

O'Reilly vs Rachel Maddow = No Contest

Bill O'Reilly thought / probably still thinks that he's in a league with Rachel Maddow and is capable of sparring with her. O'Reilly is a minor league player, who has bigger cable ratings, because he follows the FOX News formula of playing to the fears, prejudices and hates of the American fringe.

Ms Maddow, on her show last week, pointed out Fox News' role in promoting and distorting the Shirley Sherrod story. Fox News, observed Ms. Maddow, is different from other news organizations. "Just like the ACORN controversy, Fox knows they have a role in this dance. That's not new; that's not actually even interesting about this scandal. Fox does what Fox does."

Leaker Enabler Defends Leak

Julian Assange, the Australian internet activist, journalist and founder of WikiLeaks, a whistleblower website, responding to criticism from The White House and No.10 Downing Street, defended releasing, yesterday, Sunday, 91,000 secret U.S. military files, records of six years of the war in Afghanistan. Mr Assange told reporters today, Monday, that there does appear to be evidence of war crimes in this material, including unreported incidents of Afghan civilian killings and covert operations against Taliban figures, and that "it is up to a court to decide really if something in the end is a crime."

Mr Assange said the veracity of the material isn't in doubt. But he says "just like dealing with any source you should exercise some common sense. That doesn't mean you should close your eyes."

Dean Says Fox News --"Absolutely Racist"

Howard Dean hit the nail on the head on "Fox News Sunday," when the former Governor of Vermont and Democratic National Committee Chairman, said that Fox's disgraceful conduct during the Shirley Sherrod matter last week was "absolutely racist," by helping the Republican Party appeal to its "racist fringe."

Of course the Sunday show Host Chris Wallace tried to defend his employer, who pays him millions of dollars a year, partly because of his name. He is the son of the long time CBS journalist, Mike Wallace.