March 2010

"Group B" 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists

It would be most beneficial to limit myself to only a few key issues regarding Group B’s conspiracy theory (read the last post on "Group A" here).  If I didn’t we could very well be here for a long time.  Because I am coming from the point of view that eschews any involvements with conspiracy theories of this nature, I have no qualms saying that almost all of the argument is rubbish.  The ideas and arguments in support of Group B’s overall conspiracy that have the most import also happen to be the ones that need to be the most thoroughly examined, for they are the “facts” that conspiracy theory supporters love to cite when proselytizing their faith.  The fact that they are identified as “facts” makes the argument all the more unethical.

Help Strengthen the Clean Water Act

I hate floaties.

You know what I’m talking about? Those little pieces of flotsam and jetsam that end up in your bath water, your club soda, whatever. You don’t really ever know what they are; they could be random flakes from your own scalp, bits of the bartender’s lunch fallen from his gums, something that came out of your date’s beard…whatever. I hate them. If I see floaties in my bathwater, I grab the cup my kid uses to rinse out her hair when she takes a bath and I scoop them all out before I even get in the water. I know, it’s anal, but it’s just one of my quirks.

And the thing is, I’m completely aware of the fact that there are millions, if not billions, of other things in the water that I can’t see that are probably worse for me than the floaties. Tons of different germs and pollution are just waiting to enter my crevices, which sounds really invasive because, well, it is!

Obama to Open Offshore Areas to Oil Drilling

The Associated Press reports that today, Wednesday, March 31, 2010, at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland,   President Barack Obama plans to pitch to the American people the Administration proposals, that where announced late yesterday evening, to reverse -- if Congress allows it -- a 20 year ban on most offshore drilling, to end that longstanding moratorium on oil drilling along the East Coast from  Delaware to Florida, in 167 million acres of ocean, a vast expanse of the Atlantic coastline, and to allow oil and natural gas drilling along the eastern Gulf of Mexico and the north coast of Alaska for the first time.

Opryland Doesn't Want A Tea Party Stain?

Nashville's Gaylord Opryland Resort, the site of the first National Tea Party Convention in February, has sent a signal that it wants no more Tea Party business, by turning down Tea Party organizer  Bill Hemrick, a wealthy Tennessee businessman, request to hold the  First Annual Fiscal Conservative PAC conference at the resort, this May.29th, with Ann Coulter as the featured speaker.

Let Michael Steele Stay, Please.

In a story this morning, March 30, 2010, called, "RNC expense report renews criticism about Steele's spending, " those busy bodies  at The Washington Post repeat rumors of the rancor inside the Republican Party, and the little bad mouth dribble among the big insiders, as the big and final shoe is being  made ready to fall on the head of --- No, as the boot is being made ready to boot Mr. Michael Steele, Esquire, from his high hog  job as Chairman / head Squire in-charge at  the Republican National Committee. I do not wish to read in my morning paper this outright bad stuff  about Mr. Steele, What does the Washington Post think it is doing and why is it doing it?

Help Protect Disappearing Corals

No, there isn’t a species of coral known as the “disappearing coral;” at least, not to my knowledge, there isn’t. But at this rate, many corals might as well be labeled as such. In a pretty eye-opening report from the Center for Biological Diversity, I recently read that scientists are saying that coral reefs “are poised to become the first mass ecosystem extinction.”

This is alarming in and of itself. Not only are coral living creatures—they are also the important habitat and resource for many different marine animals—as well as for human communities living on the coasts. In fact, coral reefs supply 25% of the total habitat for marine creatures.

Protesters: Beware

Protesters:  Beware.  I'm all for civil disobedience, and the right for free speech, but one needs to be careful not to cross the line.

The Republicans, from the top down, are very angry, and as we all know DANGER is but one letter from ANGER.  A lot of the talking heads of the party are using very aggressive rhetoric, but the every day citizen needs to be careful, for it is them, and them alone, that will take the fall for unlawful actions.

People of the party will use words such as, "Reload," but they'll never see the inside of a jail cell, be fined, or held accountable for their words.  Do not take action for other people's agendas, for it will do no good.

The Establishment Strikes?

This morning Washington Post newsletter the Fix has an interesting column about a new group called the Patriot Majority PAC, formed "with the specific goal of keeping tea party candidates out of office." The person identified as the organizer of the group is Craig Varoga, a longtime Democratic political operative, who managed former Iowa governor Tom Vilsack's 2008 presidential run. No reasonable person can quarrel with his statement that, "Americans need to confront the dangerous ideas of the tea party movement head on, without any fear, before they gain any additional traction in the legislative process or the 2010 elections."  -- Or with his tactics-- " to pick 12 to 15 races where tea party-affiliated candidates are running then launch a barrage of television and radio ads (as well as online targeting) to keep them from winning."

Surprise Trip

President Obama, earlier today, made a surprise trip to Afghanistan to meet with President Hamid Karzai, and more importantly, to rally the troops.

According to CNN, Obama told the group of troops, ""I know it's not easy.  You're far away from home. You miss your kids, you miss your spouses, your family, your friends." But then added, "If I thought for a minute that America's vital interests were not served, were not at stake here in Afghanistan, I would order all of you home right away."

Two Views From Searchlight, Nevada

Politics sure are something, that is for sure.  Take the city of Searchlight, Nevada, for example, on this idle Saturday.  Today, the city has two different groups, holding two very different rallies, of sorts.

The first, is the Tea Party rally, headlined by Sarah Palin, and her loud mouth.  People from across the nation have come here in an attempt to get Senate Majority Harry Reid unseated in the upcoming elections.  According to CNN she was quoted as saying, "The big government, the big debt, Obama-Pelosi-Reid spending spree is over. You're fired."  Poetic words.

$14 Billion for Mortgages...

Big things in the mortgage world- hundreds of thousands and maybe even millions of Americans who are upside down on their mortgages may get a real deal and an actual break. The Obama administration announced $14 billion in incentives for lenders to eliminate debt and cut mortgage payments for unemployed homeowners. This is a pretty big deal, and absolutely huge in the sense that it aggressively tries to keep people in their homes.

I was watching Mad Men the other day and one of the account executives was in the elevator asking the operator about what kind of television he has. The executives starts to talk a little about the American dream and says something like- You know, everyone will have a house, a car and a tv… the American Dream.