February 2010

Buffet Serves Up Some Truth to Investment Banking Industry

Warren Buffet is largely hailed as the world’s most successful investor. He owns Berkshire-Hathaway and has made billions of dollars on the stock market. Buffet practices value investing, which he has characterized as: "finding an outstanding company at a sensible price”. He is even called the Oracle of Omaha (he’s from Nebraska) and invited to speak at universities and conferences around the countries. He’s a businessman. An investor. A successful one who seems to see value.

He also says the bailout was and is a good idea that will pay off in the long run.

Washington and Wall Street Sittin' in a Tree...

So what happens when the Wall Street financial scene implodes on itself if you’re one of those who was working there? Apparently, you move to Washington D.C. and work at a think tank or one of the now growing regulatory agencies. So much so that D.C. metro home prices went up almost 2% in 2009. A Reuters article today goes into the reasoning behind the movement and interviewed a few people.

I find this movement fascinating and horrifying.

A few reasons:

Poor People's Health: Paying for it already

One of the biggest scare tactics and BS arguments out there coming from the GOP about Healthcare Reform is that the poor and illegal immigrants will cost too much to cover.

This is a lie. Not because it will or won't cost too much, but because we ALREADY PAY FOR THEM. As a city beat reporter in one of the top-ten largest cities in the US I saw directly and spoke directly with hospital officials who had worked out ways to get everyone covered. Between free clinics, non-profits and county hospitals everyone got help, illegal, poor, students, etc.

O'Reilly to Palin: "Dummy!"

'Sarah Palin needs to go to college', Bill O'Reilly, her Fox News pal,  said yesterday on "Good Morning America"  with George Stephanopoulos.  Video: (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/02/25/bill-oreilly-sarah-palin_n_4763...)

"Political college, world affairs college," he added., ostensibly tempering what appeared to be a slight at the former vice presidential candidate who most Americans deem unqualified to be president." (http://rawstory.com/2010/02/oreilly-sarah-palin-college/).

 Palin's supporters quickly isssued statements in her defense, pointed out that Sarah Palin graduated from college and earned a degree in journalism. And  added, "With “friends” like O'Reilly, she doesn't need enemies." (http://www.truthdig.com/avbooth/item/oreilly_palin_needs_to_go_to_politi...)

That Tennessee Snake Oil Salesman

Lamar Alexander, the point man for party of No at health-care reform summit, a smooth talking, smiling  Tennessee snake oil salesman-- don't buy his medicine buy my poison Lamar -- souped up his twisted facts with falsehoods as far as the feathers fly,  and did a great job confusing rubes into believing  that the Party of No has their best interest in mind, and not that of the big money givers from the health care private industry lobby.

Snake oily Lamar said  reconciliation is not used on big issues. At the televised summit, Oily Lamar said --

Are We Still Talking About Health Care?

And so it happened- the meeting between President Obama and the Republicans that was supposed to expose the crap and bring closure to the health care debate- or at least move it forward somehow- are we still talking about this? It has been close to a year and Congress couldn’t get anything onto Obama’s desk. Now the President is calling for the equivalent of health care American Idol in the middle of a massive recession and economic issues that do not by any means stop at our own borders?

As anyone could have predicted, the meeting did very little to move anything forward. Even in the weeks leading up to the meeting it was clear that there would be no shared starting point- Republicans want to start from scratch on this and Obama wants to keep going from where we are.

So Goes a Generation on Free Pancake Day

A couple nights ago the benevolent tubes that snake through the Internet informed me that free food an amount of which can best be described as American was available just a few blocks from my apartment. I rounded up my roommates and a friend of ours and we made our way down the road to take advantage of this unexpected nutritional windfall. What I found there was an unexpectedly stirring commentary on the state of young adults in America.

Has Free Speech Been Taken Too Far?

These days it seems that every offense, regardless of how absurd, offensive, or harmful it may be is defended by those rallying to the cry of the right of free speech; however, have we taken free speech too far?

The small town of Nahunta, Georgia was recently victimized by an uninvited, and very unwanted rally staged by members of the KKK, a group with a very dark and often violent past dating back to some of the darkest chapters in American history. Some would argue that to spite their ridiculous, unfounded, and offensive views and propaganda, they still have the rights to assemble and speak as they wish; however, I think this view represents an extremely misguided approach and a fundamental misinterpretation of the concepts of free speech (and assembly).

Showdown at Blair House or What?

The event: The Health Care Showdown or Snowdown.

Time: Today,  10AM - 4PM ET.

The venue:  Blair House, across the street from the White House.

The champions: President Obama and the Democratic  Team.

The challengers & chumps: The Party of No-sayers.

Wild Card: Some dissention among the Dems,  fighting could break out between the reformers and the performers.

For six hours-- while oversees Terrorists are plotting America's demise, the POTUS will be tied up in a meeting with Repub No-sayers who are plotting his demise-- and what will come out of it? Event TV!  With wall-to-wall coverage. Not the size of audience Tiger Woods confession got, but respectable numbers -- may be. But definitely, the cable talking heads will get  something to talk about.

What should a country spend on defense? Eisenhower vs. Gates









In another example of the differences between the U.S. and Europe, today Reuters reported that U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates is upset with Europe for underfunding defense and “undermining shared security goals”.

His comments prompted me to look up former President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Farewell Address to compare their perspectives on military spending.

Raid On Abortionist's Office Finds Freezer of Frozen Babies

Just when you thought that the abortion fiasco could not get any more bizarre, you have this story. I thought that the gendercide abortion angle was as outrageous as the abortionists could offer until this story from Philadelphia as reported by Philly's CBS channel 3 news in which authorities have made a most startling discovery after a raid on a the office of a local abortionist. After a woman died during an abortion, local authorities were prompted to execute a raid on the office of Dr. Kermit Gosnell today.

Reconciliation and Filibuster: How Hard Will Obama Push for Health Care Reform

We waited almost a year to see the much heralded, much researched and much celebrated or cursed health insurance and health care reform legislation actually come to a vote in the Senate- would the historic bill actually pass through, then be equalized in both houses of Congress, then actually make it to the desk of the man who should be celebrating actually making it happen after decades: President Barck Obama. But alas, in a fit of tragic irony the life-long champion of health care reform, Massachusetts senator Edward Kennedy, died before the senate vote could go through. In his place, Massachusetts voters place one who has been heralded as the savior of the Republican party, and, if not that, certainly the spoiler of the year for the Democrats: Scott Brown.

Not A Repub Zombie

Shortly after his election, Scott Brown, the new Massachusetts senator, who won the late Edward Kennedy' s seat in a special election, that many took as a referendum  on President Obama and the Democratic Party,  warned GOP leaders that he would vote his beliefs and not the party line?  America needs more Senators to vote that way. Earlier this evening, Senator Brown,  joined by five other Republicans, in a show of  bipartisanship, voted against a GOP attempt to filibuster a much needed jobs bills, a measure needed to spur job creation. The tally was 62-30.

Right wing nuts wasted no time to start spinning a wuzzy fit on the Internet, denouncing Senator Brown, whose vote helps Democrats advance the  $15 Billion Jobs Bill, pass a  GOP supported procedural hurdle.

Time to Get American on Corporate America

Well, Obama tried to check credit cards, health insurance companies and others and look what happened. They raise fees, penalties and rates and the American people are hurting again at the hands of greedy Corporate America. I say it's time to get American on these oppressive business monarchies. It's time for a Tea Party (the original good one, that had a point). What if you put that $400 a month you pay for health insurance in a savings account each month instead of give it to the crooks at United Health, who are going to stick you with a third of the bill anyway?