December 2009

Ain't Nobody Leaving...

The theme of politics today is that nobody is leaving! The U.S. Generals are reassuring the Afghan people, and the decade-long ruler of Russian politics Vladmir Putin is assuring Russians that he is not leaving politics. Well, at least we know that everyone will still be around to argue with each other for a few more years.

General McChrystal is welcoming the new troop deployment that Obama sent out as of yesterday, though he says that the main objective of the new troops will be to train Afghan troops. New U.S. combat strategy will see Afghan troops and units going out with every U.S. unit, the idea being to train the Afghan units to take over and hopefully lead to a secure military for the U.S. to begin leaving in the summer of 2011.

Obama's Call on Afghanistan Debated in the Senate

Afghanistan and the President’s new plan are occupying a whole lot of front page space in news agencies across the internet today- the discussion is heated, and bloggers may not be far off from where the reaction is in Washington as well.

President Obama made his intentions in Afghanistan known before a crowd at West Point, and they seemed largely happy with the results, what he was talking about.

"This is a huge commitment. It's the right commitment. And it gives us the forces to turn this thing around," said Admiral Mike Mullen. He represents the opinion of the military, while may lawmakers are more leery of both the strategy and the cost of the troop deployment strategy. What does the general public think? Still out, that one.

The Politics of Dubai

Dubai is in some serious trouble- if you hadn’t heard. They asked for a break on their loan repayment, around 3 and a half billion dollars of it, and the whole world is going bonkers- as the whole world should. At a time like this, when people are wondering whether any economic recovery or financial market increase can be sustained, any kind of blip of uncertainty has a slew of ramifications around the world- we wanted globalization and now we got it.

Dubai World is planning to restructure close to $26 billion in debt- and by restructure they currently mean not pay it- and they are asking their creditors to be ok with that. Restructure most likely means pay less per month.

In addition, rulers of Abu Dhabi and Dubai are promising economic resilience to the world, though just how that is supposed to happen is unclear.