September 2009

UK to Lead the Way in Creative Entrepreneurship with the c&binet's

What would happen if the government brought together the top minds and leaders in the fields of technology and creative ingenuity along with business leaders to start a dialogue towards the future? This is exactly what government officials in the United Kingdom from the Department of Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS) hope to find out with the creation of the c&binet and its upcoming forum. 

Russia Worried About U.S. Missles

The Obama administration has changed the missile shield defense set up along the Eastern Bloc region of Europe- purportedly because Iran has changed the way it said it is preparing to defend itself against any possible attacks or hostility. With their recent missile tests just four days before diplomacy meeting efforts around nuclear arms, whatever we are doing better be right and better be fast.

As it stands, though, Russia is unhappy with what the U.S. is doing. “Suspicious” is the word Reuters uses, as in Russia is afraid that its own strategic nuclear weapons will be threatened by the new U.S. layout. Are they really bringing up Cold War stuff again?

75 Detainees Have Been Cleared For Release From Guantanamo Bay- What Will They Do Now?

Following up on recent statements from Robert Gates about how difficult it will be to close Guantanamo Bay by his January 22nd headline, the Obama administration has cleared the release of 75 prisoners from Gitmo. Now I know this is what he was going for initially and it may have been in the works for some time now, but Obama, this is a pretty serious play to the media. Not two days later and you clear the release 75 of the 223 remaining? That’s 1/3 of people who a few years ago were regarded as dangerous enough to go to one of the highest level security detention centers in the world- the prison that hold the people suspected of threatening the United States.

Guantanamo Bay Will Close Later Than Expected

Obama made a lot of campaign promises, from getting troops out of Iraq to working for healthcare reform to bring affordable health care to all people. Another that he made was to close the Guantanamo Bay prison, commonly known as Gitmo. The U.S. naval base detention center was established by the Bush administration in 2002. Used as the holding-place for terrorism suspects, initially for suspects arrested after the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan, Gitmo has been controversial for years owing to allegations of torture and prisoner mistreatment by U.S. authorities.

A Letter to Kenya

International diplomacy takes on many strange forms- not only are you requesting things from people with a different language, background, culture and set of priorities, but you are asking for things based on your own goals, not theirs, even if you do have their best interests in mind. Add onto that the fact that everyone has different ways of asking for things, and of granting or denying those requests and all of the sudden you’ve got a challenge bigger than you could ever have imagined- and that’s international diplomacy: to start.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Gives Moving Speech Before the UN

During a moving speech before the General Session of the United Nations in New York, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu admonished those who did not walk out on the Anti-Semitic speech given by Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who showed his hatred and irrationality by denying the Holocaust which claimed the lives of millions of Jewish people in Nazi Germany during the World War 2 era.

Sit Down and Shut Up Doesn't Quite Cut It

How in the hell did Carter do it? How could he lock himself in a room with these people for days at a time? I spoke to Netanyahu and Abbas on opposite sides of the room, several hours apart and I could still feel this... this... seething, irrational hatred just emanating from them like old, half-busted radiators in a brutal North Dakota January. Geez, now I'm spinning homilies, or talking like a freaking dime-store novel detective. I hate going to the U.N.

Protesters Rally Against Qaddafi and Ahmadinejad as Delegates Around the World Walk Out on Iranian Speech

As the Disputed Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, was preparing to speak before the UN General Session yesterday, Israel called for a boycott against the leader that has everyone on edge as of late. Hundreds of other protesters were also speaking out against the UN's decision to allow Ahmadinejad to speak before the council as others showed their opposition to the Lybian leader who also addressed the UN.

A Day of Embarrassment and Stupidity in the World of Politics and the Health Care Debate

What could have been described as the day of bad speech hell, the political stage yesterday offered long winded rants, economic ignorance, ill informed Senators, sleeping on the job, and a recommendation for those who can not afford health care that will not be winning any humanitarian awards any time soon.

On the health care reform front, the debate taking place on Capitol Hill yesterday that went late into the night, has proven to be a bit of an embarrassment for more than a few of Washington's “finest”. Starting with the Republican Senator from Kentucky, Jim Bunning, who decided that he was going to fight hard to keep the American people from getting health care coverage by... falling asleep on the job, literally.

Palin Gives a Less Than Impressive Speech Behind Closed Doors in Hong Kong

Sarah Palin, the failed Vice Presidential hopeful, attempted to make her move on the international stage today without much of a splash. Palin, who apparently did not get the hint during her disastrous defeat in the 2008 when she, by many accounts, helped to sink McCain's grab for the White House seems to think that she still has some hope of a political career and is apparently trying gain some sense of credibility for the next presidential elections

Women Who are Victims of Domestic Violence Can Legally Be Denied Health Coverage

In the recent health care hoopla we have been hearing a lot about the trouble with preexisting conditions and the insurance companies that shamelessly deprive people of treatment because they refuse to cover anything that is a preexisting condition from serious health problems to simple acne. But you might not have been aware of the fact that several states allow insurance companies to deny health care coverage to women who are victims of domestic violence by considering domestic violence a preexisting condition.

Violence at The Border

The U.S. – Mexico border has been closed.

With everything in the news about healthcare reform, the financial crisis and climate change legislation, it’s easy to forget that there are other things going on in the world (well, easy for this blogger, anyway). But there is plenty going on.

You may recall that there was recent press about the U.S. – Mexico border regarding how they would hash out the land between rivers and the border that is cut off from the ranchers and/ or farmers because of the fence being built along the border- as well as the massive debate with health care reform around whether undocumented immigrants from Mexico would receive medical care under Obamas health care reform ideas- the land would remain with the farmers in perpetuity and undocumented immigrants would not receive any health care.

Health Care for All?

Mid-September and Congress is in full session- the big issue? Healthcare reform. Obama has put much of his political spotlight on this issue, moving it to the front of the line in front of not only finance reform but climate change legislation as well- both of which are more timely and have not been faltering in Congress for decades. Healthcare reform has been a pet issue of almost every democrat president since World War I. Most recently, Clinton made a huge issue of attempting the reform, was roundly rejected by Congress, and never mentioned it again. Obama is betting his political future on this signature Democrat issue.

World Politics and Finance

And here comes the G20 meeting in Pittsburgh. Just as the city itself built its reputation on forging raw materials into the structures and framework that built the U.S.A., so to will Obama need to solder on and brandish the framework of a new financial approach, if pre-summit hype and talk are to be believed.

Here’s the deal: the world wants answers from Obama about how he and the rest of the US are going to deal with the financial mess that, let’s face it, we pretty much caused.

Doing the Right Thing in Washington

The correlation between Conservative Christian values and voting for/ supporting the Republican Party makes sense from a social perspective, but it doesn’t logically extend to opposition to health care. Any Christian with Sunday School behind them knows that Jesus was all about taking care of the less fortunate. What kind of faith-based group is going to organize a real protest in the capitol of the U.S.A. against the taking care of those less fortunate?

U of M Rockin' The House (and the Senate)

Tonight I'm gonna party like it's 2016 and Palin got abandoned on a mission to the moon. These college kids think I'm so fly... no, they know I'm so fly, that's why they all voted for me. Yeah, they alllll voted for me. Like, the demographic that "never, ever votes" came out like a freaking parade just to put my sweet caboose in the Oval Office. And now I'm back, trotting around in their auditorium telling them how I'm gonna give their sick, injured selves insurance even if it kills me. Man, I miss my 'fro.