February 2009

Could We Be Returning to a Government Of, By, and For the People?

Over the past few decades it has become apparent to many that the government which was designed to be a government of the people, by the people, and for the people has simply forgotten the people.  This sentiment may have been a major factor in the low number of voter turnouts that we have seen at polls in the past.  Could the new administration be changing this trend and making the American people a central key in the government of our nation as was once intended? The 2008 elections were historical for many reasons.  The Obama campaign launched one of the largest grass roots efforts that we have seen in the history of presidential campaigns.  He managed to mobilize and include the American public in his campaign in a way that no other politician ever has.  However, in the past we have seen many political candidates reach out to the public in the guise of hearing the voice of the American people only to forget about those people once the elections were over.  The Obama administration, on the other hand, seems to be heading in an entirely different direction. With the end of the the Bush era, we saw dramatic moves to take away the voice of the American people by minimizing, bypass

To All Republican Senators

I wrote the following letter to each Republican member of the Senate with the hope of getting a clear answer concerning their opposition to the economic stimulus proposed by President Obama. I have received several notes from Senators saying that the size of their constituency and the volume of letters they receive prevents them from answering letters from those outside their state. I have not received any other type of response as of yet. I sent this letter three days ago. As I receive responses, if I receive responses, I will post them accordingly. Dear Senator: Iâ??m writing this as a sort of form letter and sending it to every Republican member of the Senate. You all will probably have voted on the much-debated stimulus package by the time you read this, but itâ??s no less important that you answer honestly, if you answer these questions at all. If you choose to answer this letter, I would greatly appreciate it if you would dispense with the political speak that you spout out on the floor of the Senate and during interviews with the news media and give me real answers.

Obama's First Televised Press Conference

Early this evening, President Barack Obama held his first televised press conference, addressing his economic stimulus plan and answering questions from a few distinguished members of the fourth estate. In his opening remarks, Mr. Obama focused on the aspects of the stimulus plan that would create jobs, namely those funds dedicated to infrastructure modernization and maintenance. He attempted to strike a balance between his frequent calls for bipartisanship and his obvious disdain for the past administration's economic mistakes. His comments concerning the insufficiency of tax cuts to stimulate economic growth were clear digs at Republican fiscal philosophy. Obama did attempt to cross party lines with reassurances that, while the United States government is currently the only entity with the resources to directly address the pervading economic crisis, government alone is not enough to effect a permanent solution.

Stimulus is Stuck

Sunday, February 8th 3:00pm Dear Diary, I am so fed up with these Republicans, I can hardly stand it. I’ve tried to be nice. I’ve tried to compromise. But they won’t stop until they’ve completely torn this stimulus bill apart. And for what, more tax cuts? 42% of the bill is already tax cuts! How much more do they want? Economists all agree that we need to spend money in order even begin to fix this economy, and yet, Republicans still won’t have any of it! And John McCain of all people has been speaking out against it, contradicting himself, of course. First he doesn’t think tax cuts are going to do anything, then he’s asking for more tax cuts. Honestly, I think the man is senile. Thank god I beat him so resoundingly. And why is he being such a thorn in my side anyway? Didn’t he say as part of his concession speech that’s going to get behind me and support because that’s what the country wants?

Governors' Scandalous Appointments

Thursday, February 5th 8:00pm Dear Diary, I’ve been a little annoyed at the focus on the scandalous Senate appointments by Governor Rod Blagojevich and Governor David Paterson. Yes, it’s true that those ended terribly and cost the Democratic party as well as Kirsten Gillibrand and Roland Burris a portion of their reputations by association. But the public is completely overlooking the fact that Governor Minner of Delaware was commended on her successful and very smooth appointment of Ted Kaufman, my closest advisor and longest-serving aide from when I was a senator. But, of course, people only remember the negative. I understand why Democratic Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin has introduced the amendment to end appointments to the Senate by governors, and I think that a “special election” is certainly the most democratic way to conduct these matters. But it’s of great annoyance that the successful appointments are so often overlooked.

Apologies Appreciated

Thursday, February 5th 9:10am Dear Diary, I must admit, I was surprised to watch the news late last night and find out that the press really enjoyed all my apologies. I’m glad they got my message. After all, I know how much Bush was criticized for never admitting to a mistake. Heck, I criticized him for that too. So I’m going out of my way to admit mistakes when I need to, even if they’re not entirely my fault, as was the case with Tom Daschle. Of course, I can’t make too many mistakes, since people won’t appreciate my apologies quite as much… Still, people recognize this already recognize this as a major difference between my presidency and Bush’s presidency, and I’m glad to know they’re picking up on my cues of distinction. But while I have the media in the palm of my hand, the Republicans are an entirely different story. I just cannot seem to win them over when it comes to the stimulus. And I’m running out of time too, since the Senate is voting at the end of the week – most likely tomorrow.

Karl Rove Finally Subpeoned

Wednesday, February 4th 9:30pm Dear Diary, Well, I am just loving watching Karl Rove have to squirm with this subpoena. It’s quite hilarious that he’s declaring “Executive Privilege” for members of the Executive Branch against the current executive branch. And now their saying he might get indicted because of all this! It’s wonderful to see that guy finally have pay for all of his crimes. I can’t believe it’s taken this long, but better late than never.  I would absolutely love to see Dick Cheney and George Bush have to pay for their crimes, but who knows if that will actually happen. In other news,  I can’t believe I messed up the swearing-in ceremony for Hillary Clinton. I suppose I had it coming, what with my remark about Chief Justice John Robert’s memory. We all got a good laugh over that one later when we weren’t in front of the television cameras. Until next time, Joe the Veep

Tom Daschle and Other Dilemmas

Wednesday, February 4th 11:45pm Dear Diary, Whew, it has been quite a week. With two people declining to take on position in my cabinet, I’ll admit I’m getting a bit frustrated. After all, I’m PRESIDENT Barack Obama. People should be thrilled to work for me. As for Tom Daschle, which was the biggest heartbreak of all, I guess I should have looked into his profile more extensively, since he did work as a lobbyist for insurance companies and he had those tax problems. But really, can’t my aides do anything? It’s their job to do the vetting! I have much more important things to worry about. Still, he would have been perfect for the job. We really need somebody in there who can talk to both Republicans and Democrats, and he would have been the best one to sell my health plan. It’s going to be hard to find somebody as qualified as he is. The last time a healthcare bill went through Congress with support from both parties was in 1965 with the Medicare bill.