January 2009

We Can See the Veep's House Again!

Tuesday, January 27th 9:35am Dear Diary, Just watched a couple clips from various television shows to start my morning on a good note. And I could hardly believe it – the Vice President’s house in Washington D.C. was on almost every news program! When google maps started taking satellite pictures of everybody’s homes from the Naval Observatory, Dick Cheney refused to allow his house to appear on the internet. So it was pixilated. Even the White House has remained un-pixelated throughout this time. but that’s Dick Cheney for you. At any rate, when asked if I wanted to continue this veil of secrecy by pixelating my own home, I of course said no! After all, this administration is all about reversing the policies of those in the Bush Administration. And for me, it started with google maps. I’m just glad that people can finally see this home. After all, it is a public point of interest. Until next time, Joe the Veep

Interview on Al Arabiya

Tuesday, January 27th 9:25pm Dear Diary, Today I reached out to the Arab world through an interview on Al Arabiya, in trying to carry out the plans made in my Inauguration speech to reach out with an extended hand. I really wanted to show that portion of the world that American cares about Muslims and Muslim lives. Since George Bush did absolutely nothing to reach out to this area of the world, I’m demonstrating my willingness to engage in diplomacy within the first week after my inauguration. I just to emphasize my willingness to talk, and more importantly, listen, since I’m sure that hasn’t been happening at all over the past eight years. I've since learned that this interview was very well received through the Arab world, and especially in Pakistan, which is important if we want to achieve diplomacy from their country, and support from their people. In other news, the House will vote on my stimulus package tomorrow.

Get Over It!

Monday, January 26th 9:55pm Dear Diary, People (well, mostly bloggers) are saying I’m being “gloomy” when it comes my predictions about Afghanistan. Well, look folks, I’m being honest. If anything, people should be happy to finally have a government who isn’t filled with selfish crooks and liars. They should be glad to know about what’s really going on. I’m sure the public is still in a state of shock over the economy. After all, like Afghanistan, it looks like it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets any better. Still, I’m looking forward to the day when people don’t completely balk at everything I say. Man, you know, that John McCain really did a number on me during the campaign season. But who’s in the White House now? People will get back on track soon, I’m sure… realizing who’s actually fighting for their best interests. I have faith in the resilience and good sense of the American people. They’ve already given Barack and me the jobs, now hopefully they’ll stop freaking out over the little details and focus on the bigger picture.

Obama Inauguration January 2009

Presidential Inauguration Report January 2009 Maryanne in DC

Part I: - You shall go to the ball.

Gentle readers, When we left you after the Democratic Convention in Denver, John McCain had just named Sarah Palin as his running mate. Was this a stroke of genius or the final descent into insanity? We watched a TV reporter stop a young couple in the street and ask what they thought of Sarah Palin. â??Who??â? they said.

I DID Win (Sans Gloating)

Friday, January 23rd 5:25pm Dear Diary, I’m feeling so frustrated with those Republicans, I can hardly believe it. I’m trying to be a good guy about all this – keep everybody happy. And to be quite honest, Republicans should be happy that I’ve included them on so many talks. Unlike George W. Bush, I really am trying to be a uniter, not a divider. But they’re making it really difficult when my economic stimulus package is already smaller than I’d like, and they’re still trying to shrink it down. But I’m trying to be conservative in my spending, which you’d think they’d appreciate.

Taking the Oath...Again

Thursday, January 22nd 7:00am Dear Diary, Decided to take the oath of office again yesterday after John Roberts messed it up. I had heard some rumors that conservative bloggers and muckrakers had said that the goof meant I wasn’t really President of the United States. Of course, that continues to prove how inept and unintelligent they are. Any person with a modicum of intelligence knows that it's written in the constitution that I assume the presidency at noon on Tuesday, January 20th, regardless of the circumstances. Not that I actually think I could count on those guys to read the constitution, but I suppose it looks better to get Roberts to dictate the oath correctly. Still, as if I don’t have enough to worry about now that I’ve become president, since Bush left me with an entire country to fix. Thanks, George… Yours, Barack

Robots and the New Obama Whitehouse.gov Website

President Obama was clearly a more geeky, comfortable with technology candidate than any other candidate before him. During his campaign, President Obama made it very clear that he intended to use the Web and the Internet for outreach and communication, right from the start. Just minutes after President Obama took the oath of office, the new completely revised Whitehouse.gov site went live. The site very prominently features a new blog, one that states very specifically that:

Reflections on the Big Day

Wednesday, January 21st 5:45pm Dear Diary, Yesterday was such a wonderful day. I really just had the best time. While we were getting ready for the ceremony, Malia asked me to take a picture looking out across the National Mall. I did have a better view, and was only too glad to take the picture. The rest of the day went well, and it was a lot of fun to go to a couple of the Inauguration Balls with Jill, who looked absolutely gorgeous in her red dress. It certainly was fun to get to parade around with her. And I’ll admit that I felt lucky not to be the Obamas, who had to go to 10 balls in 7 hours. I guess they didn’t even get to relax in the White House until after 3 in the morning. How exhausting!

Long Inauguration Day

Wednesday, January 21st 3:30am Dear Diary, Just got home last night after a very long day. I can’t believe I’ve been awake for almost 24 hours, but at least everything went pretty well. It’s safe to say that everyone loved me. I’ve got this country eating out of my hand. And fortunately, I’m nothing like George Bush, so I don’t have to worry about screwing it up all the time. Of course, I can’t count on everyone else to be quite as perfect. I can’t believe that Chief Justice John Roberts screwed up the presidential oath like that. I have to wonder if he did it on purpose …. He would want to make me look bad, being a Bush sympathizer and all… And people actually thought it was me who messed up? Come on… with all my schooling in constitutional law? I would be the last person to mess that one up. And I gave him a chance to fix it by pausing and letting him restate the oath. But he still got the “faithfully” part wrong. Unbelievable. AND he put “So help me god” at the end.

The Inauguration of Barack Obama

Today, January 20th 2009, Barack Obama took the oath of the President of the United States of America. To a crowd of people so large that no ground could be seen from the sky for miles, he gave a stirring speech. In this speech, Obama addressed the people of this country, excluding no one. Having listened to this man speak for two years now, the people of America have come expect no less from him. Parsing the intent of presidential speeches is an act of almost poetic explication. Beneath the broad terms, the sweeping imagery and the delicate selection of words, there are portents of future actions. Strange as it may sound, when listening to Obama's first official address as President, I couldn't help but think of George W. Bush's first state of the union address after the September 11th attacks. I believe that particular speech will go down in history as Bush's best and most meaningful address. Looking at its text today, the direction of its words seems obvious. He used words like "enemy" and "grave". He addressed the world outside of America with recklessness and contempt.

Today's the Big Day!

Tuesday, January 20th 6:30am Dear Diary, Can’t believe today is the big day! I can’t pretend that I’m not sad it’s not me taking the oath for the presidential office. But in a way, I’m relieved to know that the weight of the world is more prominently placed on Barack’s shoulders. And I’m always glad to finally have someone in the White House who can hopefully affect some positive change for us all. Slip-up on the part of Jill yesterday on the Oprah show… Oops. Sorta had to just smile and move on when she made that comment about how I was offered both the Vice-Presidency and the office of the Secretary of State. Sure it was true, but it didn’t look so good for Hillary to get my rejected position. Oh well. At least I got first pick. And now everyone knows that. In truth, I know I would have been good at being the Secretary of State as well. And most people now that, especially with my work on the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. But Jill and I agreed it was best to take on the role of Vice President. And so here I am.

Inauguration Day!

Tuesday, January 20th 6:30am Dear Diary, Well, since I’ve been awake since 4am this morning, I suppose it’s time to finally get a move on for my big day. It’s been quite an amazing journey to this point. I do wish that my grandmother were still alive to see this day. I know how proud she would have been, even to have witnessed my election back in November. But I know she’s looking down on me from up above. Well, I’m getting pretty sentimental, but today is a celebration…for me! I’ll make a statement sometime today or tonight about my first order of business (probably something simple, possibly to do with Guantanamo), but save most of the tough conundrums for tomorrow. After all, with ten balls to attend, a parade that will last for a quite a while, and more speeches than I’d care to count right now, I’ll need a small break from business. Ugh, there’s so much more to fix than when I initially started campaigning. About a week after the election, all I could think was, “Put me in the White House already!” After all, Bush was just a figure on the sidelines on that point, completely inept to do anything.

Preparations for First Day

Monday, January 19th 8:10am Dear Diary, Today is Martin Luther King Day and tomorrow I am inaugurated. I couldn’t have planned this on better myself. But I suppose that it’s a stroke of fate that the first black president will be inaugurated the day after we celebrate Dr. King’s birthday. As my presidency is (finally) about to begin, I have decided to resume writing in my diary so that I can have a place to really get my thoughts out. It’s so hard with so many advisors and staff around all the time, so having my own personal diary is a great release. Tomorrow I am going to be inaugurated. Feels great! And I’m so glad to finally get in the White House. Bush has dragged our country so far down, I definitely have my work cut out for me. So much has changed since since I initially started campaigning. I can’t believe how much more I have to fix, in addition to all the problems Bush caused before 2007. But hey, if anyone’s going to do it, it’s gotta be me. I saw in the New York Times that even in McCain country, they’re starting to realize that I’m the right man for the job.

Day at the Lincoln Memorial

Sunday, January 18th 11:00pm Dear Diary, Yesterday was an amazing day and very touching day. Barack and I started out by visiting the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington, VA in order to pay our respects to the many brave men and women who have served our country. It was so emotionally moving that Barack and I simply could not speak. There are so many soldiers being honored there, I could feel all my emotions welling from within at the thought of all the men and women who have sacrificed their lives for our country. I can’t help but know that it is not only for the American men and women here today, but those who have passed on as well. Following that emotional event, Barack and I went to the Lincoln Memorial, which was awe-inspiring, to say the least. Anyone there could sense the excitement, the emotion, the communal togetherness. I bet even those watching the event on television could sense the energy in an around that mall.

Restoring the Balance

Saturday, January 17th 9:00am Dear Diary, I am proud of my interview yesterday with The New York Times. After all that Dick Cheney has put this country through, I’m sure everyone (including myself) will be relieved to finally have a vice-president who does not overstep his bounds. Cheney has hurt our country in so many ways, from falsely claiming that Saddam Hussein was connected to Al Qaeda, to illegally wiretapping US citizens. In addition, he denies any responsibility for the economic downfall that has devastated America and much of the world, and continues to brush off new revelations about torture at Guantánamo, saying that everything they did was legal. The guy is unbelievable! And it’s true – I don’t know one person, Democrat or Republican, who isn’t glad to see him go. Cheney was the linchpin in everything that was dishonest about this presidency, it’s amazing he hasn’t been indicted for more crimes, and even impeached. Cheney can mock me all he likes.

Complete Denial

Friday, January 16th 11:15pm Dear Diary, Usually past presidents have ended their presidencies on somewhat positive notes. At least they try to have a farewell conference that seemed to reaffirm most people’s suspicions – that Bush is in an incredible state of denial. He talked about having kept America safe since September 11th and all that. He even said, “Every morning, I received a briefing on the threats to our nation. I vowed to do everything in my power to keep us safe.” Um, everything? I can’t help but remind Bush that he had been president for eight months before 9/11. And he had completely ignored the warnings that could have prevented that horrific attack on our people. Did he do everything to prevent this attack?

Inauguration 2009 Bits and Pieces

The 2009 Presidential Inauguration is set to be the most well-attended in the tradition's history. The District of Columbia is pouring tens of millions into the event and bars throughout the neighborhood are staying open 24 hours a day. So, aside from involving one of the most popular political figures in America today, what's the draw? Here's a breakdown of what'll be happening during the five-day inaugural period. Whistle-Stop Beginning this Saturday, President-Elect Obama will start a classic whistle-stop tour in Philadelphia. Events will be held at each of the stops, including Philadelphia, Wilmington DE, and Baltimore MD. VP Joe Biden will join Obama's train at the halfway point. Welcome An official Welcome Event will take place on Sunday afternoon at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Unless you know somebody in a very high place, don't expect to get very close to the front. Several million people are expected to attend.

News Abroad and at Home

Saturday, January 10th 9:55am Dear Diary, Just met with the Pakistani leaders yesterday in hopes of finding common ground and hopefully building a new relationship with them. I would say that overall the meetings went quite well. Iâ??m hoping that these diplomatic talks can do more to encourage the countries to do more in eliminating the Al-Qaeda and Taliban militants operating along the Pakistani-Afghan border. But ultimately, the meetings will strengthen US-Pakistan relations, which will be extremely helpful when Barack and I take office in just ten days. Also, I read about Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich’s impeachment by the Illinois House of Representatives. Now it’s in the hands of the Senate to determine whether he should remain in office. I personally have mixed feelings as to whether this was a good move on the part of the Illinois Democrats.