November 2008

Sports fans NOT for Palin

Saturday, November 1 3:05pm Dear Diary, Well, after being hidden away for so long by David and the rest of the campaign advisors, they FINALLY let me in the media spotlight. And it’s about time! I’m certainly the most qualified member of the Democratic ticket, but of course I have to answer to a bunch of young’uns. Still, they gave me the publicity time on Halloween night. when everyone’s either trick-or-treating or at some party. Still, some time is better than no time. And perhaps because of my stellar interview, I will be allowed some more interview time, since I’ve proved that I’m great in front of the camera. Unlike Sarah Palin… I thought it was hilarious when Palin received boos after mentioning the Phillies’ win in Pirates territory. They were so pissed, and actually booed her at her own rally. Wow. Probably should have researched the local sports teams’ loyalties if she’s gonna bring it up in a debate.


Saturday, November 1 5:05pm Dear Diary, I must say, I am just raking in the votes for Barack. I’ve done yet another successful magazine interview, and judging by its wild success, I think it’s safe to say that my fans love me! Plus, I know people would rather see me as First Lady rather than Cindy McCain anyway. Honestly, she doesn’t even look human with all of her obvious plastic surgery.. I at least look like a mom in touch with her kids. I even said that in an interview – that I’m not going to play a large role in the Obama Administration, but instead continue to be "Mom-in-Chief." I knew the magazine’s readers would just eat that up. Little do they know that I plan to be a force to reckon with in the White House. I’m not just going to go there and do nothing. I have to get in the spotlight and become a national hero of sorts, and then use that for when I run for president.