November 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend Wonderfully Uneventful

Sunday, November 30th 3:15pm Dear Diary, Itâ??s been a wonderful and very relaxing weekend. I spent most of it out of the public eye and enjoyed some time with Sasha and Malia. I didnâ??t get to see them nearly enough on the campaign trail, so it was nice to spend some time with them. I wish Barack could have been at home more over the Thanksgiving holiday, but I respect that heâ??s at least trying to do everything he can for our country. Still, I know Sasha and Malia wish they could have seen more of their father too. Can’t believe we’re already in the holiday season. Seems like we should still be in the middle of fall, but my autumn flew by with all the campaigning. Haven’t decided what I’m going to get everyone for Christmas, but I will probably buy everything online anyway, since I have become somewhat of a celebrity. I made a point of avoiding shopping at all these weekend to avoid the crowds, which I think was the best decision, and may have even saved my lifer, or at least an injury. I can’t believe that a worker was trampled to death in a Wal-Mart.

Sasha and Malia to Attend Sidwell Friends

Saturday, November 29th 11:04am Dear Diary, I got so caught up in everything going on lately, I forgot to write that we chose a school for Sasha and Malia to go to! We decided that the girls will attend Sidwell Friends, the Quaker school. It’s too bad that they can’t go to a public school, but since the schools in the DC area are notoriously known as the worst in the country, Barack and I recognized that we have to put them in a private school so they can get a good education. Plus, 4 out of 10 children are of color, which we feel is important factor. I think that it’s detrimental for any child to attend a school with children of all one race. Moreover, Chelsea Clinton, Al Gore III, and the Nixon girls all attended this school, which means that the school understands the unique personal and security needs for prominent children.

Reconsidering Barbara Walters Interview

Friday, November 28th 9:21am Dear Diary, After watching Barbara Walter’s preview of our interview, I have to say, I have mixed feelings. She thinks we’re “cute.” I guess that’s fine. I would rather be considered friendly and astute, but I suppose cute works for now. She also said that we’re funny, describing that mortifying lipstick incident as “funny” and how that shows Barack’s sense of humor. Barack was just trying to be nice by making sure I look my best. But it certainly was not funny. Just embarrassing. Ugh, I’m still annoyed that that was published on national television. But I guess I have to expect that kind of publicity now that I’m the First Lady. Barbara also made me out to be a bit of a tyrant in the family. I can’t believe she went back and quoted Barack on this preview, saying that I always get the last word because when “Mama’s happy, everybody’s happy.” I suppose that’s true, and I do get the last word. But it certainly didn’t need to be put on national television.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 27th 9:15am Dear Diary, Happy Thanksgiving! Today is truly a day to be thankful, and I really am blessed. I have a beautiful wife who loves me, and whom I love very much. I also have successful three children and five adorable grandchildren, all of whom I love very much. I do miss Neilia and Naomi, but I’m lucky to still have my other two children. And Jill has been a godsend – I don’t know what I would do without her. Not to mention, I’ve been elected the Vice President of the United States. That is certainly something to be thankful for, I’m just hoping that I’ll get to do something soon. I hope that other families out there get to enjoy their Thanksgiving. I know it’s hard right now, but I guess we have to remember to be thankful for what we have, even if it’s not much. But again, Happy Thanksgiving! Until next time, Joe

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 27th 9:15am Dear Diary, Happy Thanksgiving! Today is going to be a bit of a stressful day, though I’m glad we’re getting the meal catered. I don’t think I could cook a Thanksgiving dinner for 60 people and maintain my sanity. This way, I’ll get to be sociable and enjoy my Thanksgiving too. And I certainly have a lot to be thankful for. Of course, the most basic things: a home, food, clothing. But more than that, I live in a society that respects women, and that allows us to pursue our dreams and live freely. I’m thankful that I live in a country founded on the tenets that all people deserve liberty and justice. Even if we’re still working on realizing those goals, at least they’re our fundamental rights. Personally, I’m thankful to have a loving husband and two beautiful girls. Barack, Sasha, and Malia are so wonderful, and I’m a lucky wife and mother. Plus, I grew up with in a loving family with a supportive mother, father, and brother. And I couldn’t be more thrilled to be the wife of the President of the United States. I know Barack will do a great job, and I’m thankful he’s been elected – by such a large majority too!

Where's Biden?

Wednesday, November 26th 10:47am Dear Diary, I’m becoming increasingly concerned with the way the Obama Administration has been run. I haven’t done anything! Yeah, Barack brought me cupcakes. Big deal. I want power, and meetings, and something to do besides sit around and twiddle my thumbs! Plus, others are noticing that I haven’t been give any responsibility yet. Just takes that New York Times article – how embarrassing! If every other president has defined what the Vice President’s role will be up until Barack, then something isn’t right. I always thought that I would have a big foreign policy role. And everyone’s saying that I’m going to be the counselor. But the only counseling I’ve done is to say that I approve of all the choices, and that’s nothing! Of course I approve – what Democrat wouldn’t?

Obamas with Barbara Walters

Wednesday, November 26th 4:21am Dear Diary, Just re-watched Barbara Walters interview with Barack and me. It all went smoothly, but god, when he rubbed the lipstick off my teeth and Barbara insisted that we leave that in – I wanted to die. That does not need to be aired on television, and I can only imagine all the jokes that will come of that. I also appreciated him talking about breaking out of the bubble that exists around the President. And this was based on my suggestion too. I told him that he needs to be able to get information outside of the ten or so people in his office. Nice to hear that he’s taking my advice seriously, though I would have appreciated some credit for this during the interview. We also talked about our girls, and how we both want them to have a normal life. We just want them to understand that while they’re special to us, they’re still going to be brought as normal kids, and not like the spoiled brats that most celebrity figures have become. As I told Barbara, those girls are still going to have to make their own beds and clean up their rooms.

Ted Kaufman to Fill My Seat

Tuesday, November 25th 8:30am Dear Diary, Governor Minner has appointed Ted Kaufman, one of my aides, to fill my seat in the Senate. And I couldn’t be happier! He was my closest advisor and served the longest time, mostly as Chief of Staff, and I certainly think he’ll do a great job carrying on my legacy. But Ted’s saying that he’s going to step down in 2010. I did mention to him that Beau might choose to run in 2010, so Ted might be doing this to appease me, which is fine. I just keep hoping that Beau will run for this position when he returns from Iraq (God willing), but Beau wants to do things his own way. Still, he’d make a great senator. Beau’s whole thing is that he doesn’t want to just get elected because of me – he wants to run on an even playing field. But if he runs in two years, then it will be on an even playing field.

My "Momification"

Tuesday, November 25th 9:03am Dear Diary, Those feminists are at it again and they’re driving me crazy! All this bunk about how I’m a disgrace to working moms because I’m choosing to support my husband and my family. All this talk about the “momification of Michelle Obama” is out of control. And I’m not going to leave my children in the dust – I care about them! It’s unbelievable that I’m being criticized for supporting my family. Of course I have to become the First Lady – my husband was elected President of the United States! And why wouldn’t I want to become First Lady? Don’t those feminists realize the platform that’s been handed to me? This is an honor and an opportunity! Look at Eleanor Roosevelt – she was a huge advocate for civil rights, she co-founded the Freedom House, and was a delegate to the United Nations! That’s huge! If anything, I have more power than ever now that I’m First Lady. I can do so much more because of my position!

No More Amtrak JoeNo More Amtrak Joe

Monday, November 24th 11:50am Dear Diary, Canâ??t believe itâ??s true, but for the first time since entering office in my early thirties, Iâ??m actually moving to Washington, DC. No longer will I be known as â??Amtrak Joe.â? I think Jill has mixed feelings about the move, though bless her heart, sheâ??s been my biggest supporter. She likes the idea of being Second Lady, but Jill will have to give up her teaching position at Delaware Technical & Community College, since I donâ??t think that daily Amtrak ride is quite her thing. But hopefully, she can get a similar teaching position while serving as Second Lady. Never did like the title, “Second Lady.” It’s like Vice President. A diminished status, as if to say, not as good as the President or the First Lady. In my opinion, the Vice President should be called the Co-President. After all, we know Dick Cheney was really the one running the White House anyway.

Newsweek reports!

Monday, November 24th 1:05pm Dear Diary, I’m loving this Newsweek article by Allison Samuels. I’ll have to remember her the next time I want a major publicity stunt to boost my ratings. Perhaps when I begin my campaign for the presidential nomination… But that’s such a long ways off – at least 8 years. For now, I have this article to read. And re-read…and re-read… And what an article! Never was much of a Newsweek fan, since they’ve done so many positive pieces on George W. Bush. But my opinion of them has certainly gone up, since they’ve been reporting so positively on Barack and myself. Samuels writes that I’m going to “become the world’s most visible African-American.” YES! And not only that, she writes, “But perhaps more important – even apart from what her husband can do, Michelle has the power to change the way African-Americans see ourselves, our lives, and our possibilities.” YES! That is an amazing honor, especially considering the fact that I’m not even President yet. My husband is.

Woes of Beau

Thursday, November 20th 8:55pm Dear Diary, It’s been one day since Beau left for Iraq. I’ve tried to keep a level head about this, but I just get so upset that he’s over there for this war that should never have been started in the first place. It’s really tough knowing he’s over there in all that danger. I thought if I could get him a seat in the Senate by having him take my place, then he wouldn’t go at all. But that isn’t the case. Beau’s refused to take the Senate seat. He wants to be the attorney general instead. Breaks my heart though, to see him putting himself in danger. After all our family tragedies, I just want to enjoy the rest of my life with my sons alive. Wish I could work out a way for him to come home prematurely, since I’m Vice President, but I just don’t think that would look good to the public. I have to admit, it does look good to have a son serving for our country. Brings out that good ol’ fashioned Biden patriotism. Hey, that’s a good line!

Michelle in the News

Thursday, November 20th 10:55pm Dear Diary, Just picked my Chief of Staff â?? Jackie Norris. Sheâ??s a very smart and strategic woman, and thatâ??s just the person I want for this position. I love that I get to have staff as the First Lady. Also, I am insulted! The nerve of this LA Times columnist to write about my butt! There is no reason to start discussing big butts like some rap song. She actually wrote that I have a “humongous butt!” Let me tell you, it looks a lot bigger on TV than it does in real life. But that is not the point. Regardless of the fact that this woman is obviously insanely jealous of my figure, there’s no excuse to talk about the First Lady-elect in this style. My statuesque physique is one thing, and I certainly like reading all those articles about my style. But to comment on my butt?!

Say Goodbye to George W. Bush

Wednesday, November 19th 8:35pm Dear Diary, It’s incredible to think that we have won the election. But we haven’t been inaugurated yet. George Bush still has 60 days left in office, and I think that it’s only fitting that we write letters of farewell to him. After all, he presided under one of the most divided eras of our country, and many of us have mixed emotions as he departs office. I certainly have a lot I’d like to say to him. After finding a website named that compiles goodbye letters to him, I’m going to write one, and I encourage everyone else to do so as well. Until next time, Joe the Veep

Say Goodbye to George W. Bush

Wednesday, November 19th 8:30pm Dear Diary, It’s incredible to think that Barack has won the election. But he’s certainly not in office yet. George Bush still has 60 days left in office, and I think that it’s only fitting that we write letters to him. After all, he presided under one of the most divided eras of our country, and many of us have mixed emotions as he departs office. I certainly do. After finding a website named that compiles goodbye letters to him, I’m going to write one, and I encourage everyone else to do so as well. Yours always, Michelle

Last Day at 65

Tuesday, November 18th 6:00pm Dear Diary, Got an email from John McCain last night asking if I need any help as Vice President. Give me a break. As if I would want help from him. Heard he met with Barack too. Guess Barack's better at reconciliation after mean remarks. But John and I were actually friends before the campaign started. But he insulted me, and I’m still waiting for the apology and (hopefully) some roses before we can proceed as friends. Well, the apology at the very least… I’m planning to write a curt “no thank you” in return. Just found out that Barack and Michelle were on 60 Minutes last night… And I wasn’t asked to join. I know they’re a couple and it looks cute to do things together, but isn’t the Vice President a very important guy? Almost seems like they were trying to keep things under wraps so they wouldn’t have to ask me to accompany them.

Back in the Spotlight

Tuesday, November 18th 6:45pm Dear Diary, Just re-watched the interview Barack and I had on 60 Minutes, and I felt that it went well. Barack and I did a nice job showing that we’re a relaxed, loving family with a sense of humor; while maintaining an important focus on the issues. Though I must admit, I was a little peeved about Barack’s jokes about having to get along with my mother. She is a great woman, and he should feel lucky to have such a great mother-in-law. Of course, I couldn’t say that on 60 Minutes since it would not have looked good to get upset. But those remarks were uncalled for, and I certainly told Barack so once the interview was over. I did talk about how I want to become an active First Lady once the kids get settled. After all, I’m not going to just sit back and let my husband do all the work. I have to take advantage of this opportunity! I’m hoping to become the Eleanor Roosevelt of my time.