The Winds of Weapons are a-Changin'

Today's teens will not take it anymore

It's bad enough that teens are already expected to attend school during the hours doctors agree they should be asleep, doing hours of homework afterward while they attempt to balance chores, jobs, siblings, activities and hormones in a cacaphony that none of us would expect out of ourselves, yet now we're demanding that they be made unsafer in school with a bunch of armed teachers? You have to be kidding, Mr. Trump. You do that and you're only doing to see the current rate of a shooting a week double and worse.

The kids and teens aren't having it anymore. They are saying thoughts and prayers aren't enough and they won't stand for it. Parkland students are demanding weapons reform on an outdated amendment in our constitution and people are paying attention. Some businesses are paying close attention. Dick's is now refusing to sell assault weapons. Police departments are jumping on board. People everywhere are sick of our children being gunned down in the name of gun rights and the NRA's grip on our government and it's not going to go away.

What do you think is the next step in this movement and what should be done? Share your ideas in the chat.


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