What State Of Emergency?

At least Trump is used to getting sued

There are now 16 states suing Trump over his bogus "national emergency" he's declaring in order to fund his stupid, senseless wall, and today the House passed a resolution to block him altogether. Yes, some Republicans even joined in; let's hope they're waking up to the progress Americans are demanding in this country. 

Now it has to go to the Senate, where we'll hopefully see some action and--ha, who are we kidding, Mitch McConnell and the rest of those soulless drones who don't care about the American people will do nothing but vote against it, but at least there's a fight being waged, right? Only three Senate republicans have pledged to vote for the resolution.

I saw someone say that they can't believe people would think that women aren't capable of political leadership because they're "insanefor five days each month," which is ridiculous enough as it is, but also because they'd like to just have someone who's not insane EVERY day as president ANYMORE. 

Do you think the resolution will pass?

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