Vote Out the Net Neutrality Foes

Tell them we won't stand for this!

Those of us who demand net neutrality are pretty angry over (well, a lot of things) our politicians' indifference to this issue. The fact that they'd like to create further inequity in the country when so much of it already exists is simply outrageous. Fight for the Future, an organization that's working to promote and protect net neutrality, has just made it easier to see who is trying to take it away from us.

On Wednesday they launched a campaign that will send you text alerts about which politicians have voted against net neutrality, making it easier than ever to see these people and vote them out of office. Texting is a medium that applies to many of the people who want net neutrality so it's a great platform from which to act. 

If you'd like to get these alerts, just text VOTE to 384-387. You can also sign up on their website.

How will the fall of net neutrality hurt you? Share your thoughts and opinions in the chat below.


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