The U.S. Needs To Combat Climate Change

It's a case where all of our friends are doing it and we need to join in

If all of your friends are jumping off a cliff, you're not supposed to join in, or so the saying goes. But when the world is on the brink of burning up if we don't drastically make some changes, the United States needs to act and fast. Everywhere you look, people are doing things to help, from building with hemp to banning single-use plastics, while we are doing the opposite and looking into more destruction instead of less. We're de-regulating protections everywhere, looking to destroy even more land and animals and generally ignoring global warming as a nation. While our citizens aren't all doing so, our politicians and policies certainly are. 

My teenager is furious, as they should be, as Greta Thunberg is. These kids are going to have to live in a reality that's more like Mad Max than the Eden our great-grandparents worked so hard to create for their families, but we tend to write that off as some furturistic reality when it's happening now. We'll be living it, too, and I'm outraged as well. My kid thinks that any politician who doesn't act should be charged with manslaughter since they're condemning people to die by not acting. I think the kid is onto something.

What do you think the U.S. needs to do TODAY to combat climate change? Share your thoughts in the chat.

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