Tucker Carlson: White Supremacy Is A "Hoax"

In other news, snails deny the existence of mucus

A man who has commented that immigration makes the United States dirtier and poorer now states that white supremacy is nothing but a hoax, since he's never met a white supremacist in his life. Meanwhile, Americans are fighting for their lives in their churches, supermarkets and movie theaters as white supremacists, incels and rage-filled men prey upon them using our own laws against us. One of the largest causes of domestic terrorism the racism harbored by these white supremacists and advertisers are NOT having Tucker Carlson's remarks, and everyone from Long John Silver to Nestle and Hello Fresh have pulled their ads from the Fox network as a result.

Denying these problems exist only makes them worse, and Carlson knows that most of his listeners subscribe to racism. When David Duke praises your remarks, you know you're in the wrong. Comments made by people like Carlson and Trump are only adding fuel to the fire, and the House is also not having it as they work to condemn their racist remarks.

Many nations have free speech like we do, but with restrictions against hate speech. Given that those countries don't have the mass shooting issues that we have, perhaps it's time to revisit the First Amendment along with the Second. What do you think needs to be done to make our country less hateful and safer?

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