Trump's Racism Rallies Supporters

It also distracts from larger issues

The fact that Trump's most racist, vile tweets and statements seem to rally his supporters, giving him even higher approval ratings, should really worry us. So many people on the left (and even centrists who understand what he's doing to this country) are clamoring to get out the vote, to try and win back more senate seats and get a qualified Dem into power, but I can't help but wonder if it's even possible.

We say that most Americans don't support him, but what if they do? Nearly half certainly did during the previous election. More worrisome is the fact that gerrymandering has left many districts bound to fail even if the Dems all turn out to vote, which is just disgusting. My own district went blue every year until it was rezoned; it hasn't been since. Is it even numerically possible to win against these underhanded politics?

Another question we should ask is simply if we should let this empire fall. As a parent, I'm inclined to say no, or at least that we should jump ship and let the gun-loving, racist fearmongerers have the place while we flee to Canada, but that's not going to help anyone who can't leave the country (and Canada probably wouldn't want that many of us). As a citizen of a world in which climate change is a very real threat, I have to say I also don't know. Every empire falls at some point, and when they become so corrupt they threaten the fate of the world itself, what can you do? Hopefully we will get someone in office to rectify all of these issues and more, but if not...

What do you think the solution is?

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