Trump Tax Info, Please

It's really not hard to believe that Donald was a millionaire at age 8. He exhibits plenty of characteristics of affluenza. What's grotesque is how he's used everything his father handed him to put pressure on poorer people, which he seems to continue to do today. As much as he brags about what he makes, shouldn't Donald be willing to brag about his tax info, too?

After all of those demands regarding Obama's birth certificate, one might think that Trump would be more willing to give up his tax information to the American public. He once promised that he would and, of course, lied, as he's done daily since before and after taking office. Now that there's evidence to support tax fraud, it's time to really investigate Trump's money. You can sign a petition here for calling for the investigation but be sure to call your members of Congress, too.

Do you think Trump owes the American public information about his taxes, particularly after he already promised it years ago? Should all presidents reveal this information?

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