Trump Refuses To Cooperate

How else would you expect a toddler to react?

This week, I was so pleased to hear that my favorite spice company, Penzeys, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on pro-impeachment ads. Not only are their spices THE best, but they also support progressive values, which I appreciate so much. What I wasn't pleased to hear, but also was not surprised to hear, was that the White House is refusing to cooperate with impeachment investigations. Is anyone surprised, really?

The fact that the Trump administration would completely defy the constitution is really just everyday news now, right? It seems as if none of them really know the law at all. Trump himself probably doesn't even know the laws he breaks on any given day. This doesn't excuse him, since he's literally taken the job that demands that he know what he's sworn to uphold, but the fact that they're just going to drag their feet in the ground the whole way through makes you sigh and wish impeachment proceedings had already happened years ago--preferably during his first year in office.

Do you think Trump will be impeached? Do you think he should? Why or why not? Tell us in the chat.

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